Get Out Of The Cage: A Guide To Inner Freedom

Get Out Of The Cage: A Guide To Inner Freedom

by Adam Oakley


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Often we can feel trapped in thoughts, trapped in identity, trapped in conditioning. It can seem as if we are trapped in the cage of our own minds. This book points you out of this, to show you that both the cage and the person who feels trapped in it, are not real.

This book also looks at some of the insane ways we have been taught to approach life and to function in the world, and how to be free of these conditioned behaviours.

The content within each chapter is split into passages, each passage being a pointer in itself. You may feel inclined to only read a single passage, and pause to allow time for the words to sink in before moving on.

This book is very useful for contemplative or meditative reading.

Once you understand what is meant by the cage (simply the conditioned, personal mind that creates suffering) - this book becomes a helpful guide in that as well as being able to read it conventionally from cover to cover - you can pick it up and read any passage at random.

Rather than being a book that teaches you anything to remember, it is a tool to point you back towards who you really are before conditioning took over.

May this book help you realise your inherent freedom, and allow you to function sanely, effectively and happily in the world.

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ISBN-13: 9781505246025
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/23/2014
Pages: 106
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

Adam Oakley writes all kinds of books, and they all point towards the power and peace within.

He has written guidebooks for inner freedom and dealing with emotions, short inspirational stories for greater peace of mind, and a novel about mythical creatures of the forest that hold wisdom and entertainment for us all.

His love for nature and its intelligence can also be found in "The Work Of Ronald Berkley", and his practice of martial arts has led to his latest children's book, "A Tale Of Two Ninja Kids".

Each book has a life of its own, all giving unique and enjoyable ways to experience our fundamental truths and inner power.

He has a BSc (hons) degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath, which successfully steered him away from an anticipated career in pharmaceuticals, and into one that he likes much more.

He loves what he does now, and he is grateful for your support.

Feel free to visit his website and say hello, or join his book club for free to get access to more stories and the chance to win a free signed copy of "A Tale Of Two Ninja Kids Book 2"!

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