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Glimpses Of My Heart

Glimpses Of My Heart

by Josephine Marie James

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A collection of my personal poems and quotes from known people


A collection of my personal poems and quotes from known people

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Glimpses of my heart

As I have pieced it back together
By Josephine Marie James


Copyright © 2011 Josephine Marie James
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-4541-6

Chapter One

I Question

If I told you the truth
Would you believe?
Would you understand?
The very Essence that is me?
Would you hold me for?
Your comfort or your pity?
Tears are private not for the world to see
But would you recognize the tears
That fall inside of me
How would you heal something so broken
Would you try to use crazy glue?
Or would you simply open your
Heart and Soul to endless possibilities.

"Sadness flies on the wings of the morning, and
out of the heart of darkness comes the light".

Jean Giraudoux

Sometimes I Cry

I cry for Love
I cry for understanding
I cry because of emptiness
My tears becomes an ocean
Powerful and Strong waves
So I take these pills to keep this ocean at bay
Overwhelming I feel
To keep crying such tears
Noone can possibly see just what this Ocean is doing to me
The deeper I sink
The more I know
Its not drowning I fear
It is the land that is near
So I cry these tears hoping for Release
The one that only comes when you Permanently Sleep....

School House

Pages of my diary torn out
It's on display
For everyone to see
I covered my eyes
Tears I cried
How could she be so cruel?
Never would I hurt my own friend
This type of evil played out at school
Now everyone knows I'm foster
They pity me, and leave me alone
Relief at last at the sound of the bells
Now back to the house of hell
Where fires blaze and evil witch dwell
Given a quick blank stare
I hurried to my room to hide
If spoken aloud would she care?

So I hid under my blankets
And cried and cried ...

Cinder Block

Messy house rooms undone
Dishes in the sink
Laughter spilling into the air
A finger pointed at us
We were like Cinderella I swear
Cleaning and scrubbing a chimney that didn't exist
Just to please the likes of an evil witch
Don't you dare smile or think happy
Because she would wipe it off your face so soon
Never allowed to go outside an play
So in this prison she and I stay
Waiting for the evil witch to sleep
So I can convince myself to finally retreat


Missing girl
No More
Found wounded but not quite dead
Inside a grown little woman
Outside a frightened little girl
Man of the Badge
Strong and Admirable
I was struck by his pride
He left an impression on me
He was sensitive under the steel
Even made me smile
At the last moment I couldn't stand my ground
To afraid of what would come
Wished I could borrow his
Strength and badge for a day

Now knowing and understanding that even with those things
That sometimes the bad guys do get away.

Island of Doom

Beautiful Island
Beautiful Beach
Beautiful palm trees all around
But a storm arrived with me
Things changed quickly
I accidently smiled so bright
Washed everyone's clothes on a board
Sun up to Sun down it was
My arms were sore from all the scrubbing I had done
But yet and still the night was young
And more humiliation was to be much fun
I entered the house my feet were bare
I tip toed to the bathroom before I heard a thing
Tried to bathe away all my pain
And look out onto such a beautiful place
Evil lurks here always

One not so easily to go away
Just like that of a dirty stain

Cold Front

When your cold your cold
Noone can break this icy stare
Many wonder why bother to try
Deep down I wonder too
When you feel like you have nothing left
To give why continue
Giving a part of yourself is supposed to be voluntary not forced
So Im cold icy cold
I'd rather be that then be given away like charity
Try to break this ice and you just might get cut
See Im as icy and sharp as they come
Wasn't always this way, Was soft and glowing like the sun
Those things change and now as I sharpen the sides of my ice
I see things for what they truly are
Go ahead try to break this ice if you dare
Be quick, be good or be frozen by my icy glare ...

Doors to Truth

I hate it when the door creaks
It reminds me of his loud entrance
Stealing a piece of my Innocence
Don't worry he would say
No one will know and you won't tell
But someone does know and I didn't tell him
He sees all and knows all
What would you have me say to him?
At Heaven's Gate
Where the gates don't creak
They are quiet
All knowing
Awaiting my arrival
Would I hear another voice say?
"Don't worry I know all, Your forever my child
And all is forgiven".

A Garden Inside

I have a garden inside,
Don't know how it grows and grows
Doesn't need water or vitamins and minerals
I have a garden inside; it just grows and grows
Doesn't yell or scream or even judge
It just grows and grows
Doesn't need sunlight or shade
Doesn't fight, or even cry
I have a garden inside,
Don't know how it just grows and grows
No ugly flowers here
Or even thorns
Only sweet things waiting to bloom
I have a garden inside
I really don't know how, but it just grows and grows ...


You say you're my Father
You want into my life
I say your never gonna be a part of my life
I'm not a little girl anymore
The days I needed you are long gone
You tell me you love me
I don't believe you
I won't believe you
You left not just me
But us six, now only four
Where are the other two I ask?
Your children, your blood
Left alone in this world
I pray for the two
And sometimes I pray for you
Glimpses of my heart

May he have mercy on you?
May he save your soul?
From eternal damnation that is ...

