Get a Jump! West

Get a Jump! West

by Petersons Guides Staff


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ISBN-13: 9780768924558
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 03/01/2007
Series: Get a Jump! West Series
Edition description: 9TH
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 0.60(h) x 10.90(d)

Table of Contents

You're Going to be a Freshman...
The Big Jump to High School     5
The Differences: Middle School vs. High School     6
There's So Much to Do!     7
Honors or Nonhonors: Choosing Classes     8
What in the World Is a GPA and What the Heck Is a Transcript?     10
Tips for a Smooth Start     14
Top 10 Mistakes     17
Jump-Start your Future
A Look at Yourself     21
Ready to Fly     21
The Top 10 Reasons to Continue Your Education     22
Choosing a Career You'll Be Happy With     24
On the Hunt for Information     25
The First Steps to a Career     28
The Vocational/Career Education Path     28
The Tech-Prep Path     29
Using the Summer to Your Advantage     29
Flip Burgers and Learn About Life     30
Try Your Hand at an Internship     31
Volunteering in Your Community     32
The Road to More Education
Planning Your Education While in High School     35
Your Education Timeline     35
Classes to Take If You're Going to College     41
Tackling the Tests     44
A Few Facts About the Major Tests     44
The ACT     44
The SAT     45
The PSAT/NMSQT     46
SAT Subject Tests     47
The TOEFL Internet-Based Test (iBT)     47
What Other Tests Should I Know About?     47
What Can I Do to Prepare for These Tests?     48
The College Search     50
The Best Resources     50
Online Help     51
Campus Visits     52
The College Interview     53
Should You Head for the Ivy League?     57
Minority Students     58
Students with Disabilities Go to College     61
Applying to College     64
What Schools Look for in Prospective Students     64
Admission Procedures     65
More Mumbo Jumbo     67
The Complete Application Package     68
Special Information for Athletes     75
Auditions and Portfolios     77
The Gap-Year Option     80
Financial Aid Dollars and Sense     82
A Bird's-Eye View of Financial Aid     82
Types of Financial Aid     84
Federal Grants     85
Federal Scholarships     86
Federal Loans     87
Thinking Ahead to Paying Back Your Student Loan     88
Other Federal Programs     89
Families' Guide to Tax Cuts for Education     90
Applying for Financial Aid     91
National, Statewide, and Local Scholarships     92
Scholarships for Minority Students     93
Applying for Scholarships     93
What You Need to Know About Athletic Scholarships     94
Myths About Scholarships and Financial Aid     95
Scholarship Scams     96
Financial Aid on the Web     98
What to Expect in College     100
Choosing Your Classes     100
Choosing Your Major     100
The Other Side of College: Having Fun!     108
Roommates     110
Commuting from Home     111
What If You Don't Like the College You Pick?     112
Other Options After High School     113
Distance Learning     113
Community Colleges     116
Vocational/Career Colleges     118
Financial Aid Options for Career and Community Colleges     119
Apprenticeships     120
The Military Option     123
Should I or Shouldn't I Work for the Largest Employer in the United States?     123
Choosing Which Branch to Join     124
The ASVAB     126
Basic Training: What Have I Gotten Myself Into?     128
Paying for College Through the Armed Services     129
You and the Workplace
Jump into Work     135
The College/Career Timeline     135
Writing Your Resume     136
Job Hunting 101     141
The Job Interview     142
What Employers Expect from Employees     144
Jumping on the Salary Fast-Track     145
On the Job     146
Survival Skills     148
Skills to Make You Stress-Hardy     148
Winning theTime Management Game     150
Moving Out on Your Own?     151
Drugs and Alcohol: Are You at Risk?     152
Conflict: How to Avoid It or Defuse It     154
The Lowdown on Sexual Harassment     155
Staying Healthy in Spite of Yourself     157
High School Diploma Test Requirements
Four-Year Colleges and Universities
Two-Year Colleges
Vocational/Career Colleges
Scholarships and Financial Aid
Summer Programs

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