Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Journalism from Around the World

Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Journalism from Around the World

Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Journalism from Around the World

Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Journalism from Around the World


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Crusading journalists from Sinclair Lewis to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have played a central role in American politics: checking abuses of power, revealing corporate misdeeds, and exposing government corruption. Muckraking journalism is part and parcel of American democracy. But how many people know about the role that muckraking has played around the world?

This groundbreaking new book presents the most important examples of world-changing journalism, spanning one hundred years and every continent. Carefully curated by prominent international journalists working in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, Global Muckraking includes Ken Saro-Wiwa's defense of the Ogoni people in the Niger Delta; Horacio Verbitsky's uncovering of the gruesome disappearance of political detainees in Argentina; Gareth Jones's coverage of the Ukraine famine of 1932-33; missionary newspapers' coverage of Chinese foot binding in the nineteenth century; Dwarkanath Ganguli's exposé of the British "coolie" trade in nineteenth-century Assam, India; and many others.

Edited by the noted author and journalist Anya Schiffrin, Global Muckraking is a sweeping introduction to international journalism that has galvanized the world's attention. In an era when human rights are in the spotlight and the fate of newspapers hangs in the balance, here is both a riveting read and a sweeping argument for why the world needs long-form investigative reporting.

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ISBN-13: 9781595589736
Publisher: New Press, The
Publication date: 08/05/2014
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Anya Schiffrin is the director of the media and communications program at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. She spent ten years working overseas as a journalist in Europe and Asia. She lives in New York City.

Table of Contents

Introduction Anya Schiffrin 1

Labor Abuses

1 "The Third Test of Congo State Rule-Militarism, Murder, Mutilation, and the Traffic in Arms," King Leopold's Rule in Africa. Introduced By Adam Hochschild. Congo, 1904 E.D. Morel 17

2 "The Wave of Blood," La Sanción, Introduced By Jordan Goodman. Peru, 1907 Benjamin Saldaña Rocca 22

3 "Slavery in the British Dominion," The Bengalee, Introduced By Jayekta Sharma. India, 1886 Dwarkanath Ganguli 28

4 "Part VI-The Islands of Doom," Harper's Monthly Magazine, Introduced By Catherine Higgs. Sao Tomé and Príncipe, 1906 Henry Woodd Nevinson 33

5 "Chocolate's Bittersweet Economy," Fortune. Introduced By Robert Friedman. West Africa, 2008 Christian Parenti 40

6 "Analyzing the Added Value of the Shoe Industry for Workers," Media Indonesia, Introduced By Jeff Ballinger. Indonesia, 1991 Taufik Ulhadi Usmandi Andeska 45

7 "Shocking Report from El Salvador," National Enquirer. Introduced By Ira Arlook. El Salvador, 1999 Alan Butterfield Jim Nelson 49

8 "Youth and Destiny Spent with Machines-28 Days Undercover at Foxconn," Southern Weekend. Introduced By Becbei Bao. Chisva, 2010 Liu Zhiyi 54

9 "The Fishing Industry's Cruelest Caich," Bloomberg Businessweek. Introduced by Glenn Simmons, Christina Stringer, and Hugh Whittaker. New Zealand, 2012 E. Benjamin Skinner 59


10 "Birds of Prey," El Renacimiento. Introduced by Sheila Coronel. Philippines, 1908 Fidel A. Reyes 67

11 "The Court of Miracles," Au Bagne. Introduced by Mark Lee Hunter. French Guiana, 1924 Albert Londres 71

12 "Is a Revolution Possible?," La Cloche Fêlée. Introduced By Philippe Peycam. Vietnam, 1924 Nguyen An Ninh 77

13 "A Prime Example of British Civilization," Biplabi. Introduced By Madhusree Mukerjke. India, 1943 82


14 People or Monsters? Introduced By Pekry Link. China, 1979 Liu Biuyan 89

15 "Family Plundering," Century Weekly. Introduced By Vincent Weifeng Nt. China, 2011 Pang Jiaoming 95

16 Janio de Freitas, "The North-South Railway Bid Is a Farce," Folha de S. Paulo, Introduced By Guilherme Alpendre and Angela Pimenta. Brazil, 1987 101

17 "Erap and Families," iReport. introduced by reg chua. Philippines, 2000 Sheila Coronel 104

18 "Azerbaijani President's Family Benefits from Eurovision Hall Construction," Radio Free Europe. Introduced By Lisa Misou. Azerbaijan, 2012 Khadija Ismayilova 110

