Ghost Hunters Anthology 05

Ghost Hunters Anthology 05

by S. H. Marpel


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The adventures of the Ghost Hunters continue - with more exotic locations and hair-raising paranormal adventures than ever before:

This collection features four women, all invited to Earth, with unique super-abilities - who each could save or destroy humankind.

Each came to this planet for their own reasons, deeply flawed. Victims of time and circumstance.

Any one of these, just by themselves, could end all life on this planet in a heartbeat.

Why would anyone want to assemble a team of feminine time bombs?

Maybe to get them to save their own lives...

All in short reads that fit into the time you have to read. Delicious mental snacks that will leave you with new ideas to consider long after the entertainment is over.

This anthology contains:

- The Training: Tess
- The Training: Sylvie
- The Training: Star
- The Training: Mysti


WHEN SHE ADMITTED TO hurting three other young women who came to me for help. I stood up from the round table, The chair behind me scooted back.

My hands were clenched into fists, although I then forced them to relax.

The atmosphere in that main room of the Western saloon went cool, or it felt so to me.

I had three girls upstairs who had gone unconscious, all of which possessed unique supernatural abilities. Bending time and space. A trained warrior who could throw disintegrating fireballs from her bare hands. And the last was able to generate the heat and radiation of a star in space.

And here was the person who admitted to knocking them all out, burning two of them, and various cuts to their bodies through bulletproof clothing.

For me to get into any physical conflict with her would be foolhardy at best. Suicidal at worst.

Hami and Gaia also stood at this. Gaia was more to worry about than any of us in the room. But her skills as an Earth goddess were a bit of a blunt instrument. Sinking whole continents at a gesture was more her trademark.

Hami was better at cooking and healing - but it was her and I standing there that kept Gaia from taking any action, regardless of how she felt about this stranger.

The golden-headed woman lowered her insulated hood and padded toward us in soft-soled, high-topped boots.

"I've heard about you, John of the Ghost Hunters, and read all about the Lazurai you've written up. Those two factors brought me here. And, as much as it may have just upset you, I've come to you for help.

"Because I'm dying."

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ISBN-13: 9781393811183
Publisher: Chicago Review Press Inc DBA Independ Pub Grp
Publication date: 03/24/2019
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.27(d)

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