Gingledorf Book Three: Friends Forever

Gingledorf Book Three: Friends Forever

by Marta Visola


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Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived the tiniest fairy moth of them all. Her name was Gingledorf. Gingledorf finds herself in pickles and jams because her magic gets a bit whoopsie, and too much fairy dust sprinkling has unfortunate effects. With the help of some good friends and lots of cups of hot chocolate, she figures out how to make things just fairy perfect.

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ISBN-13: 9781524618971
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/18/2016
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.17(d)

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Gingledorf Book Three

Friends Forever

By Marta Visola, Avery Visola


Copyright © 2016 Marta Visola
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-1897-1



Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived the tiniest fairy moth of them all. Her name was Gingledorf. One morning, Gingledorf was off doing her favorite morning thing, smelling the flowers.

As she stood up from a really good sniff, she gave an enormous sneeze. AHHCHOO!

Sometimes this happened when she got a really good sniff. Underneath the noise of the sneeze, she heard a little whine, a skid, and a plop. It seemed as though it had started to the left and gone to the right, like a kind of ZOOOOM – KerPLOP.

As we all know, when we sneeze, we close our eyes. And, anything can happen when our eyes are closed and our noses are making lots of noise – even to fairies moths. Keeping this in mind, Gingledorf looked around.

She saw nothing to the left or to the right, so she shrugged her shoulders and headed off for more sniffing. Two more big sniffs and two more sneezes later, Gingledorf decided that she had smelled enough flowers for the morning.

By now, Gingledorf had reached the pond. There, by the pond, stretched as far as he could go, was Tiny Wee One. He seemed to be holding a small branch stuck to his tummy and he was reaching into the pond. Gingledorf had never seen such a thing, and rushed over to see what the problem was.

Tiny Wee One cried, "HELP!" It was a tiny help (because Tiny Wee One is so small) but he performed it with gusto so that Gingledorf had no trouble in hearing him.

Down in the water, and going down for the third time, was a very small Dalmatian puppy. Gingledorf knew that three was the number of times that a drowning puppy could go down and not come back up. So, she dived into the water as fast as she could go. She kicked off her shoes on the way in and, in doing so, kicked fairy dust on Tiny Wee One.

The result was that Gingledorf was under the water trying to hold on to the puppy, and Tiny Wee One was floating away, the small branch still stuck to his tummy.

Gingledorf bubbled, "Can't hold on much longer, going down. ... HELBLUB!" Of course, she meant to yell help, but that was all she could say with the water getting into her mouth. "HELBLUB!"

There was no one to hear, only Tiny Wee One, and he was floating rapidly away, scared to death. Gingledorf knew if she let go of the puppy, she could save herself, but, if she let go, the puppy would go under for the third and final time. She was getting weaker by the moment.

In the house, the children were playing Cat in the Hat and having a really good time. Just then, Liner looked up. His mouth fell open in amazement. He pointed. Butterpickle looked up, Chango looked up, and Princess looked up. Tiny Wee One, who was floating outside past the window, looked down. They knew something was wrong because snails don't usually fly.

The children put their fists together and shouted, "Children to the rescue." They rushed outside and looked up at Tiny Wee One.

"What are you doing?" they shouted at him. Tiny Wee One just pointed his branch towards the pond. Liner quickly pulled Tiny Wee One down, and they took off running.

Soon the children had hauled Gingledorf and the wet puppy out of the pond. The mother Dalmatian, who was looking all over for her baby, picked him up in her mouth and, with thanks all around, headed for home.

Gingledorf needed Q-Tips right away, because pond slime caked her dress and dripped off of her hair. Princess cleaned her up while the boys readied the hot chocolate with two marshmallows and a dollop of whipped cream.

Gingledorf got whipped cream on her nose and sneezed. Achoo! She tried to keep her eyes wide open as best as she could. But, of course she failed and looked quickly around.

"You just never know what you miss when you sneeze," she said.


