Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond: Breads & Cakes * Muffins & Scones * Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast * Quiches * and More

Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond: Breads & Cakes * Muffins & Scones * Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast * Quiches * and More

by Linda J. Amendt
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Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond: Breads & Cakes * Muffins & Scones * Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast * Quiches * and More 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
I find myself among  a rising number of people who are choosing to follow a gluten-free diet as a healthy lifestyle.  In Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond, I found a variety of gluten-free recipes for all of my family’s favorite  breakfast foods. From quick breads, muffins, and biscuits  to yummy pancakes, waffles, and coffee cakes. You will  find that this collection of 100 recipes will bring breakfast back to your gluten-free table.. I found the recipes in Gluten-Free  Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond could be quick and easy to make.  The recipe  for homemade all-purpose flour was the basis  for numerous batters and dough's. Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond was full of information you need about gluten-free ingredients.  Each recipe chapter begins with tips I found very helpful.  Beautiful, appetizing  pictures make this a very nice recipe book. I was gifted a copy by The Taunton Press, Inc. through  NetGalley for my honest opinion which I have given. 
quaintinns More than 1 year ago
A few years ago I became highly allergic to a number of foods, additives, medications, chemicals and many environmental toxins. Many of the additives in foods are harmful to our bodies, and mirror heart problems, among others. (have the tests to prove it). After suffering with years of pounding heart issues and anaphylaxis attacks (very scary), allergies, ear problems, headaches, while maintaining food journals, allergy doctor visits, tests, monitoring everything, and never leaving the house without an EpiPen – had all the doctors baffled and was totally frustrated. I began reading everything I could find on the internet, researching tons of books about how foods affect your health and allergies. I immediately took control over my diet and eating habits. I have been a strict vegan for two or more years now (no dairy, or meats) with much success - feel great! Have always been lactose and gluten intolerant- reading all labels, a faithful shopper at Whole Foods, and try and buy organic when I can. No sugars (only Stevia in the raw on occasion), no sweets, soups, pastas, cheeses, or salad dressings. I do eat grilled salmon and tilapia on occasion; however, mostly I thrive on quinoa, whole grains, brown rice, spinach, spring mix, mushrooms, celery, brussel sprouts, cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, beans, apples, bananas, other fruits, and tons of Smart water daily, and one cup of decaf coffee each morning. I feel satisfied and never hungry. I maintain a size 4, and have tons of energy and have very little allergy problems, no heart issues and no more anaphylaxis attacks. No bloating or weight problems which I had previously. I also work out and try and stay active with low impact exercise, pilates, strength training, cycling, and jogging. I take no medications (as allergic to everything), and no vitamins. I contribute my success to my diet; therefore always in the market for good books and recipes, which assist with my limited and restricted diet. GLUTEN-FREE BREAKFAST, BRUNCH & BEYOND by Linda J. Amendt was outstanding! Not only is the book packaged with attractive photos, beautiful displayed page layout, quick tips, delicious gluten-free recipes, gluten-free ingredients, ingredients that contain gluten, how to convert your favorite receipts to gluten-free; it also is full of very informative and critical information about foods and ingredients. Linda Amendt is an award winning author, an expert baker and her talent is reflective throughout this delicious and satisfying book, which gives you a variety of choices for gluten-free living. A book you will reference and keep on hand at all times, even when entertaining - Highly recommend! A special thank you to Taunton Press and NetGalley for a complimentary reading copy, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.
MomsChoiceAwards More than 1 year ago
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InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond Author: Linda J Amendt Publisher: The Taunton Press Published: 9-3-2013 ISBN: 978-1-60085-712-6 Pages: 240 Genre: Food and Wine Tags: Cooking, Cookbooks Finally a cookbook for my favorite meal anytime of day - Breakfast! Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond takes the time to discus the facts behind gluten-free and the basics of a gluten free kitchen. I could eat breakfast foods for all three meals of the day for seven days a weak and not be tired of breakfast for quite some times so I jumped at this cookbook. I was not disappointed. If you want something simple and quick to eat on the go make one of the delicious muffin or bread recipes. Heat them up and grab a no spill glass of OJ or tea and hit the day at a run. My personal favorites were the Blueberry Muffins and the Applesauce Bread. Under biscuits and scones I made the Cranberry Orange Scones and the Cheddar Cheese Biscuits. My scones were great, but I am still batting 0 with biscuits. Next was my favorite section Pancakes and Crepes. Don't laugh but I made almost all of them over the last few weeks and did not find one my family did not like. Then we were off to the Waffles and french toast recipes. I have a fondness for citrus so I did the Orange Oven French Toast and because it sounded so tempting I did the Walnut raisin French Toast Strata on which I even ate a few of the Walnuts. Wish is saying something because my family knows I do not care for nuts (except the two legged kind.) I found a Sour Cream Coffee Cake that brought back the memories from my childhood. It was the closest to what I remember of my grandmother's sour cream coffee cake. There is a recipe for raisin bread that when I made it tasted just like what my mother made for my father all my life. I marched on to the Frittatas and omelets with the Southwest Frittata and the Cheese Omelet. My family is not overly fond of quiches so I have yet to make something from that section. My last triumph in the kitchen using Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond was Italian Sausage Stratta. You will find that there are few recipes in this cookbook that does not appeal to you and your family no matter how picky they are. I really did not notice any difference from gluten-free to the way I cook normally as for the taste. So now i can cook a little healthier without loosing flavor and so can you.
DubaiReader1 More than 1 year ago
A useful reference on Gluten-Free eating. I was very impressed with this recipe book. It not only provides 100 excellent recipes for gluten-free eating, but is also a treasure trove of information on the subject. I have been cooking gluten-free meals for my family for a number of years and thought I knew a fair bit about the subject, but there was quite a lot of information new to me. The author has researched the best combination of rice flour, tapioca flour and potato starch to provide a close match to the taste and texture of wheat flour, but I confess that I also tried several of the recipes with a shop bought all-purpose gluten-free flour and still got excellent results. With the exception of the section on omelettes and frittatas, that do not contain gluten, all the recipes are for items that would normally be taboo to people with gluten intolerances - breads, cakes and crepes are all covered, along with many other tasty foods that are now available to you. Although there are 100 actual recipes, each one offers a number of alternative versions, adding blueberries, nuts or syrup to produce even more choice. As I write this I am enjoying the gluten-free banana-nut pancakes that I cooked earlier :) I reviewed this book for NetGalley and had to use an on-line version, but this is one book that I shall be ordering hot off the press. Highly recommended.