Global Environmental Awareness on Climate Change: Forest Protection - Wildfire Science Manual: Volume 2: Part 2

Global Environmental Awareness on Climate Change: Forest Protection - Wildfire Science Manual: Volume 2: Part 2

by Dr. Andreas Tertey Gboloo


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26 Most impressive and educative sections of an Appendix worthy of reviewing and summary of four volume manuals.

• Central California Records Worst 4-year dry spell in 450 years. (NOAA)

• Global Surface Temperatures have been Warmest from 1998 to 2016, and 2016, has been the Warmest Year since 1880. (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) (NOAA)

• Deforestation accounts for 15% of carbon emissions each year and 15% of all greenhouse emissions are the result of deforestation. This is equivalent to the emissions from the entire global transportation industry. Refer to Volume I, Part II of series. World Forestry Conference, Quebec; 2003

• 300 billion tons of carbon are stored in the Earth’s forests, which helps its climates by regulating atmospheric gases, stabilizing rainfall, and protecting against desertification. (FAO 2015 Report)

Important Information in this Volume II, Part II includes:

-One of The Most Conclusive Evidence on Climate Change: From Antarctica:

-Degraded landscape Restoration Activities by African Countries to Fight Climate Change to be Emulated by other Regions of the Globe in Photographs: Ethiopia, Niger,Tanzania

-Greatest Challenges of Climate Change Listed.

-What Individuals and Corporations Can do to Save the Planet Against Climate Change.

-26 Most Impressive and Educative Sections of an Appendix Worthy of Reviewing and Summary of Four Volume Series.

"The book and the entire manual closes out with the latest science on climate change and some final thoughts for the reader on the vitality of forestation is for this planet, both in its natural state and as humans continue to pollute the environment. Readers will be surprised at just how interesting all the asides and peripheral data become while completing one's understanding of the entire ecosystem." --The US Review of Books

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