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Giselle: Keeper of the Flame

Giselle: Keeper of the Flame

4.5 4
by Caddy Rowland
Europe is full of dark memories. Giselle's love is forbidden; her chance to be a mother destroyed. She flees to America where she becomes the haute couture fashion designer to the wealthy, high-society Grande Dames of New York. After all, she had been mentored in Paris by the legendary Charles Worth himself.

Giselle's past remains cloaked in shadows,


Europe is full of dark memories. Giselle's love is forbidden; her chance to be a mother destroyed. She flees to America where she becomes the haute couture fashion designer to the wealthy, high-society Grande Dames of New York. After all, she had been mentored in Paris by the legendary Charles Worth himself.

Giselle's past remains cloaked in shadows, increasing her allure. Her heart is engaged by a man who comes to her only in secrecy, drawing her back to her mysterious past. When her brother dies and his wife abandons their child, she takes on the care of her infant nephew, Gastien, who is his grandfather's namesake.

As young Gastien becomes a teenager, he finds himself undergoing a fiery trial as he struggles with his own identity – an identity that could cost him everything. Every man deserves the right to be true to his own character and needs, but America in the 1940's could penalize him severely for simply being who he is.

Follow Gastien's tormented angst as he battles with himself to make a decision - whether to risk losing his fledgling art career, his friends, and possibly his life; or to deny his true self and struggle to find happiness while living a lie.

This historical fiction novel is book 4 of a 5 book drama/family saga for adults (The Gastien Series). Each book can stand on its own, but is most compelling read in order.

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Caddy Rowland
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The Gastien Series , #4
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Meet the Author

The drama of humanity. We live, die, love, hate, win and lose in a never-ending variety of ways. Often those ways are heart-wrenching. Other times they are not.

Why do people make the choices they do? Why do some abuse power? How do the powerless learn to survive? Why do a few dare to be different, while others conform—and why are so many disturbed by those who don't? These are the questions that have always haunted author Caddy Rowland. Those questions keep her pounding away at her keyboard, creating novels showcasing the sublime joy and bitter tragedy of being human.

Caddy has always been a nonconformist. She likes to push the proverbial envelope when it comes to characterization and world building. Heroes have warts; villains have soft spots. Main characters don't always learn their lessons because all too often we don't, either. There isn't always a happy ending, but sometimes there is. Otherwise she'd be predictable.

She writes for readers who like to think and feel; who like their stories to be raw, graphic, unpredictable, "real" and sometimes brutal. For readers who like their boundaries challenged; to be shown how rarely life decisions are truly black and white, but instead shades of grey.

Think of a carnival midway with books instead of rides. She asks you make sure you're the minimum height if you plan on riding alone. You must also leave prejudices and inhibitions behind the entry gate. If you can’t, Rowland's reads might be a tad much for you. Don't worry. There are plenty of safer reads out there. Just step out of the line and find a more appropriate book for your reading enjoyment.

No, Caddy Rowland's novels aren't for everyone. But then again, they just might be for you.
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Giselle: Keeper of the Flame 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
cinchase More than 1 year ago
Amazing! Super read! Even though this book is part if the Gastien series, it can stand alone with no problem. This was a very intense story, filled with love, drama and personal awareness. I became completely involved as Giselle tells her story about her life and the life of the baby she raised. The love she had for Laurent was like no other, one we all wish that we could find that one true love. There were many twists and turns in the book that I did not see coming. What a reading adventure!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
becx More than 1 year ago
I received “Giselle: Keeper of the Flame” from Caddy for review. This is the fourth book in the historic Gastien family saga. Giselle, Gastien’s (book 1-2) only daughter, continues the artistic bloodline of the family with her medium being fashion. Giselle, like her brother Tristan (book 3), proves to be successful in business but not so much in love. She’s less….I’ll word this nicely….promiscuous than her father and brother which made me want her to find happiness all the more. I had some issues with her and Laurent’s relationship. I was prepared to overlook their much too instantaneous marriage but once their relationship takes a dramatic turn, I could not continue to tolerate them as a couple. Being the history dork that I am, I enjoy how Caddy integrates real historic events into her stories. I find it a lot more interesting to read history from a fictional character’s perspective. The end of the book starts to focus more on Giselle’s nephew, Gastien (not to be confused with his namesake grandfather). I’m not sure how I feel about young Gastien. As appealing as it is to want to continue the artistic talent of a family through every generation, I was hoping Caddy would give young Gastien a different niche to pursue. A lot of Gastien’s personality reminded me way too much of his grandfather and it bothers me that if he’s too similar, he won’t be a memorable character. I enjoyed Giselle’s character much more than her brother Tristan’s from the last book (which I rated 3 stars). After considering all my feelings I give “Giselle: The Keeper of the Flame” 3/5 stars as well. Although I liked her character better, I simply couldn’t accept her relationship with Laurent. Caddy continues to create drama for this family and she does it so well but there are just certain things I can’t handle and this story contained one of them. I look forward to reading young Gastien’s story and discovering the man he will become.
Crystal-Trent-Dotson More than 1 year ago
Giselle: Keeper of The Flame is Book four in this series and is just as Amazing as the others. It grabbed hold of me and I couldn't put it down. All the characters are seperated with their own personalities, which makes the series and this book unique and life like. I respect the role of Giselle, and the responsabilities that she has taken on. I almost wish for Gastien and Jacques to be together, which I'm sure after the horrible situation they was in at the end, it will at least, bring them a little closer to each other. I am excited for the next book in this series. Caddy Rowland is a talented Author that has done everything except disappoint with this Series. But you Must Read The First Three Books in this series to completely understand and enjoy it.