Girl With A Plan: Success Strategies For Life & Business

Girl With A Plan: Success Strategies For Life & Business

by Maria Kritikos


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With a knack for everyday candour and a keen ear for getting to the crux of the conversation, Girl with a Plan is written with honest passion and pure conviction. Unfolding with clear, affirming, and often humorous, no nonsense directives that lead to simple yet powerful take-action statements that urge the reader to move forward.

On the heels of a devastating life altering divorce, ‘Girl With A Plan’ explains in matter of fact terms how the experience transformed her way of thinking, acting, and how it changed her life forever.

We come to believe and realize that the idea of a dream is not some lofty intangible ideal that exists only in our imaginations, but a very real and very probable reality that can be reached by harnessing the power of mindset, belief, and the will to keep going.

Told with heart, soul and an uplifting strength of spirit that both inspires and compels one to look within and take action to a life of happiness, success, and self-realization.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781775300113
Publisher: Ladies WHO Lunch Network Ltd.
Publication date: 06/01/2018
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.57(d)

Table of Contents


1. The End is the Beginning

2. Living Out of A Suitcase

3. Be A Goal Getter

4. Decide What You Want

5. I Can and I Will. Watch Me.

6. Be Your Own Hero

7. Who Are You?

8. What Do You Stand For?

9. What Do You Expect?

10. Be Unreasonable

11. What’s It Going To Take?

12. The Only Difference

13. Brainwash Yourself

14. The Voice In Your Head

15. Say Goodbye To Negative Nelly

16. The Eviction Notice

17. Don’t Be a Zombie

18. Tunnel Vision

19. Impossible To Fail

20. Attitude VS IQ

21. Getting To Know You

22. Bring It To The Top & Let It Go

23. Competition Is For CopyCats

24. The Power Is In the Response

25. Square Pegs Don’t Fit In Round Holes

26. Fall Down Seven, Get Up Eight

27. Interested VS Committed

28. You Are The Problem & The Solution

29. This Is The Law

30. Watch Your Words

31. Start Before You’re Ready

32. Fear Is A Bad Man

33. Get On It Girl

34. Motivation Is A Liar

35. Say No To Make Room For Yes

36. How To Stay Focused

37. Shiny Object Syndrome

38. Chasing Rabbits

39. Is It A DMA or A TW?

40. Energy Vampires

41. The Power of Association

42. Monkey See Monkey Do

43. The Problem Is We Think We Have Time

44. It’s Just A Habit

45. Go To A Place of Discomfort

46. Get Out Of Town

47. Dress For Success

48. Bees Love Honey

49. The Last 5 Minutes

50. It All Adds Up

51. Don’t Take The Next Flight Out

52. Keep It Moving Sister!

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