Global Marketing for the Digital Age: Globalize Your Business With Digital and Online Technology

Global Marketing for the Digital Age: Globalize Your Business With Digital and Online Technology

by Bill Bishop



Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780002557405
Publisher: HarperCollins College
Publication date: 03/01/1998
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 6.28(w) x 9.33(h) x 1.19(d)

Table of Contents

Preface: The Second Age of Global Explorationxv
Section 1Introducting Global Digital Marketing1
Chapter 1Your Global Odyssey3
The Case of the Global Bread Stick6
The Scope of This Book9
Global Digital Marketing Online12
Chapter 2Strategic Digital Marketing13
The Digital Marketing Environment14
The Strategic Digital Marketing Model18
Technopia: An Ever-Present Danger21
Chapter 3The Eight Global Marketing Imperatives23
#1Overcome Personal Boundaries24
#2Convert Atoms into Bytes24
#3Don't Compete, Be Unique25
#4Be a Specialist, Not a Generalist26
#5Serve a Specialized Market28
#6Operate in Advanced Digital Markets28
#7Develop Indigenous Digital Partnerships29
#8Use Technology to Foster Global Relationships30
Integration of Imperatives30
Chapter 4The Global Digital Marketing Model32
Create a Global Digital Vision33
Research Your Global Market34
Create Global Digital Promotions37
Select Your Global Marketing Tools41
Integrate Your Global Digital Marketing Program42
Section 2Your Global Digital Marketing Program45
Chapter 5Your Global Digital Vision47
An Embarrassment of Global Riches49
The Ten Global Digital Marketing Structures49
Your Journey to the New World59
Chapter 6Your Global Digital Market60
Global Market Segmentation61
Priority Global Markets64
Chapter 7Your Global Digital Marketing Promotion69
Attractor Global Digital Marketing71
The Four Levels of Global Promotions72
Technology Independence Day73
Global Greetings and Salutations80
Chapter 8Global Digital Technology83
Global Telecommunications84
Global Online Technology91
Global Convergent Capabilities99
Global Integration Systems100
Wise Digital Choices101
Chapter 9Integrated Global Digital Marketing103
The Emu Medicine Man: Global Exporter104
The Global Digital Art Dealer106
Nautical Net: Global Digital Retailer108
The Vector Bureau: Global Capabilities Provider110
Dr. Manuel Pince-nez: Global Digital Entrepreneur111
To Infinity and Beyond112
Section 3The Global Digital Marketing Environment113
Chapter 10The New Digital World Order115
The Adolescence of the Digital Age118
Competitive Digital Democracy120
The Premier Digital Countries123
Emerging Digital Nations126
The Middle Kingdoms128
The Questionable Countries129
Chapter 11The Global Digital Marketing Index130
"Quick List" by Ranking134
Alphabetical List136
Economic Power238
Trading Level242
Online Resources245
Section 4Appendixes249
Appendix AResources251
Appendix BGlossary of Terms257
Appendix CSuggested Reading269

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