Give A Damn!: Individually we make a difference, Collectively we change the world!

Give A Damn!: Individually we make a difference, Collectively we change the world!

by Mr. Mark S. Lewis


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Our own actions, individually and collectively, determine the world in which we live. The mindset of today's society has deteriorated because we don't GIVE A DAMN about each other (except for those we really care about). Everything seems to be internally driven and we justify our actions and behaviors, whether right or wrong. As a society, we have become more self-centered, ego and excuse driven, selfish, entitled, violent and more complacent that ever before. Responsibility, accountability and doing the right thing seem more the exception than the rule. And society is killing itself. The solution? To GIVE A DAMN for each other.... every second, minute, hour and day.

This book identifies the problems with today's society, and how a GIVE A DAMN behavioral philosophy can fix the situation. What I write is what I feel in my heart. It is what I have observed and experienced over several years and what I think is common sense. I am discouraged by the ongoing transition of today's society into a really bad one. My hope for this book is that people will understand, develop and implement the themes I present; and that this will lead them to act in big and small ways to help others in every circumstance possible, regardless of convenience or personal benefit. My objective is to teach this world what it really means to GIVE A DAMN.

Learning how to GIVE A DAMN will be a big challenge but the world needs it badly. There will be challenges along the way, but we should never give up. My dream is to create a GIVE A DAMN revolution, starting with you and me, because individually we make a difference, collectively we change the world. It begins one person at a time, and grows until we have hundreds of millions of people who have joined our GIVE A DAMN revolution. I want to make this world a better place for both present and future generations, and so can you. Order your copy today or to learn more go to:

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Publication date: 06/18/2016
Pages: 136
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About the Author

The father of three grown children, Mark was born and raised in Rochester, New York. He received his BS degree in Finance from Boston College and an MBA in Marketing from Tulane University. He worked for IBM for 13 years, before forming a New Orleans based Internet Service Provider (ISP) and also starting and supporting several other successful business ventures and consulting groups.

Mark served for 10 years as President of the Louisiana Technology Council (LTC), assisting with the technology development of Louisiana. In November of 2005, Mark was selected by the Governor's office as Technology Leader of the Year for the State of Louisiana. Through his leadership Louisiana became one of the top three states in the country in technology job and wage growth.

Mark left the LTC in 2012 and is currently the Managing Director of Simmons & White, a business coaching and consulting firm based in New Orleans. He coaches and consults entrepreneurs and organizations in developing business strategies for growth and prosperity. Mark is also the Project Coordinator for Louisiana's largest annual technology event: The Louisiana IT Symposium.

Mark does not have a medical degree, nor does he have a background in science or psychology. He is not identified by a political party because he doesn't want anyone to put a label on him. He is just an average, educated family guy with business experience who has formulated solutions and common sense ideas that could change the world for the better. He is fed up with the way that so many people act and behave selfishly, and he has the passion to help make the world a better place. He believes a GIVE A DAMN philosophy can do it!

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