Gigi's Big Break (Gigi, God's Little Princess Series)

Gigi's Big Break (Gigi, God's Little Princess Series)

by Sheila Walsh
4.1 6

Multimedia(DVD - NTSC)

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Gigi's Big Break (Gigi, God's Little Princess Series) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this DVD. Gigi has such a cute voice but makes mistakes just like every kid. She lies about how a vase broke and then the lie snowballs into more and more lies. Eventually she learns a lesson and tell the truth. Telling the truth was so much easier! In the next episode, her parents tell her she is going to be a big sister. She is so happy. Then her friend tells her that her parents will only have time for the baby and she decides to move in with her friend. My best friend and I love Gigi. She is cute and is easy to relate to. I have some the books by Sheila Walsh like God's Little Princess Devotional Bible and Gigi, God's Little Princess and really liked the DVD even more. It brought Gigi to life. I recommend this DVD for any girls ages 4-8, but probably ages 5-6 would be able to relate to it the most. I received this DVD from Thomas Nelson publishers for review. I hope to watch more Gigi DVD's in the future.
KRM More than 1 year ago
I was delighted to receive a complimentary DVD of Gigi's Big Break from Thomas Nelson Publishing. I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old, and I first thought the movie might be a bit old for them. However I was extremely wrong. Both of my girls are fascinated with princesses and so this DVD was right up their alley. The DVD has 2 stories in it. The first story discusses lying and the second story is about Gigi having a new sister. Both of these topics are extremely relevant in our household, and it was refreshing to watch a DVD that was not only entertaining to my kids, but was straightforward with Biblical truth presented in a way where my children clearly understood it. Tonight we even went through the trivia questions at the end and both girls were able to answer all the questions about the movie. Talk about effective teaching!! So far we have watched this DVD twice. I think I enjoy it just as much as the girls do! We will definitely be ordering more Gigi movies and books. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone with little girls in the house.
Momto4Monkeys More than 1 year ago
Over the past week the twins and I reviewed Sheila Walsh's DVD, Gigi, God's Little Princess, titled Gigi's Big Break. The DVD consists two stories, a Singalong Song, Trivia, and DVD-ROm extras, regarding the importance of honesty & loving siblings. Although my two year old twins can not give me there full review of the movie, their actions of requesting more of Gigi, tells me that the movie entertained them. What a blessing for my children to request more of a cartoon that teaches them valuable life lessons along with biblical lessons based on 1 John 1:8-9 and Luke 10:21! I enjoyed watching the movie along with my children, it reminded me of an after school special on television. There is no fancy animation to this DVD, but the story line makes up for what the animation lacks. Sometimes it's nice to see just basic animation in a movie, because it doesn't take away from the important lessons of the story. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was excited to receive a copy of Gigi's Big Break from Thomas Nelson. The DVD includes two stories about Gigi, God's Little Princess. The first "episode" involves Gigi breaking a vase and then lying to her parents about the cat breaking it. Her lie was so fabricated that it was funny. The second episode involved her dealing with the fact that her mother is going to have a baby. The shows are cute, and in Gigi's imagination, her cat speaks. Gigi's voice is entertaining and incredible. The stories, however, were not as religious as I had hoped. Gigi seemed very materialistic. There was a bible quote at the end and the family said grace at the table, but that was all. The guessing game at the end of the first video seemed a little unrelated. I felt that again it was materialistic as the words to be guessed were crown, thrown and boa. At first, when it said the guessing game, I thought it would be religious verses or commandments. I also did not get why she was called God's Little Princess. The Bonus material was fun. The trivia game at the end was good and played back parts of the show to reinforce the answers to the questions. The lessons on drawing the characters were also good. Overall, I liked the video and thought it was entertaining and catchy, I was just disappointed that it seemed to show Gigi in such a materialistic light and there was too little religion.
lilredhenJP More than 1 year ago
(The White Lie) Gigi is such a funny and creative little girl, and when a vase gets broken while she is dancing in the living room, her imagination kicks in overdrive. She tells a little white lie, which gets bigger and bigger with each telling. (The Pink Surprise) When Gigi asks to go home with her friend to play after school, her mother tells her that they have a surprise for her, and she must come home that evening. Of course, she imagines all kinds of things that her parents may tell her, none coming close to reality. I feel that Shelia Walsh has created a great teaching too for children. The music is wonderful, the creativity that went into this DVD is amazing. I was given a free copy of this DVD to review by Booksneeze. I was not paid for this review, and all opinions expressed here are my own. Tommy Nelson is a Division of Thomas Nelson Publishing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gigi's big break is about honesty and loving siblings. It has 2 stories in it (The White Lie and The Pink Suprise). You can find this DVD at Amazon for $14. It also has 5 special features such as a sing along song, a how-to-draw mini feature, and also dvd-rom extras with coloring pages. It is a little over an hour long. The stories are about 30 minutes each. In the first episode, The White Lie, Gigi gets in trouble by telling a white lie. She learns that when we do wrong and try to cover it up, things usually end up worse, but that God loves us anyway. This story is based on John 1:8-9. In the second episode, The Pink Suprise, Gigi learns that the world doesn't revolve around her. She has to learn that siblings are a blessing and a lifetime adventure, but that sometimes means that you are not first in everything. Gigi has to learn to love the new bundle of joy that God has given her family. This is based on Luke 10:21. In this DVD children will learn to be honest and love thier siblings. I think this is a very cute DVD and can relate to a lot of things that young children face (best for kids 3 and up if you ask me). Although this DVD is meant for children, I think everyone can get something out of it. The stories are interesting enough that children will stay interested the whole time.