Ghosts of Seattle Past

Ghosts of Seattle Past


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ISBN-13: 9781634059640
Publisher: Chin Music Press Inc.
Publication date: 05/16/2017
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 664,756
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Jaimee Garbacik is a book editor, writer, artist, former programming chair of The Vera Project, and the owner and founder of Footnote Editorial. She previously wrote Gender and Sexuality For Beginners , currently on curricula at more than a dozen universities.

Josh Powell is the former director of the all-ages youth-led music and arts organization The Vera Project and co-founder of nonprofit The Bikery. Josh is currently at Seattle’s largest environmental remediation firm, clandestinely investigating how we might one day employ fungi in cleaning up oil and hazardous material spills. He is also designing a board game about mushrooms called Champ.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by writer and urban planner Samantha Claire Updegrave
  • Introduction: “Harbor Island and the Duwamish: An interview with Ken Workman, great-great-great-great-grandson of Si’ahl, Chief Seattle”
  • “GONE - BUT NOT FORGOTTEN,” a comic series by Jon Strongbow
  • “The Black and Tan and the Palomar Theater,” an interview with Dave Holden
  • “Profanity Hill” by Rachel Kessler
  • “Last Call OK Hotel Seattle,” a comic by Noel Franklin
  • “Cafe Minnie’s” by Johnathan Smith
  • “The OK Hotel and 619 Western: Nostalgia. Nirvana. Nevermind.” By Pam Mandel
  • “The Orpheum Theater: The Role of Purposeful Observation” by Chuck Wolfe
  • “The Merchant’s Cafe” by Judy T. Oldfield
  • “Old Spaghetti Factory” by Paul Constant
  • “Garde Rail Art Gallery” by Bryan Edenfield
  • “Seattle Fun Forest” by Julia Lipscomb
  • “Sports Specialties” by Kelsey Gallo
  • “Funhouse” by Eric Carnell
  • “Sit & Spin” by Christopher Porter
  • “David Ishii Bookseller” by Tamiko Nimura
  • “White City” by Elissa Washuta
  • Armory artifacts, mixed-media art piece of MOHAI buliding by Shelly Leavens
  • “(At Least) Two Ghosts: Panko’s and the Western” by Courtney Hudak
  • 98115: R&R Hardware, art piece by Elizabeth Halfacre
  • “The Last Exit on Brooklyn” by Deborah Bacharach
  • “Astrology Et Al Bookstore” by Jane Hodges
  • “Second Time Around Music & The Spot” by Cortney Pearce
  • “Cinema Books” by Patrick Monteith
  • “Pizza and Pipes” by Allison Green
  • “The Paradox Theater” by Graham Isaac
  • “Cellophane Square: Record Store and Musician Magnet” by Kathy Fennessy
  • “DIY Punk House Venues,” a photo essay by Victoria Holt
  • “Madame K’s Pizza” by Laura Lucas
  • “Harvey’s Tavern: Pizza Not to Swear By” by Jennifer Munro
  • “The Kalakala” by Erin Gilbert
  • “The Monkeyhut” by Robert Zverina
  • “Final Call at the Buckaroo Tavern” by Robert Zverina
  • “The Dubliner” by Crystal Curry
  • “Still Life in Fremont” by Jane Hodges
  • “Sunset Bowl: Twenty-Three Pieces” by Kate Lebo
  • “The Sunny Jim Factory” by Diane Buckley
  • “Last Traces of First Whites: the Log Houses of West Seattle,” an interview with Merrilee Hagen
  • “South Park Fire Station,” an interview with the women of the Montan Boarding House
  • “Capitol Hill Was a Gay Neighborhood,” a photo essay by Alice Wheeler
  • “Contents of My Pockets After an Evening of Communicating with the Dead” and “Malden House” by Sarah Galvin
  • “Coffee Messiah” by Tomo Nakayama
  • “Hi*Score Arcade” by Dan Halligan
  • “The Cha Cha” by Barfly
  • “Charlie’s: Salt and Fire” by Sara Brickman
  • “Capitol Club” by Hollis Wong-Wear
  • “The Canterbury” by Peter Mountford
  • “A.F.L.N.,” comic by Vida Rose
  • “Uncle Rocky’s” by Jeffery M. McNulty
  • “11th & Pine: The informal poster wall on the Sunset Electric Building” by Renee Krulich
  • “Video Vertigo” by Ellen J. Monteith
  • “Loved and Lost: Taqueria Express,” a comic by MRAT
  • “Harvard Exit,” by Corinne Manning
  • “Squid Row” by Jeff Stevens
  • “The Chophouse” by Cari Simson
  • “The Elite Tavern” by Adrian Ryan
  • “Lucky Devil,” an art piece by Mita Mahato
  • “Foxxxes Cabaret” by Ma’Chell Duma LaVassar
  • “The Here,” fold-out comic by Eroyn Franklin
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