Glaucoma: A Patient's Guide to the Disease

Glaucoma: A Patient's Guide to the Disease

by Graham E. Trope

Paperback(Third edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780802086235
Publisher: University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division
Publication date: 08/28/2004
Edition description: Third edition
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.52(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

Graham E. Trope is Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Toronto, and Director of the Glaucoma Unit at the University Health Network of Toronto.

Table of Contents

IAll About Glaucoma
1What is glaucoma?1
2What are the basic parts of the eye?2
3What are the names of the different types of glaucoma?4
4What is the difference between glaucoma and ocular hypertension?5
5My doctor says I am a glaucoma suspect. What does this mean?5
6What is normal eye pressure?5
7With glaucoma, what happens to the intraocular pressure in the eye?6
8Can I develop glaucoma without having an increase in eye pressure?6
9How common is glaucoma?7
10I see very well and do not wear glasses. How can I have glaucoma?7
11Does glaucoma cause blindness?7
12Can my children inherit glaucoma from me?8
13Is glaucoma contagious?8
14Is glaucoma caused by stress?8
15What is cupping of the optic nerve?8
16How do I know if my optic nerve is damaged from glaucoma?9
17My doctor says there is a hemorrhage on my nerve. What does this mean?10
18What are the risk factors for glaucoma?10
19Does glaucoma cause high blood pressure?11
20If my blood pressure is high, will my eye pressure be high?11
21Does glaucoma produce eye strain and headaches?11
22Should I avoid over-the-counter medications if I have chronic glaucoma?11
23Some patients with glaucoma feel pain. Is this common?12
24What is the cause of acute glaucoma?12
25Does glaucoma cause cataracts?13
26Does caffeine make glaucoma worse?13
27Will I go blind from glaucoma?13
28Can vision deteriorate despite treatment for glaucoma?13
29Who diagnoses and treats glaucoma?14
30Will my glaucoma ever go away?14
31Is any research being done to promote early diagnosis of glaucoma?14
32Are there any popular misconceptions about glaucoma?14
33In the early stages of glaucoma can I feel pressure in my eye?15
34Does glaucoma commonly cause blindness in black North Americans?15
35Does emotional stress affect my intraocular pressure?15
36Can lack of sleep or emotional stress associated with the visual field test push my pressure up on the day of the eye examination?15
37Will changing my diet or taking herbs help my glaucoma?16
38Does smoking or drinking alcohol have an impact on my glaucoma?16
39My eyes feel gritty and tender. Is this a result of the high pressure from glaucoma?16
40Will sexual activity affect my glaucoma?17
41Does Viagra improve or worsen glaucoma?17
42What is congenital glaucoma?17
43What is developmental glaucoma?17
44What is juvenile glaucoma?18
45Can babies be born with glaucoma?19
46How does chronic glaucoma differ from other glaucomas?19
47Is eye pressure affected by menopause?20
48My distance vision has deteriorated a lot in the past few months. Is this due to glaucoma?20
49My eyeball hurts when I read a lot. Does eye strain cause glaucoma?20
50Can a blow to the eye cause glaucoma?20
51What is pseudoexfoliation?21
52What is pigmentary glaucoma?21
53What is neovascular glaucoma?22
54Can I do anything to help my glaucoma?22
IITests for Glaucoma
1How often should I undergo testing for glaucoma?24
2Are any of the tests for glaucoma painful?24
3Why does my ophthalmologist use drops to enlarge my pupils? Can this damage my eyes?24
4Why does my ophthalmologist shine bright lights in my eye at every examination?25
5Is the visual field test bad for my eyes?25
6Why must I have a visual field test so often?25
7Does the field test cause discomfort?26
8What is a diurnal tension curve?26
9What methods are used to measure pressure?27
10What is the yellow dye placed in my eye before a pressure test?27
11I have undergone a procedure in which I'm told to lie flat while the specialist puts a metal device on my eye. What is the purpose of this?27
12What other methods exist to check pressure?28
13I recently underwent scanning laser ophthalmoscopy. What is this?28
14Is the scanning laser ophthalmoscope dangerous?28
15What are optic nerve photographs? Why do I need them?29
16Will the bright flashes of the photos damage my eyes?29
17What is HRT?29
18What is the nerve fibre layer analyser?30
19What is OCT?30
20What is frequency doubling perimetry?30
21Are there any blood tests for glaucoma?30
22Is there a role for genetic testing in glaucoma?31
23What is corneal thickness testing (pachymetry)?31
IIIAll About Treatment
Eye Drops
1What if I forget to take my eye drops?33
2What about side effects from drops? Can they be avoided?33
3I use three eye drops. How far apart should I space these drops?34
4Does it matter which drop goes in first?35
5Do the eye drops cause cataracts?35
6Can I miss the occasional eye drop?35
