Get Away: A Thrilling Romantic Suspense

Get Away: A Thrilling Romantic Suspense

by Jade Chandler

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It was supposed to be only one night. When Delta walked into my hospital room dressed in the Jericho Brotherhood cut, he was the last person I wanted to see. But I needed him—and his brothers—if I was going to get away from the criminals who’d beaten me and dropped me like a bag of trash on the hospital lawn.

I hated Delta, wanted him and trusted him more than any man I’d ever known, even though we were destined to fail. The Brotherhood had stolen everything I loved—my friends, my family, my hometown. Now I was in their debt.

I was prepared to pay with anything except my heart, but that’s just what he demanded from me.

Like a fool, I gave it to him.

This book is approximately 80,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781488030642
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 06/24/2019
Series: Brotherhood Bonds , #3
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 177,140
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Jade Chandler lives in Kansas City with her family and animals in organized chaos. From an early age, bad boys piqued her interest as much as the strong women who would meet them dare for dare. A romance addict, she turned to writing when her own stories refused to stay in her head. For more about Jade vist.


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Get Away: A Thrilling Romantic Suspense 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
DorisB 8 months ago
A Biker with Demons and a Showgirl with Sass Talk about a winner!! Delta was a war veteran, biker, bounty hunter and a high roller at the Vegas poker tables. He also had many scars mentally from the operations he had done both as a veteran and as a biker and each have weighed heavily on him. Glory was from the Jericho Brotherhood MC’s hometown and knew how things worked at the MC. No way did she want to settle for being second in a biker’s life because she knew the club always came first. So she left for Vegas to dance especially since she grew up in the pageant world that her mother put her in. She was beautiful and a very talented dancer. Vegas is where she met Delta while he was at a high stakes poker game. She was running from the mob after the thin line she was following finally pushed her against a wall she would never get away from. It was Delta who helped her but with doing that he opened up more trouble than he could deal with alone. It was time to call the Brotherhood in. This book was fast action, fast loving and full of chemistry. Glory was a heroine with her sass and her strong convictions but Delta was battling some very intense demons that were about to pull him under. This is a book that you can’t put down until that last page is turned.
Bette313 10 months ago
I've really enjoyed the books in this series and this one is a great addition. It's and incredible mix of action and romance with a good amount of angst. Glory is a Vegas showgirl who finds herself in more trouble than she can handle when she refuses to play the games of some very powerful people. She never expects to be saved by Delta, the one man she never expected to see again after their incredible night together. Their story will snag your attention from the very first page and keep you glued to the pages to the final conclusion. I highly recommend this one.
Sheena Martinez 10 months ago
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Not a chance in hell. When Ren encounters Glory, instant sparks fly and he instantly dubs her as his 'Queen'. It's hard to fight the biting attraction but once Glory's is fun beaten and almost at the brink of death thrown at the curb at the nearby hospital, the golden MC member will do everything in his power to help her act on her revenge. Between hero and heroine, the constant back and forth between the characters definitely showcase their bubbling chemistry even though I did think the relationship moved quicker that I would have liked. Besides that, it was hard to really be drawn into the read and become fully invested in the story. Don't get me wrong there wasn't anything major that was a turn off but I just couldn't connect with either the leads and storyline.
Evampire9 10 months ago
The last person Glory wanted to see was the man walking into her hospital room, but she need Delta and his brothers to help get away from the criminals who had beaten her and left her like a bag of trash on the hospital lawn. Now she’s in the Jericho Brotherhood’s debt and she was prepared to pay with anything excerpt her heart, but that’s just Delta demanded. What a stimulating and rousing story! The chemistry between Delta and Glory sizzled and sparks with lots of electrically charged emotions so that readers can easily become caught up in everything this couple feels. The romance is quite challenged since both Delta and Glory is extremely reluctant to the idea but as their attraction is too hot to ignore which makes this hero and heroine’s relationship a bit topsy turvy and full of angst. The plot is fast paced and easily pulls readers in and keeps them completely engaged as Delta and members of the Brotherhood execute a plan to keep Glory safe. Which means that the story has quite a bit of violence to it but the author doesn’t a great job of getting the idea and the ‘feel’ of the violence across without getting too graphic. These strong, captivating characters may not have a typical romance but they certainly have one that is an enjoyable experience – one that sticks with readers.
PatriciaWhite 10 months ago
Las Vegas Show Girl and the Biker!! I read the first book in this series but not the second book yet! This installment is a lot darker than the previous book. Glory wants nothing to do with the club. Delta is not a permanent kind of guy. Glory and Delta meet by chance at a high states poker game in Las Vegas and things explode from there. Intense, heart pounding, crazy good!! Now I have to go back and read the rest of the books. I hope Thorn gets his book next this quiet brooding man intrigues me.