Gifted Books, Gifted Readers: Literature Activities to Excite Young Minds

Gifted Books, Gifted Readers: Literature Activities to Excite Young Minds

by Nancy J. Polette

Paperback(New Edition)

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Stretch young minds to creative and productive thought with some of the best literature currently available. Polette shows you how to promote critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving through building excitement for the reading experience and increasing students' active participation in learning. She offers suggestions for creative reproduction, elaboration, rearrangements and transformations of text to help children connect reading content to their own experiences. A wonderful resource for elementary and middle school teachers of the gifted, these books and activities can be used in any classroom. Also an important read for college-level courses on curriculum for the gifted and children's literature.

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ISBN-13: 9781563088223
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/15/2000
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Nancy J. Polette is Professor Emerita and former Professor of Education, Lindenwood University, O'Fallon, Missouri. She is a national consultant and author specializing in reading, gifted education, library media, and children's literature.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Literature for the Gifted: A Gateway to Greatness1
Imagination Illuminates Reality2
Inspired Writers2
Books to Add Zest3
Books as Experience4
Traits and Needs of Gifted Children5
Chapter 2Picture Books for Gifted Programs7
The Need to Belong7
The Need to Achieve and Feel Self-Esteem11
About Black Bears17
The Need for Beauty, Order, and Harmony17
The Need to Cope with Stress20
The Need for Laughter, Nonsense, and Expanded Vocabulary23
The Need to Know and Extend Developing Concepts28
The Need to Know and Extend Developing Concepts: Animal Families30
The Need to Know and Extend Developing Concepts: Community Helpers33
The Need to Know and Extend Developing Concepts: Africa37
Introducing the Unit37
Problem Solving38
The Need to Know and Extend Developing Concepts: Rocks41
The Need to Know and Extend Developing Concepts: Robots44
The Need to Know and Extend Developing Concepts: Earthwatch47
Favorite Picture and Poetry Books of the 1990s53
Chapter 3Exercising the Imagination: Fairy Tales and Fantasy57
Reading the World with Folktales: China58
More Tales from China60
Reading the World with Folktales: South Africa61
Reading the World with Folktales: Great Britain and Switzerland62
Reading the World with Folktales: Mexico63
Reading the World with Folktales: Peru64
About Peru64
Reading the World with Folktales: Russia65
About Russia65
Reading the World with Folktales: Australia66
Folktales in U.S. Studies67
Chapter 4The Classics and Poetry105
To the Teacher106
Activities to Improve Skills Through Classic Literature106
Creative Thinking106
Critical Thinking106
Problem Solving106
Children's Classics108
Classic Author: Robert Louis Stevenson108
Classic Author: Jules Verne112
Classic Author: Howard Pyle114
Classic Author: Johann Wyss117
Classic Author: Mark Twain118
Classic Author: Jack London121
Classic Author: Washington Irving124
Classic Author: Rudyard Kipling126
Classic Author: Kenneth Grahame130
Classic Author: James Barrie132
Classic Author: Daniel Defoe133
Classic Author: Johanna Spyri135
Introducing Shakespeare138
"Romeo and Juliet"
Ocean Voyages: A Thematic Unit Blending the Classics and Contemporary Literature143
Chapter 5Exploring Diversity149
A Picture Book for All Ages149
Native American Folklore: Picture Book151
Native American Folktales: Brother Eagle, Sister Sky155
Native Americans: Novel156
Native Americans Today: Novels159
African-Americans: Picture Book159
More Picture Books to Read161
Reconciling Differences: Novel162
African-Americans: Novel165
The African-American Hero: Novel169
Hispanic Folktales: Picture Books172
Hispanic Americans: Picture Books173
Hispanic Americans: Novels175
Hispanic Literature: Novels177
Asian-Americans: Picture Books179
Asian Literature180
Clash of Cultures184
The New Immigrants: Early 1900s186
The World War II Internment and Release of Japanese-Americans: 1940s187
Immigrants from Cambodia: 1980s187
Chapter 6Learning from the Past189
The Middle Ages189
About King Arthur193
About the Round Table193
U.S. History197
Related Reading198
World War II220
Chapter 7Heroines and Heroes229
Heroines: Picture Books229
Heroines: Novels236
Adventures with a Female Indiana Jones!236
Heroes: Picture Books--Real Life Heroes249
Anton Leeuwenhoek249
Abraham Lincoln250
Elijah McCoy250
Bob Lemmons250
Neil Armstrong252
Heroes: Novels253
Author/Title/Subject Index271

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