"A feeling of sadness and longing that is not
akin to pain, and resembles sorrow only as the
mist resembles the rain".

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Dear Mom

Where are you?
Why did you leave my side?
Not a day goes by I don't think of you
Wishing for your guidance
A kind smile of your approval
A mother's touch
A mother's kiss
I will never know
Do you not miss me?
Am I in your thoughts?
I just want to say
Dear Mom I Love you
You may not realize it
But your absence has
Left a bruise on my heart


In another time
It was the best summer ever
My smile radiant
Through and through
She was Beautiful
Her heart pure
The dimples on her cheek
Always made me laugh
Nothing at all like what I was used too
Made me remember I was
Just a child and should enjoy it
We got to play outside all day
No yelling or screaming or calling me names
Different kind of kin
One I will never forget
But hope to see

Maybe even in this very lifetime
Just Maybe ...

Rain Showers

Smiled at the rain today
Trees swaying
People running places
Cars honking and racing by
Looked up and just smiled
The water began to gather at the corners of every street
A huge puddle was forming
Kids were running and jumping in the puddle
Moms were yelling and dads were quiet
Shoes all wet no rainboots today
Clothes soaked but still I looked up and smiled
I smiled at the rain today ...

"My words fly up, my thoughts remain below,
words without thoughts never to heaven go".

William Shakespeare


An open window
In my window where the air flows free
Sunshine peers in on the gloomiest of days
A rainbow appears ever so slightly after the rain
Clouds move in and out
Some loud and fluffy others small and quiet
The brightest sky can linger into my room on the very coldest day
On those days everything in my room seems so clear
Clear of clutter and clouded judgements
All that awaits is a powerful gust of wind to come
Blowing in
Tearing down all that is
Until nothing remains ...

Holiday Blues

It's the holiday that has me down
Why the holiday you might ask?
Holidays are when I feel their absence
When people gather with Moms and Dads
And tons of Family
I fall into quiet
I try to keep busy
But I'm crying inside
It's lonely during these times
I look into myself
And try to cope every year with these emotions
That is why I fall into the blues
Not to worry I say to myself
It's just the"Holiday Blues"
Gone as quick as it came ...

Tell Me

Don't tell me what you want me to hear
Tell me honesty and truth
Stop lying to save yourself pain
Struggles will come and go
Dreams and desires will appear and disappear
But always remember to tell me
How you feel and how much you care
Don't tell me what you want
Tell me what you fear
If you say it may you mean it?
With my hand in yours only time will tell
Together as one we can overcome
Any obstacle or situation
Isn't it truth and honesty
That really led to our creation

"Happiness is the interval between periods of

Don Marquis

Strong I Am

I don't need your words
Cuz baby I have my own
Don't even need your last name
Because I know it was just a loan
I am my own best friend
The pieces of my broken heart
Trust me I can mend
But not this family
You've ripped it right down the middle
No more sob stories of
Broken promises
No more making up and homemade kisses
No more late night creeps with other misses
No more lying in the dark
The lights I will find

To brighten my path
And never press rewind


A long way from home
I don't quite know where that is
Is it right next door to you?
If it is I'm dying to go there
To be where you are
See you everyday
Know that you're just but a few steps away
Feel your eyes embrace
Kissing my face
Holding me right there
Under the moonlights glare
At a moment's glance
It's just a pleasant trance.
Glimpses of my heart

A Stranger's Kiss

Can't get you out of my head
Words you spoke rang truth
But how can a stranger know
What I feel and what I think
Connecting my heart back to my body
I was moved around by your surgery
Unaware of your actions or intentions
I felt for a stranger
Is it my guilt to bare?
Now that I no longer hear
Your sweet words of repair
You left me without a clue
No goodbye, No hello
Just quietness all around
So I take the hint and tip toe off
Careful not to make a sound

"What we call love is the desire to awaken and
to keep awake in another's body, heart and mind
the responsibility of flattering, in our place the
self of which we are not certain".

~Paul Geraldy


I want to get intimate, but with just my words
So sit back and listen
Kiss me softly; Please don't rush
Undress me as I undress you
Feel the heat of my body against yours
Your arms holding me in place
Your face touching mine lightly
Whispering in my ear
Secrets of our minds
I wrap my legs around your waist
Our hearts racing
I look in your eyes and see all that is me
Our breathing becomes heavy as we
Dive deeper and deeper into our own personal ocean
Endless it feels like
Until the ocean splits
Two worlds apart

Like I said I want to get Intimate
But just these words will have to do ...

