Give 'Em the Boot, Vol. 4

Give 'Em the Boot, Vol. 4


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Give 'Em the Boot, Vol. 4

Hellcat's Give 'Em the Boot series returns in 2004 with its fourth volume, budget-priced and populated with representatives from the punk, ska, and psychobilly underground. Kicking off with a raucous, previously unreleased track from Tim Armstrong's own Rancid entitled "Killing Zone," the set moves into the Aggrolites' appropriately titled "Dirty Reggae," and "Atomic" from Tiger Army's strong Ghost Tigers Rise LP. At 26 tracks (over half of them unreleased), Give 'Em the Boot is an absolutely ridiculous value for any curious listener. But rookies and scene veterans both will love the set's sheer breadth of the material. There's roots-style reggae from Slackers, Chris Murray, and Westbound Train; the vicious psychobilly shake of Rezurex and Nekromantix; an incredible live version of "Junco Partner" from Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros; punk from the streets of Boston in Ducky Boys and Dropkick Murphys; and modern-day, gloriously crap-recorded Oi! from the young and hungry South Central Riot Squad. Best might be "That's What I Know," an unreleased track from Brain Failure, heroes of the burgeoning Beijing punk scene. Their rousing Clash tribute is more powerful than any you'll hear all year.

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Release Date: 11/09/2004
Label: Hellcat Records
UPC: 0045778045822
catalogNumber: 80458

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Steve Young   Bass,Vocals
Joe Strummer   Guitar,Vocals
Mike-E   Vocals
Tim Armstrong   Synthesizer,Guitar,Vocals,Loops
Tymon Dogg   Fiddle,Guitar
Lars Frederiksen   Guitar,Vocals
Matt Freeman   Bass,Vocals
David Hillyard   Saxophone
Brett Reed   Drums
Scott Shields   Guitar
Victor Ruggiero   Piano,Vocals
Mike Hennessey Chastet   Vocals
Duane Peters   Vox Continental
Luke Bullen   Drums
Marcus Geard   Bass,Stick Bass
Geoff Kresge   Vocals,Upright Bass
Marq Lyn   Vocals,Background Vocals
Roger Miret   Guitar,Vocals
Simon Stafford   Bass
Mike Fasano   Drums
Dave Carlock   Synthesizer,Bass
Mark Lind   Guitar,Vocals
Martin Slattery   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Brian Dixon   Organ,Bass,Guitar
Brad Logan   Guitar
Ken Casey   Choir, Chorus
Daniel Diaz DeLeon   Guitar,Vocals
Travis Barker   Drums
Jason Messina   Drums,Vocals
Matt Skiba   Background Vocals
Erica Daking   Guitar,Vox Continental
Jen Johnson   Bass
Nick 13   Guitar,Vocals
Glen Pine   Trombone,Background Vocals
Rob Milucky   Guitar,Vox Continental
Jeff Hayes   Drums
Kemal   Guitar,Vocals
Korey Horn   Drums
Johnny Rioux   Bass,Vocals
Sam Soto   Guitar,Background Vocals
Corey Parks   Bass,Vox Continental
Branden Steineckert   Drums
Johnny Kray   Drums
Kim Nekroman   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Eric Ozenne   Vocals
Rob "SR" Aston   Vocals
Josiah Steinbrick   Guitar
Wang Jian-Min   Guitar
Jesse Wagner   Vocals
Thomas John Scanlon   Guitar
Cory Williams   Guitar,Background Vocals
Karsten   Guitar,Vocals
Dan Boer   Organ
Peter Sandorff   Guitar
Kristian Sandorff   Drums
Craig Fairbaugh   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Dexter Denman   Bass,Vocals
Big Jay Bastard   Bass,Vocals
Gordy "The Known Bastard"   Vocals
Craig Leg   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Skatty Punk Rock   Drums
Rhys Kill   Guitar
Jack "The Ripper" Berglund   Guitar
Gideon Blumenthal   Keyboards,Vox Continental
Kirsten DeBoer   Piano
Zac Fishnets   Vocals
Zak Glosserman   Drums
Rich Graiko   Trumpet
Nate Handcock   Vocals,Upright Bass
Jakob Insane   Guitar,Vocals
Xu Lin   Drums
Mad DogChad   Drums,Background Vocals
James Meza   Drums
Lenny Munoz   Trombone
Chris Murray   Organ,Drums,Vocals
Tad Peyton   Bass
Jeff Roffredo   Vocals,Upright Bass
Joel Ronamoe   Drums
Xiao Rong   Guitar,Vocals
Troy Ruessel   Guitar
Douglas Sullivan   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Unseen   Choir, Chorus
Gabe VanDike   Drums
Shi Xudong   Bass
Adam Zuckert   Drums,Vox Continental
Dave Holden   Tenor Saxophone
Patricia Day   Vocals,Upright Bass
Obi Fernandez   Trombone,Vocals
Roger Rivas   Piano
Tripp Underwood   Bass
Mike Valentine   Guitar
Thaddeus Merritt   Bass

Technical Credits

Woody Guthrie   Composer
Tim Armstrong   Composer,Artwork
Lars Frederiksen   Composer
Paul Simonon   Composer
Dan Gaarder   Composer
Pressure Point   Composer
Duane Peters   Composer
Ara Babajian   Composer
Marcus Geard   Composer
Kamilia   Contributor
Rob Milucky   Composer
Eric Ozenne   Composer
Josiah Steinbrick   Composer
Wang Jian-Min   Contributor
Bill Zuckert   Composer
Joe Dexter Denman   Composer
Jakob Insane   Composer
Mark Unseen   Composer
Shi Xudong   Contributor
Roger Miret & the Disasters   Composer
Aggrolites   Composer

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