Global Business Environments and Strategies

Global Business Environments and Strategies

by Aregbeshola, Luiz, Ojah, Oosthuizen, Palmer



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ISBN-13: 9780195997705
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 02/10/2012
Pages: 576
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Table of Contents

Part 1: Scope and dynamics of global business
1. Globalisation and the global business imperative
2. Global political and legal environment
3. The global economic environment
4. International monetary systems and foreign exchange markets
Part 2: Global trade and investments
5. The political economy of global trade
6. Foreign direct investment and capital markets
7. The global cultural environment
Part 3: Global management, strategies and structures
8. Leadership, management, and entrepreneurship in the global business context
9. Ethics and sustainability in global business
10. Global competitive and collaborative strategies and structures
Part 4: Managing global business operations
11. Global manufacturing: technology, logistics and supply chain management
12. Global financial management and disclosure
Part 5: New frontiers in global business
13. Business in emerging markets: the case of Africa
14. Future directions in global business

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