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Get Off The Couch: 6 Motivators To Help You Lose Weight and Start Living

Get Off The Couch: 6 Motivators To Help You Lose Weight and Start Living

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by Steve Reynolds

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Men need encouragement to get healthy. Men need encouragement to get up and get moving for a better future.  According to the Center for Disease Control, there are over 150 million men in the U.S., and one third of them are obese, leading a large percentage of them to struggle with chronic lower respiratory diseases, diabetes, and heart disease. Steve Reynolds


Men need encouragement to get healthy. Men need encouragement to get up and get moving for a better future.  According to the Center for Disease Control, there are over 150 million men in the U.S., and one third of them are obese, leading a large percentage of them to struggle with chronic lower respiratory diseases, diabetes, and heart disease. Steve Reynolds, the “Anti-Fat Pastor,” writes from the perspective of a pastor/coach who has sat where they are sitting: on the couch living a sedentary life. “My wake-up call came when my health started to deteriorate to the point where I was slowly killing myself,” he writes. He went to the Bible and learned how to have a Bod4God lifestyle, and the result was losing 120 pounds.

In Get Off the Couch, Steve Reynolds outlines an “in your face” call to A.C.T.I.O.N. with simple and practical solutions designed to get men off the couch and back into the game of truly living life.

Aware: of the risks of continuing unhealthy lifestyle and of the “playbook” what the Bible says about health
Commit: to getting off the couch and into the “game of life”
Transform: the way you think and live to leave a powerful legacy
Incorporate: simple basics of eating healthier and exercising
Organize: how to put this all together so that it remains doable for a lifetime and how to develop a team for success
Navigate: developing a game plan for health that works and making your “dash” count

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

I was that man on the couch, and at my largest I weighed 455 pounds. When I finally got moving and lost more than 200 pounds, it transformed me on the outside and, even more, so on the inside. Get Off the Couch will give you a clear plan of action that will work for you. Steve shows you how to change your life both physically and spiritually.
Ken Andrews
Co-founder, RetroFit Ministries, Contestant, The Biggest Loser (Season 11)

If you struggle with your weight or have health-related issues, or know someone who does, this is the book for you! Pastor Steve has written a uniquely practical and scripturally sound tool to help you take care of the body God has given you. As a man who has walked the talk, Steve has packed this book with lots of encouragement and great manly advice to win the battle.
Dave Brown
Chairman, Foundation for Manhood, Director, Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries

The dictionary defines “movement” as “an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed.” I placed the emphasis on the last part because if you don’t get off the couch and get moving, you could end up with the coroner “moving” you! We need each other, and Steve does an excellent job of providing a plan that will help you get moving on your own and become a healthier you!
Scott Davis
Comedian and Author, If My Body Is a Temple, Then I Was a Megachurch


Steve Reynolds has been an inspiration in the pulpit for many years as he has shared the truth of the gospel. Now, Steve is an inspiration at the refrigerator and the couch as he guides us in maintaining healthy lifestyles. There is no question that one of the most difficult things to do is eat healthy and exercise. Steve, through his own life experience, gives us great wisdom as to how we can make this a priority. . . and a reality in our own lives. Read this book—your health depends on it.
Jonathan Falwell
Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church

If I knew nothing else about Get Off the Couch than the fact it was written by a Bible-based pastor, I would read it. Barring any medical reasons, you gaining weight is a spiritual battle, and food may be your idol. What better fitness trainer than a pastor who knows how to apply God’s Word to your health. Steve Reynolds is a modern-day apostle Paul—armed and dangerous!
Ihab John Ibrahim
Medical Doctor

Steve Reynolds has a passion for men to lose weight, get fit and be all they can be. Women will flock to buy this book for the man they love, and men are going to appreciate Steve’s no-nonsense approach to health and total wellness.
Carole Lewis
National Director, First Place 4 Health, Author, Live Life Right Here, Right Now

I’ve known Steve since the 1970s, when we were football teammates at Liberty University. As a running back, I depended on Steve to open big holes for me—and he was big enough to open gaping holes! Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of training more than 1,300 NFL players and some of the greatest athletes in the NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, PGA and in professional tennis, and I stress to my pros that total fitness means being physically, mentally and spiritually fit. No matter what your current level of fitness, Get Off the Couch will motivate you to get up and move! We all need to be the most fit Kingdom players possible.
Chip Smith
Author, Football Training Like the Pros

