Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond: My Journey Through Brain Injury

Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond: My Journey Through Brain Injury

by Joanne E Cohen


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Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond: My Journey Through Brain Injury is the compelling story of one woman’s challenges as she faced sequential “hits” and how she handled adversity with resilience time after time. Joanne Cohen shares her honest and authentic journey that depicts the path to “move beyond” and create a full life that includes supporting others with tools to help enrich their lives.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733839709
Publisher: Joanne Cohen Associates
Publication date: 05/30/2019
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter - 1 Getting Hit

Head on with a Cement Truck

Air Flight Angels


Traction at Hotel St. Joe

A Story to Tell

My Physical Terrorist, I Mean Therapist

My Caregiver’s Experience

A Victim of Circumstance

It’s Just a Concussion

Lessons from Getting Hit

Chapter 2 - Getting Up

Effects of a Closed-Head Brain Injury

Music, Sound, Art, Light, and Other Therapies

I Found My Tribe

Letting Go of the Story

Chapter 3 - 13 Keys to Re-Empowerment

Key 1 – You Are Not Your TBI

Key 2 – Focus on the Ability Not the Disability

Key 3 – Acknowledge the Small Steps

Key 4 – Be Your Own Advocate and Be Resourceful

Key 5 – Consider Medical and Complementary Therapies

Key 6 – Develop a Support Team and Advocacy Network

Key 7 – Move out of the Closet and into the World

Key 8 – Ask for Help

Key 9 – Compensate, Compensate, COMPENSATE!

Key 10 – Be Patient with Others Who Don’t Understand

Key 11 - Know That Helping Others is Helping Yourself

Key 12 – Choose Your Journey, Your Life: Everything Happens for a Reason

Key 13 – Use Resiliency to Survive and Thrive

Chapter 4 - Maintaining a Career

The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Great

Lessons Learned

Don’t Give Up!

Chapter 5 - Getting Hit Again and Again

and AGAIN!

Getting Hit Again

Getting Hit Again and Again

Getting Hit Again and Again and Again

Chapter 6 - Navigating the Legal System

How to Select the Right Attorney for You

The Insurance Assault

Process and Choices

The Litigation Process of an Injury Case

How to Prepare for a Deposition



Lessons Learned Through the School of Hard Knocks

An Outpouring of Emotions

Attorney Testimonial

Chapter 7 - Overcoming Grief and Loss after

Getting Hit…Again!

Getting Hit AGAIN

What Is Grief

Characteristics of Grief

Grief Categories

A Grief Model

Styles of Grief

Self-Care Techniques

How to Help Others Support You with Your Brain

Injury: A Baker’s Dozen

A Final Note

Chapter - 8 Epilogue: Where I Am Today

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