7How can I prevent contamination when using eye drops?35
A.Miotics (Pilocarpine [Isopto Carpine, Miocarpine] Carbachol, Phospholine Iodide)
8How do miotics work?36
9If my vision is worse with a miotic drop does this mean I am allergic to this drop?36
10If my vision is worse with a miotic should I stop using it?36
11What are the side effects of Pilocarpine and other miotic eye drops?37
12Pilocarpine eye drops give me a headache. Should I stop using them?37
13Will I ever be able to stop using my drops?38
B.Beta Blockers (Timolol [TIMOPTIC, TIMOPTIC-XE], Levobunolol [Betagan], Betaxolol [Betoptic])
14I use a beta blocker. What are they and how do they work?38
15I have asthma. Can I use beta blockers?38
16Do beta blockers produce any side effects?39
17What is TIMPILO?39
C.Adrenergic Agents (Epinephrine [Eppy, Epitrate], Propine, Brimonidine, Iopidine)
19What is a C Cap?40
20How do I use ALPHAGAN / ALPHAGAN P eye drops?40
21What are some of the side effects of ALPHAGAN or ALPHAGAN P?41
22What are the side effects of Propine and other adrenergic agonist eye drops?41
23Do these drugs cause allergic reactions?42
24What is Apraclonidine (Iopidine)?42
25What are the side effects from Iopidine?42
D.Topical Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors (Trusopt/Azopt)
26What is Dorzolamide (Trusopt)?43
27What is Azopt?43
E.Topical Prostaglandin Agents (XALATAN/Lumigan/Travatan)
28What is XALATAN?44
29How are XALATAN eye drops used?44
30What are some of the side effects of XALATAN?44
31What is Lumigan (Bimatoprost)?45
32What is Travatan (Travoprost)?45
F.Combination Drops
33What is COSOPT?46
34What are some of the side effects of COSOPT?46
35What is Xalacom (Xalatan/Timolol maleate combination)?47
36What is COMBIGAN (Timolol/Alphagan)?47
Oral Medications
37Can tablets such as Diamox and Neptazane help treat my glaucoma, and if so, how?47
38Do tablets such as Diamox or Neptazane have any side effects?48
Other Medications
39Is smoking marijuana beneficial in relation to glaucoma?48
Patient Compliance
40Is there anything I can do to prevent vision loss?49
41I often forget to take my medications. What can I do to improve this?49
Laser Treatment
1What is laser trabeculoplasty?50
2What is selective laser trabeculoplasty?51
3Does laser treatment cause cataracts?51
4Will laser treatment cure my glaucoma?51
5What are the dangers of laser trabeculoplasty?51
6Does Argon or selective laser trabeculoplasty always work?52
7Do I need to continue using my drops after laser treatment?52
8Can laser treatment be used alone?53
9Why do I need laser treatment if my vision is good?53
10What is a laser iridotomy?53
11Can laser iridotomy result in a hole that is too large? What are the other complications?53
12How long should I stay home from work after laser treatment?54
13I have been told I need a ciliary body destructive procedure. What is this?54
14What is direct ciliary process laser treatment (endocyclophoto-coagulation)?55
1What kind of surgical treatment is available for glaucoma? How successful is it?56
2Does glaucoma surgery cause cataracts?57
3Do I need to stay in hospital if I have glaucoma surgery?57
4Is surgery painful?57
5What happens if I attempt to blink during surgery?58
6What happens if I cough during surgery?58
7Can I see during the operation?58
8Will my eye hurt after surgery?59
9What can go wrong during eye surgery?59
10What are antifibroblastic agents?60
11Is there a role for early surgery in glaucoma?61
12What is successful surgery?61
13What can go wrong after surgery?62
14How will my eye look after surgery?62
15My eye feels dry after surgery. Is this normal?63
16My eye feels wet since surgery. Is this normal?63
17The doctor massaged my eye after surgery. Is this a routine procedure?63
18Can high pressure develop after surgery?64
19Can surgery produce a soft eye?64
20My surgeon says I need a suture cut after glaucoma surgery. Is this necessary?65
21Can surgery cause blindness?65
22My doctor says I have malignant glaucoma (ciliary block). What is this?66
23Since surgery I have noticed a raised white blob under my upper lid. What causes this?66
24Do blebs become less effective with time?67
25Can blebs cause problems?67
26Can blebs cause discomfort?67
27My bleb is still present but my pressure is increasing. Is this a problem?67
28Can blebs have serious complications?68
29How are bleb leaks treated?68
30How do I know if my bleb is infected?69
31Should I take any precautions after my surgery?69
32My doctor says I need a Molteno/Ahmed/Baerveldt implant. What is this?69
33Are there any other forms of glaucoma surgery? What is non-penetrating surgery?70
IVGlaucoma Societies
1In Canada72
2In the United States72
3In the United Kingdom72
Figure 1Flow of Fluid in the Eye73
Figure 2Nerve Damage in Glaucoma74
Figure 3Effect of a Laser Burn (Iridotomy) on the Iris for Treatment of Acute Glaucoma75
Figure 4Laser Trabeculoplasty76
Figure 5Filtration Surgery77
Figure 6Results of Filtration Surgery78
Figure 7A Molteno79
Other Reading Materials81
Glossary of Glaucoma Terms83

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