Glory! to the Flowers: A Celebration

Glory! to the Flowers: A Celebration



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Guest More than 1 year ago
Glory! to the Flowers Maggie and Cara have created one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen. When Maggie's pen touches paper, inspiration blooms and grows in your own heart. You feel a sense of kinship when you read her books. It is as if you were destined to read them from the beginning of time. Perhaps the author gained her inspiration from her surroundings in East Blue Hill Maine. She is living my dream! She writes in her cabin in the woods, which is surrounded by wild flowers. Before you even begin reading Maggie's words you will be captivated by Cara Raymaker's joyful and detailed expression of the words. I truly hope to see more of her art in children's and inspirational books. 'Flowers help us feel better, we know. Anywhere's home where the flowers grow.' --Maggie Davis I love Maggie's sing-song poetry and her writing in this book reminds me of the way a child sees the world. 'One day when I was young and walking with a friend, a field dry as straw bloomed with flowers.' To me, this represented how we can walk through life and create happiness where there was none, or make life better and make someone smile. Perhaps I see this in her writing because she has devoted her life to caring for others and has brought a smile to my face with her writing. She knows that when we reach out to others we receive happiness in return. No one can tell you how to get to the path where you will see the flowers growing, you just have to look inside your own heart, and then you will know how to make the flowers bloom. 'Find one work in your life that never bores you. Make sure the work is joy for you to do. Then do this work, no matter what. It is your gift to the world. It is your blessing to yourself.' -- Dr. Edward Bach In this work, she is celebrating nature and the life of Dr. Edward Bach. The Dr Edward Bach Healing Trust is a Registered Charity formed in 1989 to help the elderly, the poor and others. It makes donations to good causes and to those working in difficult circumstances to help others. He believed that the mind and emotions create bodily conditions for disease to manifest itself. He also created Bach Flower Remedies based on the belief that flowers have healing properties. The flowers are still prepared by infusion methods and are used to help remove negative emotions that can impede overall health. Here is a quote from 'Heal Thyself' written by Dr. Edward Bach in 1931: 'The real primary diseases of man are such defects as pride, cruelty, hate, self-love, ignorance, instability and greed; and each of these, if considered, will be found to be adverse to Unity. Such defects as these are the real diseases (using the word in the modern sense), and it is a continuation and persistence in such defects after we have reached that stage of development when we know them to be wrong, which precipitates in the body the injurious results which we know as illness.......But yet there is no cause for depression. The prevention and cure of disease can be found by discovering the wrong within ourselves and eradicating this fault by the earnest development of the virtue which will destroy it; not by fighting the wrong, but by bringing in such a flood of its opposing virtue that it will be swept from our natures.' I was very pleased when I learned that the essential oil of roses can remove anger. It is also interesting that men will sometimes give women flowers when woman are angry at them. Could this have some deeper message? I could completely relate to this book as I take Echinacea and believe we can heal our bodies with plants and also prevent disease. When I read the first few words of this book, I remembered a day my nieces and I once went to a favorite park. On the first visit we had walked in the dry grass. On the second visit, Ashley ran into the park and exclaimed with delight: 'It happened, it happened, my wish came true.' 'What wish,' I asked. 'I wished t