Git Version Control Guide: Step -by-step tutorial for beginners

Git Version Control Guide: Step -by-step tutorial for beginners

by Gregory Blake


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This book is a guide on how to use Git. It begins by guiding you to use Git for the purpose of development. You will learn how to install Git on the various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The various commands which can be executed on the command line are also explored. You will also learn the difference between centralized and distributed workflow in Git, and how to contribute to projects in both cases. Conflicts will always occur whenever you are using Git. This book guides you on the various ways that you can resolve conflicts which might occur. With this knowledge, you will be independent and be in a position to run your projects in a smooth manner. In Git, you will need to access other projects from your own project. This is usually done by the use of Submodules. This book guides you on how to use Submodules so as to establish inter-project communications. Hooks are also discussed in detail, along with how to use the various types of hooks in Git. Git projects are sharable, unlike the Subversion repositories. This book guides you on how to perform a conversion of the Subversion repositories into Git. When contributing to a project in Git, there are defined steps which one should follow. This book guides you on this.

The following topics are explored in this book:
- How to use Git for Development
- Distributed and Centralized Workflow
- Conflicts
- Submodules and Hooks
- Conversion of a Subversion Repository into Git
- Contributing to a Project

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Publication date: 12/01/2016
Pages: 82
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