Glimmers of Hope: A Book of Faith, Love and Inspiration

Glimmers of Hope: A Book of Faith, Love and Inspiration

by Lori-Lynn Koke


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'Glimmers of Hope' is a passionate tale of hope. It is a personal account that brought me back from a place of darkness, where there often seemed little hope, if any. It allowed me to understand the sadness, the anger, the fear, and the pain, by consciously digging deep within to find the lesson and the inspiration. It helped me to understand that none of these emotions or experiences were who I am, but merely that, situations and feelings that I was experiencing. I began to completely understand that it was up to and within me to release and let go.

The story opens with the messages that I experienced just prior to our business taking a turn that we could never have imagined nor anticipated and brings us back to a place of faith, hope and love. It's those glimmers of hope that keep us going.

I have learned that faith and fear cannot co-exist. I have learned my many lessons to the core of my being; so that I can share and give strength to others. That there is only love. This is the most powerful lesson.

The book also includes magnificent photographs taken throughout the journey; ones that brought me inspiration.

As a debut writer, I feel that I am gifted with a creative and imaginative mind, predominately guided by my intuition. I believe with every ounce of my being that I have something to offer on a large scale. Over the past several months, I have lent my heart to creating and teaching what I have learned; to let go and release, completely and unconditionally, not only of the fear, but the anger within. An anger that I thought was just a part of who I was, and would forever be my ball and chain. This is a common belief. I understand now that it is just not the truth. But more importantly, I discovered that there is a way through and past both the fear and the anger.

This book is my journey. I have learned to embrace who I am, with love and with passion.

I have discovered that when we let go of the ego and open our hearts fully, that life offers us so much more. I have discovered that there are many souls that don't want to be in such a hurry, or angry, or fearful, or tired, anymore. People that want to begin living fully, as they are so meant to do. This is my gift of insight.

Since self-publishing the book, I have received an incredible and inspiring amount of letters of gratitude and praise.

My wish is to help others see that there is always hope; to look daily for the Glimmer, for it can be found.

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ISBN-13: 9781500198749
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/14/2014
Pages: 78
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About the Author

Lori-Lynn Koke's passion is in the field of spirituality, inspiration, motivation, and authenticity. This is at the heart and soul of her being.

"There are times when I am unable to explain where my influential words come from, but I always accept them with gratitude, grace, and a smile. The words flow out of me like a waterfall, mesmerizing in one fluent motion. Other times they come to me swiftly in a quick, flash of the moment, where I am left to flee for a source to transfer these thoughts."

Enthusiastically and beautifully, she has penned her heartfelt inspiration and motivational messages that continually allowed her to stimulate the world around her. She learned to embrace her imagination fully, to love all aspects of it; the thoughts and ideas that continuously jumped through her mind.

It is her personal mission to inspire others to find the love within themselves and to let it shine brightly!

"Glimmers of Hope" is based on both her love for photography and inspirational messages that she offers daily. Although her education in counseling, most of her teachings are intuitively inspired.

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