Ghost Lake Chronicles: Book IV - Makwa's Gold

Ghost Lake Chronicles: Book IV - Makwa's Gold

by Frank D. Anselmo


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Makwa's Gold is the fourth book in the Ghost Lake Chronicles series of adventures and mystery in 1952 Northern Minnesota.

The Legend, The Zorro Club, and Taylor's Tomb bring us up to the Christmas season when Randy, Scooter and Shelly travel north with Gramps and grandpa Dan to Lars Jansen's cabin on Clearwater lake. It is here that they learn of the legend of Makwa's Gold and the mystery behind it.

Follow them as they meet new friends, Johnny Bowstring, a Native American, and his twelve year old daughter Terri, who teach them some Ojibwe language and the secrets of the forest and lakes.
The old timers and Johnny Bowstring teach them the ways and history of the north as they experience fishing, snowshoeing, and the pleasures of a sauna. Scooter and Randy once again become detectives while trying to solve the mystery of the Invisible cabin and the secrets it holds for Makwa's Gold.
Feel the spirit of Gray Owl as they venture over to Moose Camp Lake and learn of the history of the Annishinabe trail. Is Gray Owl's spirit guiding them as they search for the answers to the mystery of Makwa's Gold, and what part do Blanca, Scooter's dog, and Charlie the Weasel play in this adventure?

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About the Author

Frank Anselmo lived the life of a twelve year old in 1952. He gives us a perspective of what it was like to be a kid back then, while weaving stories of adventure and mystery. His 30+ years of experience as a teacher and elementary principal provide him with the knowledge of kids and adolescence.

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