Girl! Help Ain't Coming: Take a Ride with Cece

Girl! Help Ain't Coming: Take a Ride with Cece

by Sandy Blue


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The first in a series of seven non-fiction dramatic narratives. Based on interviews with over 100 women, Blue's riveting texts explore common themes that haunt the lives of women across the globe. She unpacks the complexities and potential dejection of human relationships from the perspectives of specific women, while also offering valuable resources to assist readers who may find themselves or someone they know facing similar tribulations, beginning with the story "Take a Ride with CeCe" which evokes feelings of empathy, anger, sadness, and joy.

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ISBN-13: 9781537538693
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/28/2016
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.10(d)

About the Author

Author's Biography
Sandy Blue is a native of Pensacola, Florida and boasts a Bachelor's Degree in Resource Management/ Technology and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and Management. She is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Management, specializing in Special Education. Her educational background has contributed to her 20 years combined experience as an Educator and Entrepreneur.
Aside from her professional pursuits, Blue has overcome a great deal of struggle in her 51 years of life. As the youngest of 8 children, she experienced the death of her father to sickle cell. Later, after 21 years of marriage, she endured a difficult divorce along with the death of her mother, who was also her best friend. Not sure where to turn to grieve the loss of her mother and her marriage, Blue found herself depressed and hopeless, as she was now caring for multiple children (including 3 of her sister's children and 3 of her own) with minimal support.
After enduring financial challenges that would sometimes leave her family with little food and no utilities, Blue became desperate in the struggle to improve her family's condition. Not only was she physically starved, but she was also emotionally and mentally drained, struggling to gather the energy just to wake up in the morning. She prayed and waited for something to happen before telling herself "Girl, help ain't coming!" From there, she received a revelation that all the tools she needed to succeed were within her all along. While she acknowledges that she is still a work in progress, Blue strongly advocates for women to locate the power and strength within themselves. Once they can do that, there's nothing that they can't do.
Blue pays homage to her own struggle with her upcoming book Girl, Help Ain't Coming!!!, which is a series of narratives depicting the authentic lives of seven women, each coping with a series of life's tribulations. Through following the women's journeys, Blue hopes readers will understand that many women suffer harsh realities and make mistakes along the way. But there is always a way to prevail over one's circumstances with the proper motivation and access to resources. Thus, Blue provides information on how to access resources so that women can ultimately establish a support system and regain their power. Girl, Help Ain't Coming!!! will be available in Fall of 2016.

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