Glassford Girl: Part 2

Glassford Girl: Part 2

by Jay J. Falconer


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Glassford Girl: Part 2 by Jay J. Falconer

How to be happy - live in the moment - be present?

Emily Heart can't. She's something new - abducted and genetically altered, Emily is figuring out how to live in one time and place, when any burst emotion might send her across time and space or possibly blink her right out of existence.

Imagine never being able to trust your feelings - because you don't know where they'll lead. Even with reporter Jim Miller trying to keep her safe, Emily's fighting a losing battle.

Who is the strange Orange Man? What dangerous technology is in his briefcase? Jim Miller, Emily, and boyfriend Derek aren't sure they want to know - but the Orange Man is gunning for them anyway.

Then, breaking all her own rules, Emily Heart finds herself alone in a showdown with the worst kind of evil. Can she figure out how to use her time-jumping talents to save herself?

Part two in the Time Jumper Series, Glassford Girl is a gripping ride through space, time, and the hearts of a young woman, the people who want to keep her alive, and those who want her dead.

Book Rating: PG-13

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ISBN-13: 9781508613701
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/04/2015
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.53(d)

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Glassford Girl: Part 2 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Glo400 More than 1 year ago
I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. The first chapter of this book throws you straight in at the deep end again with Emily Heart which is great for the action and momentum of the book, but not so great for the prose. The old rule that you should show not tell with fiction could have been applied well here as there are lengthy digressions on relationships and how she feels about Derek. I found it hard to believe that she could be so tuned in about what relationships were, having never actually had one herself. There is also a very unrealistic moment in the third chapter where Derek thinks of his 'amazing kiss' with Emily, which happened right after she vomited. I highly doubt any sort of love would transcend the taste of someone else's vomit, but that's just me. This is a book that just keeps moving. You don't get the chance to take a breath, and either does Emily. The action was great and the twists and turns were well played out. The whole romance thing was a mistake however. The fact that the pace is so fast in this books makes the lingering looks and the idea that this seventeen year old girl and boy have just decided they are going to be together forever with no hesitation whatsoever really impausible, and very irritating. There are some cliches that make your eyes roll. Emily also turns into a very stereotypical apologetic and submissive girl around Derek which is in contrast to the badass who time jumps and knows martial arts. If the romance was handled more subtly and played out a lot more gradually, this book would be almost perfect. I would still definitely recommend this as a great read though. The action is enthralling and the the story line is definitely unique.
Anin_Carino More than 1 year ago
Glassford Girl, Emily Jumper series has turned more interesting with this second part and has left the readers hope high for the next part. Part 2 is little bit different and the author has shown drastic improvement when compared to the Part 1. The progress of the story and characterization has made this book interesting and un-put-down-able. Derek, Jim and Duane have become main characters in this book along with Emily, the main protagonist. Derek seems to have all ideas on how to solve problems whereas Jim and Duane remain to support and help Emily throughout. The romance at the beginning between Emily and Derek is an added advantage and is interesting but at the same time that makes you to feel sorry for Derek too (You will know it when you read this segment!). It is good to know that Emily gets help again from same person who helped on the previous version. The thoughts about her mother which she desperately want to rid-off is not allowing her where ever she goes and she stumbles at time for that but still she manages and moves on. The author has also revealed why Emily is naked after her jump. After completing more than 90% I began to worry about the Emily’s future. Who she can trust on? How she can rid-off her fear? Who is that in orange suit? And what is his connection with Emily? All these increased the hope and crave one to read the next part. Summating the review, this book was more interesting the part 1. The language used is simple and the editing is better. I rate 4 out of 5 for this book and waiting to read the next part.
TheChuckster More than 1 year ago
This one left me breathless! Glassford Girl Part II, the second book in the Emily Heart Time Jumper Series, was a great read! Unlike the first, I was immediately immersed in the story. The plot is fast-paced, and it was a quick read- a few hours for me, mostly because I didn’t want to put it down!  Part 2 picks up where the first book left off, right in the thick of the action. This book has much more character development and growth than the first, and an extremely exciting plot to go along with it. We continue to follow Emily as she learns to cope with her ever-changing ability to time jump. She still has no control over when or where she jumps to, but she is slowly gaining control over the jump initiation process and is learning about a new, much more powerful trigger that she’s never felt before. As you can imagine, randomly jumping throughout time and space makes it difficult to form relationships, but Emily begins to realize she needs the help and support of others. She needs friends. As Emily begins to form new relationships, she begins to learn who she can (and can’t) trust with her secret. As outsiders begin to catch on to her unbelievable ability to remain the same age over several decades, Emily needs her friends’ help more than ever. I don’t want to give away the plot, but trust me when I say it’s nail-bitingly thrilling. I do want to add a quick *trigger warning* for scenes of sexual violence.  Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am anxious to find out what happens in the next book! I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.
