Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology

Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology


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Giant Single: The Profile Records Rap Anthology

Profile released a stack of R&B, freestyle, punk, rock, and reggae records, but scholars of '80s and '90s rap see Steve Plotnicki and Cory Robbins' venture as a crucial source with a rep as indisputable as that of any other rap label. For evidence, check Ego Trip's compulsory Book of Rap Lists, where roughly half of the 31 tracks compiled here made the authors' collaborative year-based charts. Giant Single is a long-overdue two-disc compilation that covers Profile's rap output, from Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde's "Genius Rap" (featuring future label executive Andre Harrell) to Camp Lo's "Luchini (aka This Is It)" -- two buoyant party anthems separated by 15 years. During that decade-and-a-half span, the label covered many of the styles and trends within hip-hop while developing an aesthetic that earned each release buy-on-sight or must-hear status from the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff and heavyweight A&R man Dante Ross. The label's biggest act was easily Run-D.M.C. Two of the hardest tracks from Hollis' finest are here, along with "Walk This Way," their crossover-smash duel with Aerosmith. The only other artist with more than one track is Dana Dane, a humorous storyteller who adopted a fake English accent -- he had been a member of the Kangol Crew with British-American schoolmate Slick Rick -- and went gold. Even without the contributions of Run-D.M.C. and Dana Dane, the set would be essential. Any comp that boasts a varied range of classics like Rammellzee vs. K-Rob's "Beat Bop," Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock's platinum "It Takes Two," Special Ed's "I Got It Made," Poor Righteous Teachers' "Rock Dis Funky Joint," DJ Quik's "Born and Raised in Compton," and Smoothe da Hustler's "Broken Language" makes that grade. Not every track of creative and/or commercial significance is included; the Cold Crush Brothers' "Fresh, Fly, Wild, and Bold," Eric B. & Rakim's "Eric B. Is President" (issued on sublabel Zakia), and N2DEEP's "Back to the Hotel" do not appear, possibly due to licensing issues. Still, Giant Single is a crucial part of hip-hop history. Testimonials from 16 hip-hop figures, along with sharp liner notes from Dan Charnas (onetime Profile employee and author of The Big Payback), only add value.

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Release Date: 01/31/2012
Label: Sony Legacy
UPC: 0886974975120
catalogNumber: 749751

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Rob Base   Producer
Poor Righteous Teachers   Executive Producer
Special Ed   Composer
Simon Harris   Producer
Tom Tom Club   Composer
Davy D.   Producer
2nd II None   Producer
Afrika Bambaataa   Composer,Producer
Duke Bootee   Producer
Courtney Branch   Executive Producer
DJ Quik   Producer
Howie Tee   Composer
Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor   Producer
Tracy Kendrick   Executive Producer
Rob Lewis   Producer
Eric Matthew   Producer
Dave Ogrin   Composer,Producer
Pumpkin   Producer
Rammellzee   Composer
Rick Rubin   Producer
Run-D.M.C.   Producer
Russell Simmons   Producer,Executive Producer
Brian Walker   Executive Producer
Wise Intelligent   Composer
Jean-Michel Basquiat   Producer
Robert Ginyard   Composer
Josh Cheuse   Cover Photo,Tray Photo
Dan Charnas   Liner Notes
Tony Depula   Producer
Ill Will Fulton   Executive Producer
Greg Jessie   Executive Producer
Mike Kull   Tape Research
Steve Plotnicki   Executive Producer
Hollywood Impact   Producer
Shawn "Easy LG" Thomas   Producer
Nexx Level Entertainment   Executive Producer
Alice Butts   Art Direction
DJ Fashion   Producer
Joe "Ski" Chink   Producer
Cory Robbins   Executive Producer
K Rob   Composer
Period   Producer
Cliff Hall   Producer
Larry Smith   Composer,Producer
Bill Moore   Producer
Asher D   Composer
Tony D   Producer
Anthony Moody   Producer
Pumpkin & The Profile All-Stars   Composer
Spradley   Composer
Rahmakhan Todd Turnbow   Composer
Jeffrey Harris   Producer
Anthony Walton   Executive Producer
William Hamilton   Producer,Executive Producer
Sam Jacobs   Composer,Producer
Sam Jacobs   Composer,Producer
Winston George   Producer
Eric A. "I.Q." Gray   Executive Producer

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