Attack of the Carabidae

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived the tiniest fairy moth of them all. Her name was Gingledorf. One morning, Gingledorf was off doing her favorite morning thing, smelling the flowers. Next to her and happily smelling as well as doing a lot of tasting were best friends, Tiny Wee One and Rocky the turtle. Tiny Wee One took great pleasure in pointing out tidbits of early strawberries for Rocky to sample and Rocky always made sure that the best parts that were mushy were saved for Tiny Wee One. All in all it was a wonderful spring day.

This wonderful spring day was in back of a whole bunch of other wonderful spring days, full of feasting on the best leaves, flowers, fallen fruit and new strawberries.

For the two best friends who were – well to put it kindly – slow moving on a good day, this had led to a few complications.

Rocky now had some problems pulling all the way into his shell and Tiny Wee One had a few cracks in the green play dough of his shell with all the extra snail that was trying to cram into it.

Gingledorf wandered on down the path, humming, and left the two friends to their munching and chatting. She had places to go and things to do.

First on her list was to find some new silk for a new dress. Lacy and Lego had perfected a new web making technique and she was promised some to decorate a dress. She also had her eye on some nice orange leaves and flowers that she was sure would stick together quite beautifully.

Hiding behind the morning flowers, out of sight and plotting, were a gang; the Carabidae.

Carabidaes, a ground beetle gang, favorite thing to do is to attack and perhaps badly hurt snails. They had been waiting all day for their chance.

Rocky, feeling a bit sleepy and too, too full, told Tiny Wee One that he was going to head back to Chester Drawers for a nap and headed slowly down the path to the woods. Tiny Wee One decided to stay and munch just a bit more of the glossy red strawberries first.

As soon as Rocky was out of sight and the tiny snail was alone, the beetles attacked.

Now, normally snails can make lots of foamy slime to use as protection against the attacks but Tiny Wee One was just too full. He could not get into his shell and could not make foam.

The Carabidae surrounded him, clicking their jaws in a fierce fashion.




Tiny Wee One tried to scream, but it was no use. Both Gingledorf and Rocky were nowhere in sight. Finally, from his mouth came a high pitched creak.

It was enough.

Rocky came as fast as he could, but it was not fast enough. He had gotten so heavy that he could not move quickly at all. He was soon surrounded by the gang and was in danger himself.

Usually, turtles can bite and snap at attackers and protect themselves but Rocky could not move his head around, and he had eaten so much that he could not get into his shell.

The friends looked at each other in horror and the Carabidae got closer and closer. They had been best friends since the beginning and would be that way to the end.

Just then, down the path came the skipping sound of little feet. Around the bend came Malicesandra.

Malicesandra took one look and then started to walk away with a laugh. "Serves you right", she called over her shoulder as she continued down the path.

The last hope for the two was gone and the end was here.

Malicesandra stopped and thought for a moment and then turned back. She stared at the gang of beetles with a cold hard look in her eyes. The beetles looked back and smirked.

That was all it took.

Soon Malicesandra had chased the beetles away and turned back to Tiny Wee One and Rocky who were trying to crawl to each other as fast as they could.

She shook her head. "Overeating, even if it is good and tasty food, is no answer". "Time to exercise"

The woods friends formed an exercise group and started going for long walks in the woods. They lifted pinecones and pebbles. Beatrice and Spec called encouragement. Gingledorf and Malicesandra were their coaches. They ate in moderation. Soon Rocky could fit back into his shell and so could Tiny Wee One.

To celebrate their success, they had a picnic. They toasted each other with hot chocolate (made with non-fat milk) with two marshmallows (shared among all of them) and a dollop of whipped cream (fat free, of course)!



Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived the tiniest fairy moth of them all. Her name was Gingledorf. One morning, Gingledorf was off doing her favorite morning thing, smelling the flowers.

As this was a special morning for Liner, she only gave a quick sniff and then went quickly back to the house.

Sitting on Liner's bed, she listened carefully as he told her about his upcoming adventure of the day.

For some time, Larry had been his friend. He did not see Larry often but they were the best of chums and had discussed having an adventure on a boat for several years.

Today was going to be the day.