mystkyn More than 1 year ago
This book is a fairly close continuation of the first book. Don’t try to read this one before you read that one. I know with some series of books, you could start anywhere but not this one. The writing flows smoothly and the story doesn’t have much down time. I like the character of Emily and think many readers will be able to identify with her. Emily still can’t control her time jumping abilities so her friends she makes in each time can’t count on her to stick around. I’m still not sure whether this is intended as a young adult book or adult book. The reading level is easy enough for young teens but some of the subject matter, like a child abuser, might be things that some parents object to. I’m pretty liberal about what my daughter is allowed to read so I have trouble judging that. This book was more graphic and involved than the first book so even if a parent let their child read the first book, they should read this book before handing it over to their child. The book is short enough to be read in a single sitting and there aren’t a lot of easy stopping places. Like the first book, it ends in a place where I really don’t want to stop. I wish it stretched onward. Luckily, there’s a third book is due out fairly soon. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for reading it, rating it, and giving an honest review.
Gaby_A More than 1 year ago
I loved Part 2 of Emily Heart Time Jumper Series by Jay J. Falconer. I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. Similarly as part 1 it kept me glued until the end. With each page I wanted to read more to see what happens next. The layout is nice and the writing style of the author is very gripping, easy to read and real (not over pompous). I have to admit that the beginning contains quite some romance and I do not think the story needed so much of it. I think the plot is extremely well developed and interesting enough for any reader. I dream of a book written that well as this one but without any love story, based just on a great plot. I can see that Emily keeps forgetting about following the rules and has more problems in controlling things she could control before (things it took her a long time to learn to control). It looks like the love interest is dragging her down in ways she was not expecting it would, although at times it also saves her. Derek develops more as a main character and so are Jim and Duane. He is quite smart and witty and seems to be full of good ideas on how to solve problems or unexpected situations. Jim and Duane are great characters and keep remaining a big source of help and support for Emily. I wasn't a big fan of Allison as a person, but I suppose he is needed within the story. The only character I really hate is Rob - the manager of the restaurant. I was very glad to see Junie reappear and I hope she will have a more important role in the future. However I do think that Emily is a bit too harsh and demanding with her in relation to her mother problems. I understand that Emily misses her mother but it does not entitle her to enforce her way of thinking on Junie. She cannot compare her mother with Junie's mother and she has never lived or went through the same things that Junie did. Hence I agree with Junie's way of thinking and all she says. The book leaves you hanging and wanting to read what happens next. It's full of adventures, even more mystery and action. The second part of the Glassford Girl series keeps you glued the same as the first part; glued on reading and turning page after page to see what will happen next. I recommend it, it's a really good read! It will detach you of anything you have going in your life, a valuable immersion into the unique and fascinating world of Emily! Eagerly waiting for Part 3!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. After reading the first part of the series I was intrigued and wanted to follow the story to the end. At first I was a bit unsure if I liked the second book, but as the story progressed I got more and more interested. I'm a sucker for a love story, that's what got me extra involved really! So, what are the highlights of the book for me? - For my satisfaction, Jim did, indeed, survive. But in what shape is he now after the shooting, you can find out yourself by getting your hands on this book, I promise you won't be regretting the buy, especially once you get to that final chapter. - Em's dream at the end of chapter 12 was one of the best parts of the book for me, it was the start of her realising what is happening, and maybe fully understanding her time jumps. - The restaurant, I expected Emily to meet Alison there but it was worse! I wanted to scream "Noooo" from the top of my lungs. The whole chapter was almost unbearable, that guy is just so disgusting, I wanted to puke. Thumbs up for the good writing though. Even in the middle of such an intense scene, the author managed to make me burst out laughing - that damn ficus lol. - We find out what's Junie's been up to since the jump in the restaurant. - Emily's teacher's realisation - that sent shivers down my spine. - We get more of that charming boy Derek. If I had to point out something I dislike, it would be the fact that I have to wait to read the rest of the series, they can't come quick enough! :) I am hoping we get a better peek at the alien story in the next book, and maybe learn more about what happened to her mum, is she still alive somehow, or is it just Em's brain tricking her into receiving guidance from her? The "Glassford girl" part 2 is better than the first book in a way that we get to know much more about Emily, we get more insight on her jumps, and we even dip into her newly-blooming love story with Derek. Ending with a crazy cliff hanger, I grew to like the story more and more as I was reading and I'm sure there will be much more to enjoy in the next few installments. I can't wait to read part 3.
Mihail0 More than 1 year ago