I believe you must be able to lead yourself before you can properly lead others. One area of importance is physical fitness. If you do not get adequate exercise, eat the right fuel, and get enough sleep, you limit your effectiveness. Get Off the Couch shows how to experience personal renewal and maximize your energy. Steve Reynolds lays out a clear plan for getting the most out of your body and making the greatest impact for God.
Steve Stroope
Lead Pastor, Lake Pointe Church, Author, Tribal Church

Being an NFL agent, most people think I spend a lot of time on the couch watching sports. It is true I love sports and closely follow it, but I still make time for regular exercise. Get Off the Couch is my kind of book, and I highly recommend it. It shows men how to spend time in their man cave watching some sports and still take care of their health. So, let’s get off the couch!
Robert B. Walker
President and CEO, Unlimited Success Sports Management, Inc.

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Meet the Author

Steve Reynolds | Washington, DC
Steve Reynolds, America’s “Anti-Fat Pastor,” has served as the senior pastor of Capital Baptist Church in suburban Washington, DC since 1982. He is the author of Bod4God and the creator of the Losing to Live weight loss competition. His story of dramatic weight loss and the way he did it has been featured on local, national, and international media, including The View and Saturday Night Live. Steve is a graduate of Liberty University and Theological Seminary.

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Get Off The Couch: 6 Motivators To Help You Lose Weight and Start Living 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
LarryTheStoryteller More than 1 year ago
Get Off The Couch is an excellent study guide for helping men to discover the joy of getting off the couch and leading a more rewarding life. Author Steve Reynolds caught my attention with BOD4GOD and now has followed up with this great help for men. I lost 68 pounds following the faith-based teachings of BOD4GOD and now I can't wait to see the results as I glean the information from Get Off The Couch! I'm so excited about it that I've started a men's weight loss group at my church using this book as the study guide. The easy to understand principles and how to apply them to my life has given me great expectations!
ifor38special More than 1 year ago
Get Off The Couch: 6 Motivators To Help You Lose Weight and Start LivingPastor Steve Reynolds is a fantastic Pastor, and a good guy! Since he himself has lost over 120 LBS with his program and has put it in writing (Bod4God,Get Off the Courch) available on DVD soon, and it's well worked for him, I signed up some time ago and still going strong. My successful results are documented in his new book "Get off the Couch" and I still continue His programs up at His Church (Capitol Baptist) to this day. I just got back from my Doctors with her results from my blood test, and they are the best in a long time if ever. Even when I was playing Football in Texas back in High School, I don't recall numbers so good. My Pulse is below 60. My Blood Pressure has dropped below the Heart Association recommend levels, and I now exercise most everyday and not just pressing a cold drink on the Sofa while watching a football game. In fact, I am now using 10 LBS dumbbells performing Bob Harper's exercise Video's for about an hour each morning. Pastor Steve is in it with you. He continues to loose himself. He will be there. He is honoring God with his Body and helping other people do that as well. In addition, Pastor Steve is pretty funny guy with a great sense of Humor (In Church too) and I believe you will enjoy reading this book while you get a new perspective on things. Since I've been in the program, I've run (2) 5K's and increased my time by 10 Minutes this year. I play Full Court Basketball (Part of Loosing to Live) on Saturday with Men ages 16-58, and we don't just play Horse or shoot free throws, we play hard. I'm also on the Church SoftBall Team in the Spring but the point is that this is a result of being in Loosing to Live and following Pastor's Program. He has expert Doctors, Nutritionist, Trainers, Chef's, and Spiritural and Motivation Speakers come in and talk with us, and while on the program you always have your Teams and entire Church Support. So get off the Courch and get Started, you will be glad you did and so will your Family. David
Jo210 More than 1 year ago
I bought four copies of this book to give to the men in my life as Christmas gifts but couldn't wait and have given all but one of them early! I love this book--I have read it cover to cover. It is inspiring, encouraging, and easy to read. The steps to change are logical and amazingly simple-men and women alike will benefit from reading this book!