Liner explained that he had told Larry that he did not want to hurt any fish or other animals since he had special fish friends in an aquarium in his bedroom, and these fish were sure to be upset if he caused any animals harm. Since Liner was a gentle soul, Larry understood.

The plan was to take the boat out on the ocean. This was exciting in itself, because Liner had never been on a boat. They would cast their fishing lines into the ocean and see what they caught. With special hooks, the fish would not be hurt, and they would just look at them and then put them back carefully so as not to hurt them.

Gingledorf was a bit sad about being left out, and so Liner told Gingledorf that he would take pictures and tell her all about the adventure that evening. After all, she was his best chum in the whole world.

Gingledorf, of course, could hardly wait. In fact, she could not wait at all. Into the hood of Liner's sweatshirt she popped. Liner never noticed.

Soon, Liner and Larry were on the boat and on the ocean.

Larry explained to Liner all about the safety rules. He said that port was the left and starboard was the right. Liner had a life vest, and was ready.

Because they were on a boat on the ocean, Larry told Liner that there were a couple of water meanings for the word chum. Chum was the name given to a salmon fish that they might see, and it was the name for throwing something into

the water to attract fish and even sharks. The bait chum might be fish parts and blood.

Hearing this made Liner feel a bit whoopsy in his tummy. When he told Larry about his tummy, Larry laughed. He told Liner that another way to chum for the sharks and fish was to throw up over the side of the boat.

This made Liner feel even more whoopsy in his tummy, and he rushed to the starboard side of the boat.

As he bent over the side, his sweatshirt hood went over this head and, unnoticed, Gingledorf fell out. She splashed and bobbled in the water, but Liner did not see her.

Liner's tummy immediately felt better, and soon he was ready to try to catch a fish but on the port side of the boat.

After several attempts and no fish caught, the friends decided to head back to land. It had been a wonderful day even without the fish catching. Seagulls played tag over head. A curious seal had followed the boat for a while, and they had even seen the spout of a whale in the distance. On the other side of the boat, Gingledorf sputtered and tried to float. She was feeling a bit chummy now herself.

Larry suggested just one more try first, so Liner returned to the starboard side where he had first bent over the rail.

As soon as he cast his line into the water, Gingledorf pounced on the hook and held on for dear life. She kicked and tugged and tried to climb up the line.

When Liner felt the tugging, he got very excited. He had a fish! The more he struggled with the pole and the more Gingledorf tried to hold on and climb the line, the more it felt like a gigantic fish was trying to get free.

After a brief struggle, Liner got the hook close enough to see what he had caught.

He stared in amazement at the bedraggled little fairy moth. He silently mouthed "Gingledorf?!!!"

With quick thinking he shouted, "Shark on the port side!" and Larry rushed to the other side of the boat. Gingledorf was quickly in Liner's sweatshirt pocket, shivering and shaking.

Later on that evening, as Gingledorf dried out and warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate with two marshmallows and a dollop of whipped cream, she listened to Liner explain to the other children about chums and chumming. He said he had gone on an adventure with a chum, chummed, and caught a chum.

Gingledorf, whose tummy was feeling much better now, was pretty sure which kind of chum was the best.


Fenestration Frustration

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived the tiniest fairy moth of them all. Her name was Gingledorf. One morning, Gingledorf was off doing her favorite morning thing, smelling the flowers. The wind was blowing, and it was quite chilly. Gosh and golly, she sighed, she sure would like to see the beautiful flowers without standing in the cold. It was all well and good to be able to come to the flower garden and smell the flowers, but if she could just see them all the time ...

When she stretched her fairy arms over her head in the morning and straightened out her rumpled wings, her first thoughts were to fill her self up to the brim with beautiful smells and sights. It made the day ever so much sweeter to start with flowers.

Gingledorf's drawer in Chester Drawers was very special. She had it decorated just the way she wanted. She had a cozy little sock bed, a cute little spool table and a nice ½ filbert nut that was hollowed out just so and made a wonderful bowl. The bowl held some fairy dust that glittered enough to shine light in the drawer. The children had made sure that she had a warm cover and even a knitted little rug so that her feet would not get cold. There were rose-thorn hooks for her extra dresses to hang on the wall.