I was really excited when I saw that I could read book 2 so soon after book 1! (Actually I hardly even saw the book because it was just like the first one but only with the number 2 in the corner but thankfully I saw it on time) So what’s new here – there is much more action, suspense and violence. Emily finally got to Derek and we can see that not only he hasn’t forgotten about her but he can’t stop thinking about her which is praiseworthy because for him it has been a lot longer since they met than for her. But being together is not that easy because with every kiss Emily could make a jump. I felt really sorry about Derek when Em disappeared right after the episode with that repulsive child abuser, but at least he found out about her abilities.  During this book we meet again with the person who helped Emily after her first jump and now he’s helping again, and he also happens to be Jim’s friend who was the one to tell him about the mysterious disappearing redhead. She makes a new enemy as well in the face of a detective, who’s Jim’s old friend too. Luckily we’re finally given the reason why Emily is naked after each jump.  The author finishes with a real cliffhanger one more time – the aliens are here again to cause trouble and everybody’s in danger. Will Emily be able to save everybody? Is she going to finally understand the story behind the experiment she was forced to be part of? And what about her mother? Looking forward to see the answers in book 3!
dhouse1321 More than 1 year ago
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I absolutely love this series so being invited to read Part 2 made me so happy. This part of the series developed the budding relationship between the Glassford Girl "Emily Heart" and the thug "Derek". Emily has always had a mentality of "don't get too close, don't make friends" but in this book she shows that she is getting close to Derek and can't seem to help it and she also cares for Jim. In the beginning of this book it picks up with Jim being hospitalized for taking gun fire at the end of the last book and Emily awakens naked, as usual, and is picked up by the police. She and Derek end up in the same police van and she "disappears". When she disappears, she ends up in familiar territory this time. She ends up in a classroom at her old high school with a teacher she knew. The teacher doesn't put two and two together initially but eventually she tells the police that Emily is indeed the girl who had gone missing all those years ago. Another familiar face in this book is Dwayne, the mall security guard who had helped her out before. He still seems to have a soft spot for her in this book too and helps her and Derek escape the hospital where both had paid Jim a visit. In this book Emily is also assaulted by one of Jim's restaurant workers only to be rescued by Derek. The book ends strangely with Derek and Emily in Jim's backyard with an alien type creature who disappears or disintegrates before their eyes. Are the aliens coming back for her??? Can't wait until the next book and more of my favorite characters.
Ralitsa_Ch More than 1 year ago
While the most of the first book of this series was more about Emily’s character, in this second part we can see more of Jim and Derek and get to know them better. We see a lot of the story from Derek’s point of view as well. I was glad to see much more intense action and thriller here. There is also a new character that is chasing our guys and we even meet one of the “alien abductors”! It was a really quick read again and even better than the first one. I was a little disappointed that the cover of the book is the same as the previous one, but I suppose that would be easily corrected. And another thing that bugged me a little bit was that Emily’s hesitations about Derek in the begging of the book were a little too long – yes, we get that she is some really troubled teenage girl, but there is no need of repeating so much in my opinion. Anyway I enjoyed the book very much and especially the final chapter. From the start of the terrifying scene with Rob I got so consumed and read so fast that I didn’t realize I’m on the last page of the book when I got to it. So now I’m even more anxious to read book number three!
PixieKB1 More than 1 year ago
I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. After reading the first part, I was excited about getting to read the second book. When I wasn't busy doing other things, I had my nose in my kindle reading this ebook as it held my attention from start to finish and it was so hard to tear myself away from it to do other things. Jay J. Falconer did a great job with the sequel and moving the storyline forward and making me want to learn more about what the Orange Man was after and where in time does she end up now after their confrontation with him. This author has me wanting to know so much more about what is going to happen next. I have so many questions that he has lured me and will keep me coming back until the series is completed. I have not found a series like this that has really captured my attention for a long time. For me that is a great accomplishment as I am very picky with these types of books. The author does a great job at making you part of Emily and Derek's world. If you are into time-jumping books this would definitely be the series for you. I also felt that the characters were believable. You learned so much about each of the characters that you got to know them almost first hand. You went through the good and the bad times with each one. I would recommend this book and any of the other books in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. Even better than the first! It is rare, very rare, that I finish a book in one sitting. This is one of those rare exceptions. I never put my tablet down once starting this book. I was very impressed on how the story progressed and the characters exploded off the the page. I really want to give away the story line, but I will save that for the reader. Two words for anyone who has read part one and may be a little skeptical. READ THIS! I cannot emphasis that enough. This novel is very impressive and one of the best sequels I have had the pleasure of diving into in recent memory. When I started book one I was very skeptical of the whole concept, so dont think that I am giving blind praise here. I really didnt see a good concept here. But I gave it a second chance and I am so glad that I did. This is a fantastic journey and its a fun ride. In book one you can see hints of other great novels for inspiration, in book two , Jay J. Falconer finds his spark and runs with it.  A pure original and blast to read. I really cant praise it enough. It was really easy to dive right into this story and enjoy it. Some novels force the story down your throat and make you a part of their world. This book felt more like a welcome invitation rather than that force.  Well done again. .