Gluten Free Guide to Restaurant Chains

Gluten Free Guide to Restaurant Chains

by Adam Bryan


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Discover complete gluten free menus from over 150+ restaurant chains from across the nation.


One of the most stressful parts or eating out, if not the most stressful, is trying to find a safe and delicious gluten free meal whenever you go out to eat.

First, most restaurants don't offer a gluten free menu.

Second, if a restaurant does offer a gluten free menu, the staff is either- 1. uneducated (bringing you a bread basket even when you clearly state you're gluten free and can't have any bread) and 2. the menu is secret (sometimes the staff doesn't even know that it exists.)

Third, some restaurants are a cross-contamination haven. It literally makes eating out for some deadly.

And lastly, some restaurants only offer a gluten free menu just to say they do. "Hey, I have a gluten free menu, but I have no idea what gluten is... Here's a panini with a side macaroni and cheese!" #Pathetic

Now does this seem right to you? Heck no!

That's why I created this ultimate guide to gluten free restaurants across the nation, to better help you enjoy eating out gluten free without the hassle of having to worry about your specific diet.

In this guide, you'll find a listing of over 150 restaurant menus with gluten free options, as well as any extra information you may need to know including what to exclude in your meals, or how to order them.

I'm here to make you a better (and safer) diner and it first starts with making it 99.99% easier for you to dine out gluten free.

This guide will make it possible for anyone with a gluten allergy, Celiacs disease, a gluten sensitivity, or for anyone on a normal gluten free diet.

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