Ghosts: the Paranormal: Insights into the Truth about Ghosts, Ghost-Hunting, Reincarnation and Cults

Ghosts: the Paranormal: Insights into the Truth about Ghosts, Ghost-Hunting, Reincarnation and Cults

by Patricia Smith



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Ghosts: the Paranormal: Insights into the Truth about Ghosts, Ghost-Hunting, Reincarnation and Cults by Patricia Smith

Being raised in the Pentecostal faith, the author had never given much thought to evil spiritual manifestations otherwise known as ghosts; that subject was something to ignore and rise above. But in 1998 she and her husband rented a house in Seattle that exhibited spiritual problems that would not be ignored. These incidents prompted the author to research the subject of hauntings, resulting in this highly current, relevant and entertaining book about Ghosts and the people who seek them out.
Patricia Smith explores the media's take on this subject; current television programs are discussed, assessing their errant theories as to the nature of paranormal activity, which they all uniformly present as fact.The truth behind these hauntings and spirit activity are revealed with Scripture.
The Ouija board and what makes it work, Tarot cards and what is behind their revelations. The fascination and deceit of Necromancy and fortune telling-- where do they get their mystical information. And where does this spiritual knowledge and power come from?
An entire chapter is dedicated to Reincarnation, examining these ancient beliefs of multiple lives, from long-ago pagan civilizations to contemporary religions, and how the ever-widening dogmas entice those who seek to achieve immortality without worshipping God. And the chapter on Cults takes a look at some mainstream groups that may surprise you with their beliefs. The author offers this information as a tool to recognize the lures of religious cults and their inherent dangers.
Ghost hunters, teenagers, parents, and anyone interested in matters of ghosts and spirits will greatly benefit from reading this book.
"Finally, a delightful book on this subject for all ages."

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ISBN-13: 9781456421106
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/04/2011
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Author and artist Patricia L.W. Smith was raised in Tacoma, Washington and has lived most of her life in the Pacific Northwest, except for a year of study in New York and seven years in San Francisco. As a youth the First Assembly of God/Life Center was her home church where she was active in the music department. As a teenager she travelled with the Northwest District Youth Choir for the Assemblies of God, and sang with the University of Puget Sound choir. In college she received her degree in Journalism with a minor in English, while working as a tutor in Math and English.
A freelance writer for many years now, Patricia has been a contributing writer for Christian magazines and worked in the position of editor at two Seattle newspapers. A lover of the theater, she has written five plays, three of which were produced in the United States.
In addition to writing,she is also a freelance artist, working chiefly in oils and acrylics. Her pen & ink drawings range from custom caricatures to political and Christian cartoons.
In 1995 she and her husband founded an evangelistic charity for Seattle's homeless population, providing meals, toiletries, blankets, and Bibles to addicts and other people living on the streets and in shelters.
Presently her hobbies include piano and cooking, but she finds exceptional pleasure in her equestrian pursuits that include weekend horseshows, and receiving instruction in Dressage. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband of 8 years, along with a female German Shepherd named Spike, and their longsuffering cat, Bella.

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