If only she could see outside without leaving her warm and cozy drawer. She was sure that her morning would start with looking out at the flowers. Then she could get all aquiver with excitement and anticipation at smelling them. Being aquiver was a very good thing.

Besides which, it was dark in her drawer, even with the fairy dust, and that was not much fun. She had to come up with a great idea.

The more she thought, the more she knew that she needed a window.

She had heard that windows were called fenestrations. It sounded just too important of a word to not be something that was part of her life. She practiced saying it several times until she got it right.

With each sniff of the morning flowers, she said fenestration. "FENESTRATION". Wow!

Tiny Wee One, who had crawled up behind her to search for a morning snack, stopped what he was doing and listened. "FENESTRATION!"

It was a good word. Whatever Gingledorf was getting, he wanted one too.

When Gingledorf explained that a fenestration was a window, Tiny Wee One was very proud.

He explained that he already had a fenestration. Snails, who live on the land, can make epiphragms. He explained that this was a little window that would seal him inside his shell, and it was clear and strong. He made it with snail slime. It kept him nice and warm under Chester Drawers when it was cold outside.

Gingledorf was glad for him but she was sad for herself.

Beatrice who had joined the conversation explained that the honey combs were waxy and clear like a window. She had never heard them called fenestrations, but delightedly flew away to tell the others in the hive.

Gingledorf was also glad for her, but once again she was sad for herself.

Off to the house and to her children she went. When they heard about the problem, they immediately got to work.

Liner got out his tools and cut a small hole in Chester Drawers, being careful not to hurt him. The children found a clear piece of plastic that was a perfect fit for the hole and glued it on. Butter Pickle had some glitter fabric that was left from a ballet costume, and Chango made it into curtains. Princess hung the curtains on each side of the hole on a small piece of copper wire. It was beautiful.

Later on, over hot chocolate with two marshmallows and a dollop of whipped cream, the children looked out of the big house window towards Chester Drawers. Sitting in front of her own fenestration, and sipping her own hot chocolate, Gingledorf happily waved back.


Fireless Works

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived the tiniest fairy moth of them all. Her name was Gingledorf. One morning, Gingledorf was off doing her favorite morning thing, smelling the flowers. Among the flowers were some flags of red white and blue.

Since her children had been telling her all about history and the 4th of July, Gingledorf knew just what this meant. This was a day to celebrate America and freedom. Most importantly, to Gingledorf, this meant ice cream, a picnic and sparklers. Sometimes it could mean fire works too.

Although not exactly sure about the fire works and sparklers, Gingledorf was all aquiver about the picnic and ice cream.

The children had said that the sparklers were little bits of fire on the end of a stick and that fireworks were explosions in the sky. It sounded scary and noisy too.

Chango said that one year he had to hide in the house and Princess said that she used to cover her ears. Liner said that he made snake poop. Butterpickle said that he loved them now and had always loved them.

This made Gingledorf think hard. Snake poop did not sound good and she was not sure how a little boy could make snake poop but Liner always did amazing things.

Soon it was night and the children came to get Gingledorf. She was dressed in a red dress with a blue apron and had a white flower in her hair that Tiny Wee One had helped glue there with snail slime.


Excerpted from Gingledorf Book Three by Marta Visola, Avery Visola. Copyright © 2016 Marta Visola. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Introduction to the characters, 1,
Achoo, 2,
Attack of the Carabidae, 5,
Chums, 9,
Fenestration Frustration, 12,
Fireless Works, 15,
Flu Flew and Pigs can Fly Too, 19,
Gemilut Chasadim, 22,
Home is Where the Heart Is, 25,
Lovely, Still, 28,
Rain Rain Don't Go Away, 31,
S'More Trouble, 34,
The Princess and the Pearl, 37,
Thunder Struck, 40,
Twilight Time, 43,
Twist in Twine. ... or A Frayed Knot, 47,
Water You Doing Tonight?, 51,
When Push Comes to Shove, 54,

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