Give Us This Day, Our Daily Love: Pope Francis on the Family

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Love: Pope Francis on the Family

by Theresa Catholic Church, Francis, Theresa Noble


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ISBN-13: 9780819831354
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Publication date: 05/28/2015
Sales rank: 875,370
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Prayer to the Holy Family ix

The Sacrament of Marriage 1

Created in Order to Love 3

Renewing the Sacrament of Marriage 7

Building a Forever Home 9

Give Us This Day Our Daily Love 11

Restored in Christ's Love 13

Hand in Hand, Always 15

Source of Strength and Joy 17

Marriage Takes Courage 19

The Vocation of Love 23

The Masterpiece of Creation 25

Repeating Our "Yes" Every Day 27

Nurturing Family Fife 29

Family: Hope and Future 31

Spend Time Together 33

Where Is My Heart? 35

Prayer Gives Strength 37

The Joy of Faith 39

Praying the Rosary 41

The Dignity of Work 43

What Is in My Heart? 45

Fathers and Mothers 47

The Greatness of Joseph's Heart 49

A Mother's Restless Love 51

What Does a Mother Do? 53

A Woman's Irreplaceable Role 55

Women Nurture Growth 57

Mothers Teach Fruitfulness 59

Human Gratuitousness 61

The Wisdom of Parents 65

The Rights of Children 67

The Sanctity of Parents 69

Hearts Warmed by the Word of God 71

Family Generations 73

The Cornerstone of Community 75

The Two Poles of Life 77

Intergenerational Exchanges 79

The Blessing of Grandparents 81

No Future without Generational Encounter 83

A Fine Vintage Wine 85

Time with Grandparents 87

Three Paths for Young People 89

Children Need to Be Accepted and Protected 91

In Difficult Times 93

The Gift of Counsel 95

God Is Present 97

Praying in the Battle Against Evil 99

Persevering in Love 101

Marital Healing in the Cross of Christ 103

The Lord Knows Our Struggles 107

Daily Martyrdom 109

A Prayer for the Unemployed 111

The Gift of Fortitude 115

God Can Untangle the Knots 117

Families in the World 119

Economics Must Serve Humanity 121

It Takes a Village 123

A "Throw-Away" Culture 125

Life: Precious in Old Age and Disability 127

Using People as Disposable Goods 131

The Tools of Creativity and Solidarity 133

Where Does Our Future Lie? 135

Pressures of a Secular Culture 137

Look Beyond Our Boundaries 139

The Family's Dignity and Vocation 141

Family: The World's Driving Force 143

Centers of Love 145

Illuminated by the Gospel 149

The Foundation of Society 151

The Fundamental Cell 153

A Privileged Place for Evangelization 155

Weaving Together the Story of Life 155

Passing on the Faith 159

Links in a Chain 161

The Power of the Holy Spirit 163

Giving Away the Faith 167

We Do Not Find Faith in the Abstract 169

The Essential Witness of Women 171

Like a River that Irrigates 173

Keeping Jesus Alive in the Church 175

Transmitting Not Only Content 177

Every Disciple Is a Missionary 179

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