Ghost Diamond!

Ghost Diamond!

by MIchael Broad


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Secret agent Amelia Kidd has saved the world loads of times from evil geniuses and criminal masterminds—thanks to her great disguises, gadgets (which sometimes work), and her brilliance at improvising in sticky situations. The three secret agent case files in this book are:

The Case of the Ghost Diamond, in which Amelia foils a daring jewel theft during a class trip to the museum, thanks to her convincing granny disguise and her mirror-on-a-stick gadget.

The Case of the Cat Nappers, in which Amelia discovers the reason for all the disappearing cats in her area—they have all been trained to become burglars! Cat burglars! Luckily Amelia's quick thinking foils the robbery and catches the thieves!

The Case of the Whispering Weeds, in which an innocent trip to the garden center results in Amelia meeting an evil genius who has cultivated a weed army to control every crop on the planet. Weed killer—and Agent Amelia smarts—to the rescue!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780761380603
Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/01/2011
Series: Agent Amelia Series
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 7.74(w) x 5.18(h) x 0.42(d)
Lexile: 740L (what's this?)
Age Range: 8 - 9 Years

About the Author

Michael Broad lives in Surrey, England. He studied illustration at Portsmouth University and now works solely on writing and illustrating books for children of all ages.

Michael Broad lives in Surrey, England. He studied illustration at Portsmouth University and now works solely on writing and illustrating books for children of all ages.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amelia Kidd isn't a real secret agent, leastways not the kind that works "for the government or anything." She's the kind of secret secret agent that rids the world of all kinds of "evil geniuses and criminal masterminds." Disguises are one of the key ingredients to being a successful secret agent and Amelia is so good at them no one recognizes her, even her mother (no kidd-ing here). If you want to watch her in action, here are three of her amazingly successful cases you'll find in this book: The Case of the Ghost Diamond Ms. Granger, Amelia's teacher, needed surveillance. A lot of it. No doubt she was a mastermind in disguise. For one thing she'd been checking out some unusual books about things like "Hypnotism for Beginners" and Ancient Jewels and Curses." Everyone was heading to the museum to see the Ghost diamond, but what did that have to do with class work? Nothing, nada. Of course Trudy Hart was always "kissing up to the teachers" and started complimenting Ms. Granger on her new pink running shoes. Hmmm, a teacher with running shoes and pink ones at that! Very suspicious. As soon as they arrived at the museum Amelia was off to get into her disguise. She poked a couple of holes in the guidebook so she could spy on that creepy mastermind disguised as their teacher. It was believed that the center of the stone was supposed "to be the ghost of a very powerful spirit. What did Ms. Granger want the stone for? Would Amelia Kidd, kid secret agent, figure out her secret and that of the Ghost Diamond? Could she rid the world of one more E-V-I-L genius? The Case of the Catnappers The cats in Amelia Kidd's neighborhood had "been mysteriously vanishing on my street." No doubt about it that something was terribly wrong and as a secret agent it was her duty to get on the case. Amelia decided she'd use Tiddles, her stuffed cat, as bait and was carefully watching. It wasn't long before a "Smith's Fish" white van had snagged him. It was time to get into her disguise and head to the fish shop. Amelia had specifically asked Gran to knit her a black sweater because "You have to thing ahead when you're a secret agent." Amelia was off to pick up posters and buy some fish for supper only to discover Mr. Smith didn't have any. It was shellfish or nothing, but Amelia knew something fishy was definitely going on. Of course being disguised as an old lady had its advantages because no one took her seriously and Amelia could ferret out masterminds and evil geniuses in a snap. Speaking of snap, there wasn't even any snapper fish or haddock in that shop, but when Mrs. Smith said, "The job's going down tonight so we won't need it any more." It was then that Amelia knew they had stolen Tiddles and all the other cats, but why? Where were all the cats and why had the Smith's stolen them? It was time for this case to be solved ... in a snapp(er) because cat burglers were on the loose! The Case of the whispering Weeds Amelia's mother could never figure out why she carried that backpack all the time. Of course as a secret agent, Amelia never knew when she'd have to get into a disguise. Dolls, there were dolls in there. Not. There had been some mysterious activity and "sightings of strange creatures" at the garden center and Amelia had to investigate. When Amelia and her mother showed up and the center unfortunately they ran into Trudy Har