Oil and Mining

19 "The Coming War in the Delta," Sunday Times. Introduced By Clifford Bob. Nigeria, 1990 Ken Saro-Wiwa 117

20 "The Tip of the Iceberg: Who Wants to Kill Albano Silva and Why?," Metical. Introduced By Erika Rodrigues. Mozambique, 1999 Carlos Cardoso 122

21 "The Tale of a Brave Woman," A Capital. Introduced By Lisa Misol. Angola, 2005 Rafael Marques 127

22 "Oil Boom Enriches African Ruler," Los Angeles Times, introduced by Lisa Misol. Equatorial Guinea, 2003 Ken Silverstein 133

23 "Pipeline to Justice?," Los Angeles Times. Introduced By Katie Redford. Burma, 2003 Lisa Girion 140

24 "Villages Swallowed by Coal," El Tiempo. Introduced By Aviva Chomsky. Colombia, 2013 Tatiana Escárraga 147

The Environment and Natural Disasters

25 "Destruction of the City of San Juan Provokes Unanimous Dismay," La Prensa. Introduced By Ernesto Semán. Argentina, 1944 155

26 "About Myself and My Tangshan," The Great China Earthquake, Introduced By Ying Chan. China, 1986 Qian Gang 159

27 "Tiger Leaping Gorge UnderThreat, "Southern Weekend. Introduced By Robert Barnett. China, 2004 Lin Jianqiang Cheng Gong 164

Food Shortages and Famine

28 "The Real Truth About Russia at Last," Daily Express, Introduced By Ray Gamache. USSR, 1933 Gareth Jones 171

29 Ian Stephens, editorial, The Statesman. Introduced By Anya Schutrin. India, 1943 177

30 "Milking the Poor," The Guardian. Introduced By Mike Muller. Africa, 1975 Mike Muller 180

Military and Police

31 Os Sertoes, or Rebellion in the Backlands. Introduced By Leopoldo M. Bernucci. Brazil, 1902 Euclides da Cunha 189

32 Rand Daily Mail. Introduced By Anton Harber. South Africa, 1965 Benjamin Pogrand 194

33 "Bloody Trail of the South African Police," Vrye Weekblad. Introduced By Anton Harber. South Africa, 1989 Jacques Pauw 200

34 "The Confession," Página/12. Introduced By Ernesto Semán. Argentina, 1995 Horacio Verbitsky 205

35 Chile, Pinochet, and the Caravan of Death. Introduced By Francisca Skoknic. Chile, 1989 Patricia Verdugo 211

36 "Uganda: Heroes Turning in Their Graves?" The Monitor, introduced by George W. Lugalambi. Uganda, 1998 Ogen Kevin Aliro 215

37 "First He Pulled the Pin, Then He Handed Over the Grenade," Taraf. Introduced By Andrew Finkel. Turkey, 2009 Mehmet Baransu 221

38 "Salvadoran Peasants Describe Mass Killing," Washington Post. Introduced By Mica Rosenberg. El Salvador, 1982 Alma Guillermoprieto 229

Rural Life

39 "Who Says the Orakei Maoris Must Go?" and "No More Dancing at Orakei," New Zealand Observer. Introduced By James Hollings. New Zealand, 1937 Robin Hyde 239

40 Palagummi Sainath, "From Dust Unto Dust," Hindu Sunday Magazine, Introduced By Ananya Mukherjee-Reed. India, 2000 246

41 "Na Ja Swami Pardesa," Gandhi Marg. Introduced By Rohini Nilekani. India, 1993 Anupam Mishra 255

42 "The Story of Bethal," Drum. Introduced By Anton Harber. South Africa, 1952 Henry Nxumalo 260

43 "A Decimated Chichigalpa Buries Its Dead," Confidencial. Introduced By Silvio Waisbord. Nicaragua, 2013 Carlos Salinas Maldonado 266


44 "Footbinding: Two Sides of the Question," Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal. Introduced By Yen-Wei Miao. China, 1895 Alicia Little 271

45 "Growing Pains: Sande Tradition of Genital Cutting Threatens Liberian Women's Health," Front Page Africa. Introduced By Prue Clarke. Liberia, 2012 Mae Azango 276

46 "Karo Kari: Ritual Rollings in the Name of Honour," Newsline. Inthoduced By Nicole Pope. Pakistan, 1993 Nafisa Shah 280

47 "Death Exposes Agony of Sex Slaves," The Australian. Introduced By Kathleen Maltzahn. Australia, 2003 Elisabeth Wynhausen 286

Acknowledgments 293

Permissions 295

Notes 297

About the Contributors 305

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