Getting Real About Enlightenment: a modern companion to your journey of sovereign spirituality

Getting Real About Enlightenment: a modern companion to your journey of sovereign spirituality

by Kim Seppälä

Paperback(Added and edited contents)

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This book lifts the veils of mystery around embodied spirituality and sovereignty. What happens to our minds, hearts and bodies when we allow the alchemical process of self-realization? How does it affect our lives and relationships, and how can we navigate through the dark night of the Soul into the dawn of enlightenment? These are some of the themes covered in this book. Whilst each path is unique and personal, there are certain tools that can be supportive on this bizarre adventure. In addition to such tools of clarity and inspiration, the book includes in-depth interviews with eight modern masters, awakened humans who are walking their paths of self-realization whilst living very human, 21st century lives. Above all, the purpose of this book is to support the reader in connecting with and embodying their inner voice of wisdom and mastery.

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ISBN-13: 9788792980663
Publisher: Erik Istrup Publishing
Publication date: 03/14/2018
Edition description: Added and edited contents
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Kim Mirjam Seppälä is a Finnish-German consciousness explorer, writer and psychologist in training. She has spent much of her life travelling the world, and also the multidimensional landscapes of consciousness. Her upcoming books will be about Conscious Romance and Creativity as a Path to Consciousness. She is a facilitator of transformative creative retreats, as well as an actor and playwright for the international Royal Shaumbra Theater group. You may contact her via e-mail at:, or read more about her projects on:

Table of Contents



New Age - Old News?

Sovereign Spirituality

Bringing Spirit Down-to-Earth

(R)evolutionary Consciousness

Spiritual Freedom

Archetypes of Ascension

Returning to Self

From Self-Improvement to Self-Acceptance

Part 1

Fasten the Seatbelt, Read the Fine Print and Set your Compass to Freedom

Elegant Chaos

The Fine Print of Awakening

Why the Path to Enlightenment Casts the Deepest Shadows Over Your Life

How to Navigate Through the Dark Night of the Soul into the Dawn of Enlightenment

Beyond Linearity

Updating your GPS

Useful Short Cuts for Navigating the Back Streets of Spirituality

Unplanning Your Future

The Role of Life in Awakening

Unveiling Your Intuition

Discernment Is Worth Everything

Doubt – the Culprit of Awakening

How to Get Unstuck

Allowing Resistance to Serve You

The Inevitability of Getting Lost

There’s a Fine Line Between Crazy and Free

Pathless Woods

11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Part 2

What to Expect On the Way to Enlightenment

A Puzzle in Pieces – or a Miracle in the Making

The Catalyst

The Matrix Cracks

Reality Out of Spin

Death, Divorce, Disease: When the Walls Crumble

Winds of Change (and Sometimes Hurricanes, Too)

Fading Passion

Loneliness – the Occupational Hazard of a Spiritual Pioneer

Alchemizing Fear

Treasures and Guardians

It’s All About Integration

Home, Sweet Home

Aspectology: A Spiritual Psychology

Portrait of a Wounded Aspect

Conscious Integration

Are you playing your roles, or are your roles playing you?

Non-reaction as a Short Cut to Mastery

Clarity vs. Control

Pitfalls of Ascension

The Alchemy of Light and Darkness

Experiential Metaphysics: How to Integrate Aspects

The Soul Surrender

Top 10 Distractions on the Way to Enlightenment

The Last Veil

The Freedom of Self-Love

What Is Enlightenment Anyway?

Part 3

Life After Awakening

Living in Mastery

Why Creating Your Reality is a Reality

How to Shift Into the Perspective of Creatorship

The Sovereign Domain

Sovereignty ≠ Isolation

To Be or Not To Be Employed … or How to Make a Conscious Choice

The Magic of Allowing

New Energy – New Earth

Stepping Into a Multi-Dimensional Perspective

The Quantum Attributes of New Energy

Part 4

Modern Masters

Part 5

Distilled Wisdom

Spiritual First Aid

Resources and Recommendations



Soundtrack for Awakening

About the Author


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