Get Unplugged From Modern Medicine

Get Unplugged From Modern Medicine

by Frederick W. Scarberry

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What if most cancers of the breast, ovaries, uterus, prostate, and thyroid could be avoided by simply supplementing with an affordable mineral that is lacking in the food supply and modern diet? What if the explosive increase in ADHD, autism, low IQ, depression, violent behavior, and some mental disorders could have also been prevented during gestation by this lacking mineral? What if a modern chemical found in carpet, furniture, cars, toddler clothes, and even some foods exacerbated this deficiency? What if I told you that your doctor is actually trained by the system to tell you not to take this mineral? What if I told you there is a different more common mineral supplement and food items with it, that your doctor and government want you to take in excess and is promoting chronic pain, cancer, and many health problems that lead to unnecessary suffering and an early grave? What if there was yet another simple mineral that most all are deficient of that will reduce heart disease risk by more than 50%? What if this mineral could be added to soft water, improve the taste, cost only about 20 cents a day, and transform this water into a healing elixir? What if this same mineral or mineralized water will not only reduce the risk of various chronic diseases but can actually help reverse or cure some of them too? What if this mineral when supplemented properly, will reduce people's need for pain-relieving drugs? What if at least some of the opioid crisis, was simply a deficiency of this mineral? What if many joint replacement surgeries and other surgeries for chronic pain that often go wrong, could be avoided by simply supplementing by this one mineral and one added inexpensive vitamin that also improves skin health?

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Publisher: Articulate Communication
Publication date: 02/14/2020
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About the Author

As a young child growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s, Fred’s favorite TV show was “Watch Mr. Wizard”
Fred still holds a fascination with science as well as an active need-to-know about how things work and why curiosity.
As an adult, he is a God fearing, Bible believing Christian. He always questions the logic and motives of using drugs that don’t cure. Fred has spent the last 2 decades searching for the cause of disease as well as simple natural cures in his spare time.
Well, what he has discovered is nothing short of vital information that needs sharing to the masses. The Lord has revealed to Fred five very important things we should all know to avoid and even reverse disease. He has also shown him the importance of avoiding doctors and healthcare schemes.
Fred has a passion to share his newfound knowledge as well as the love of God with others.

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