I Miss

I'm missing you
My love I know there are things
Keeping us apart
Just waiting for a sign the time is right
Will it ever be?
Miss that smile
And your voice
Covered me in chocolate
Now I'm like a user waiting for my next fix
You perform tricks with your personality
But I catch each one
You tilt your head back and laugh
So I'm smart now, not so naive
Beautiful you are to me
That's why I miss
My king.

"The magic of first love is our ignorance that it
can never end".

~Benjamin Disraeli

Lethal Dose

Almost killed me with your toxicity
You should have come with a warning label
If consumed in large quantities
May cause serious illness
Or worse death
See If I would have read that label
I would have left you on the shelf
Nope I probably would have still picked you up
You're like a challenge I couldn't resist
Guess I'm just a woman
Who thinks I have powers to heal
Crazy but true
You sure proved me wrong ...


Your smell lingers,
Your unique mix of cologne, soap and deodorant
On my sheets
On my pillows
You're on my mind
I close my eyes
Sleep just won't come
Your lips touching mine
Your strong arms caressing my entire body
I begin to ache for you
I open my eyes
And try to put you out of my mind
I even change my bed sheets, pillowcases too
So finally I get back into bed
And close my eyes once again
There you are
I open my eyes and realize that you

Didn't just leave your scent on my sheets
But on my heart and very soul

Jealous Love

As the water drips off his face
I see him for the first time it feels like in a long time
Shiny skin and piercing eyes
Those eyes that could always undress my very soul
His strong jaw line frames him quite well
I reach out to touch his face
All the while watching his eyes
He smiles at me
His teeth perfect and white
His smile startles me
I don't expect him too, for he rarely does
Such a strong man I think to myself
What could he possibly fear?
I am jealous now
I want to take away his strength
And claim it as my own ...

End of Summer

Moonlight with a touch of water at my feet
A summer's breeze kissed me
Greeted by warmth from his embrace
Many smiles we shared
Cries I couldn't help
Now it's time
To wash you off my skin
Wipe all that is you off my mind
Time for me to repair
All that has been spoken
All that was us is gone
Just like this season passing ...


Anger over the small things
Don't care to speak of aloud
Fear of judgment of character
Or maybe just fear of being wrong
Is it wrong to just hold on to it?
Just not say a word
When the pile up is too much to bear
I explode like a ticking bomb
Then the process starts all over again
Endless emotions about the same thing
Who's words may I borrow?
To express the inexpressible
Never wanting to speak in loud angry words
So then you speak in quiet loving words
And let me rest my voice of reasoning.

Light Finally

Sunshine on my heart
Bright lights through me
Once very dark
Now lit by its beauty
Prayed for light many of years
Finally here engulfed in it

I Love it
Thought I wouldn't
Boy was I wrong
I see in my heart, everything is clear
No more darkness to fear
My wants and desires shown through
Now I can smile a real smile
Because I have the light back
Not just in my heart
But peering out through my eyes

Love is Love

But what is life without the dessert of love
The desert of the lonely
Enticing it can be
A drink of water to refresh the body
Hmmm, or dry steamy sand on a hot summers day
Heat and intensity of a loves first passionate kiss
Or the bite of a thirsty rattlesnake
Sucking you dry
An impression of you forms in the clouds;
I remember your love
Makes me smile,
Love is Love.

"Where there is love, there is pain".
~Spanish Proverb


Mesmerized by new love
Or maybe just old love renewed
A smile turned into a laugh
You've read my mind always
We talk and talk the whole night
Never a single word said in vain
Allowing what will be
Not holding up the wall of steel
Relaxed and Relieved
No more pressure you see
Wanting to hold on
For more than just the picture
But for forever family ...


You know me
My weakness is never my strength
Down to my fingerprints
Too much to push away
Always watching over me
Cradling me when I sleep
Awake and aware
The world is far too big
To be in it all alone
So I have my forever companion
As your assignment I have been placed
Till my very last breathe
Because only you know me
My weakness is no more
I have consumed your strength
I trapped it inside of me
Like air in a bottle
Never to be freed


Burn the pictures
Torch the clothes
Fires ablaze in this house of sin
May it crumble down?
May it all burn from within
Stones falling from an empty house
Nothing but pain, lies and despair
Created once from the seed of Love
Now being crushed with water from a hose
Fireman Oh Fireman why try to save
This lonely and evil place
More and more flames shoot out
Windows burst from the fury within
I pray now, May all this water
Wash away my house's sin
Glimpses of my heart


I thought of you today
Did you think of me?
Sometimes I don't know why my mind wanders to you
Your name your face just appears out of the blue
There you are smiling, I don't know why
You would smile, it's as though you have a secret
Is it yours or mine?
I start to smile but then I stop myself
I remember, I remember the times I needed you
Even called out your name, wished for you to be here
But atlas I am alone and it just wasn't to be
So why do you come and go in and out of my mind
Sometimes, Sometimes ...


Excerpted from Glimpses of my heart by Josephine Marie James Copyright © 2011 by Josephine Marie James. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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