Ghost Stories: True crimes, Paranormal stories, Demon encounters, poltergeist & unsolved cases.

Ghost Stories: True crimes, Paranormal stories, Demon encounters, poltergeist & unsolved cases.

by Hannah Tidy


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The stories that rationalizing and excuses can't solve...

Have you ever had the feeling of being watched in an empty room?

Or jumped at a fleeting shadow you saw in the corner of your eye?

Did you tell yourself it was only your imagination?

We all know a ghost story or two. You may have heard them at campfires or sleepovers, or maybe you can recall the experience of someone you know.

Some of these are easy to explain away, fading from your memory over time. But there are always a few which linger, unexplainable and waiting to be remembered the next time you find yourself home alone.

These stories are different because there's evidence that is difficult to ignore. These are not "I heard from a friend of a friend..." stories, but events and individuals whose existence can be proven.

We look to professionals to challenge such claims--but what happens when doctors and lawyers acknowledge and defend possessions and hauntings?

The dividing line between science and the paranormal suddenly seems less certain...

When hauntings are used as legal evidence, and possessions are reported by renowned physicians, the only logical choice is to be open to the possibilities.

We can no longer deny that terrifying things do happen, whether we're looking for them or not.

Step into the chilling histories of events even the most stubborn skeptics cannot explain--tales which sound stranger than fiction, but are frighteningly true.

In Ghost Stories, you will find cases that stump skeptics and span the globe. Inside, you will discover:

  • 30+ chilling tales of ghosts and demons that will have you leaving on your lights next time you go to sleep at night
  • The dark histories behind well-known stories like Dracula, Snow White, and more
  • How hauntings have evolved in the digital age
  • The story behind the sprawling Winchester house and its staircases leading to nowhere
  • The asylum where thousands of patients were tortured, leaving nothing but an echo of its past
  • Why you should never try to explore the Paris catacombs unless you're wanting an unpleasant surprise
  • The history of the real-life doll that inspired Chucky
  • How a Ouija board affected an entire town

And much more.

If you find yourself scoffing at the idea of demons and ghosts, hold your judgment until you've read the compelling research presented.

We try to define our world in clear, rational terms. But time and time again, experiences teach us that the world is not rational, and that denying the unexplainable won't make it go away.

If you're ready to discover what lurks in the shadows and stalks in the night, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now. Be sure to leave your nightlight on.

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