Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence: The Power of the Future for Planetary Transformation

Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence: The Power of the Future for Planetary Transformation




This volume examines the dynamics of self-transcendence for both individuals and humanity as a whole. In doing so, it illuminates the definitive relationship between self transcendence and global democracy. Drawing upon a vast literature of philosophy, psychology and religion, ancient and modern, East and West, this hook reveals the power of human futurity in actualizing our higher potential. It represents a real breakthrough in understanding our emerging new era in the evolution of humanity. It describes our transition from personal consciousness to global consciousness. The book includes chapters on the fundamental ideas that animate our self-understanding and define our common humanity. Through careful scholarship, it examines the dynamics of human dignity, freedom, love, community, intrinsic rights, and global ethics. It explores each of these concepts as a dimension of our human temporality as we envision and move into an ever-transcending future, a future that includes a World Parliament and planetary democracy. In our time of apparent hopelessness and despair, this volume reveals the grounds for a powerful hope that we can establish one world civilization of peace, justice, freedom, and sustainability. It makes a truly unique contribution, not found elsewhere in today's literature, revealing the astonishing dignity and potential of being human. It is essential reading for all those concerned for the future of humanity and our precious planet Earth.

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ISBN-13: 9781527511651
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2018
Pages: 333
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About the Author

Glen T. Martin, PhD, is Professor of Philosophy at Radford University, USA, and Chair Emeritus of its program in Peace Studies. He is President of International Philosophers for Peace (IPPNO) and the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), the world's leading organization for a constitution under a democratic World Parliament. He has received many international peace awards, including the GUSI Peace Prize International in 2013. He is the author of ten books and hundreds of articles on globalization, world law, human self-transcendence, philosophical holism, and the quest for peace with justice. His previous books include Millennium Dawn (2005), Ascent to Freedom (2008), Triumph of Civilization (2010), The Anatomy of a Sustainable World (2013), and One World Renaissance (2016).

Table of Contents

List of Tables x

Acknowledgements xi

Prologue: Our Planetary Choice between Life and Death 1

1 Responding to Our Endangered Present Situation

2 Human Growth and Development

3 The Transformative Vision

Chapter 1 The Process of Transcendence and Its Major Impediments 21

1.1 Emergent Evolution and Post-Axial Temporality\

1.2 Four Quadrants of Human Reality

1.3 What Is Wrong with Us?

1.4 The Philosophy of Self-Transcendence

Chapter 2 Human Dignity and Our Global Social Contract 44

2.1 Temporality and Transcendence

2.2 Finitude and Infinity

2.3 Human Dignity: Innate and Transcendent

2.4 Examples from Western Thought

2.5 Our Global Social Contract

Chapter 3 Dimensions and Demands of Freedom 79

3.1 Wonder

3.2 Freedom and Dynamics of Human Self-Transcendence

3.3 Need Interpretations at Various Levels of Growth

3.4 Ontological, Ethical, Inward, and Social Dimensions of Freedom

3.5 The Persistence and Overcoming of the Earth-Modern Paradigm

3.6 Today's Struggle for an Adequate Conception of Freedom

3.7 Unity within Diversity

3.8 Protecting Ontological Freedom

Chapter 4 Social, Political, and Civilizational Freedom 117

4.1 Freedom and the Law

4.2 Positive Freedom and the Nation-state

4.3 The Deceptive Utilitarian Justifications for the Present World System

4.4 Human Development Reports and Positive Freedom

4.5 Freedom and the System of Nation-State Sovereignty

4.6 The UN Charter vs. the Earth Constitution

Chapter 5 Love, Cosmic Holism, and Democratic World Law 142

5.1 Overview: Love, Knowledge, and Transcendence

5.2 Objective Love in Ethics and Beyond

5.3 Four Greek Words for Love

5.4 The Holistic Structure of Love

5.5 Dialectical Dimensions of Love

5.6 The Dialectic of Self and Other Love

5.7 Our World System Today and the Direction of Transcendence

Chapter 6 The Completion of Our Human Community 171

6.1 Human Development and Global Community

6.2 A Two Pleaded Elephant in the Room

6.3 One World or None

6.4 The Need for a "Strong Collective Identity"?

6.5 A "Complete" Human Community

Chapter 7 Human Rights Demand a Global Contract 198

7.1 What are Human Rights?

7.2 The Unity of Human Rights

7.3 Three Generations of Human Rights

7.4 The Failure of Today's World Disorder and How We Can Establish a World Peace and Human Rights System

7.5 The "Last Utopia" Becomes Our "Practical Utopia"

Chapter 8 Universal Ethics Demand a Global Contract 222

8.1 The Subversion of Ethical Theory by Positivism

8.2 The New Holism

8.3 Holism and Society

8.4 A Global Ethics of Compassion and Liberation

8.5 A Note about Just War Theory

8.6 Ten Principles of Global Ethics

Epilogue: Prophets of Transformation 264

Appendix A Diagram of the Earth Federation under the Earth Constitution 275

Appendix B Main Features of the 19 Articles of the Earth Constitution 276

Appendix C Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth 280

Glossary of Terms 281

Sources of the Epigraphs 290

Works Cited 291

Index 310

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