Ghetto Fire

Ghetto Fire

by J. Henry


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In the name of money and power politicians tell lies and continue to sell these lies even when overwhelming proof is present to disprove them.

They are doing the bidding of the Wall Street elite and big business interests, not those of us on Main Street America who empowered them in first place.

We are beginning to witness that those in power - the ruling class - the politicians and their elitist circles - are exerting a false authority over man's actions, his words and his thoughts. Farfetched? Not at all. Do you think for one moment that politicians, so bold as to lie and deceive and betray their constituents, would not stoop as low as quieting those with dissenting opinions? Want proof? The Washington elite are using all their power and might to silence me. That's right - they have sent 'Lawyers, Guns and Money' and it has hit the fan.

There is a huge difference between agreements and contracts and the law. For example negotiated benefits like wages, retirement funding and insurance are agreements in contract not laws of the land. Freedom of speech is a right granted to us by law in our constitution. We should never confuse negotiated benefits, agreements and contracts with rights guaranteed by law.

In that same light, we should never allow our politicians to confuse, blur, obscure or redefine the representation - the contract - the benefits - we empower them with and we should never allow an assumption of power - as if it is a right - by our government over our constitutionally guaranteed rights and the freedom of expressing our opinions and the rights and opinions of others.

Our Constitution is what stands between our rights and freedoms and that of a tyrannical government.

Defend the fundamental principle of a constitution and of our Constitution with all your power and might. Do not let the wolves in sheep's clothing sell you on anything other than this truth.

Mark my words, unless we recognize and restrict the abuse of power our politicians and government are using to curtail our actions and silence our words - the day will soon come that we may face not only harassment and persecution from big brother, but arrest, trial and incarceration for simply saying what we believe. Don't think it could ever happen in America?

The day they come for your chips - and they will - when they take from you a freedom that you hold dear or simply assume - will be the day the light bulb comes on and we hope - we pray - that day is not too late for you to join the fight for the individual freedoms our Constitution granted you.

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About the Author

J. Henry is the author of several books. His work includes: A White House Christmas.
Politics, Religion and Truth

J. Henry is currently working on a new novel:
The Panchreston.

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