Gnostic Book of Hours: Keys to Inner Wisdom

Gnostic Book of Hours: Keys to Inner Wisdom

by June Singer


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ISBN-13: 9780892540679
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays, Inc
Publication date: 06/01/2003
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 8.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

June Singer is best known for her classic work Boundaries of the Soul, which has been a major influence in popularizing Jung's work. Her other books include: Modern Woman in Search of Soul, Androgyny, and Blake, Jung, and the Collective Unconscious. A Zurich-trained Jungian psychoanalyst, member of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco and founding member of the Chicago Institute, June Singer lives in Cleveland, where she maintains a private practice in Jungian analysis and transpersonal psychotherapy.

Table of Contents

The Work of the ScribeXIV
A Book of HoursXXII
1.Entering the Desert4
2.More Than a God6
3.The Womb of Every Thing8
4.Five Gifts of the Father10
5.How Thought Brought Forth Ignorance12
6.The Theft of the Light14
7.Sophia's Prayer of Repentance16
1.What Shall We Say About the Father?22
2.He Alone Knows24
3.Markers on the Path26
4.The Form of the Formless28
5.The First Adam Revealed30
6.The Second Adam Lives32
7.The Third Adam Gains Insight34
1.The Proclamation of Sophia40
2.The Ambivalence of the Soul42
3.The Speech That Cannot Be Grasped44
4.The Tree of Gnosis46
5.The Light Hidden in Eve48
6.Eve Betrayed50
7.Seth the Redeemer52
1.The Anguish of Ignorance58
2.If You Are Called60
3.Only Parts Are Revealed62
4.The Dissolution of Form64
5.Whom Shall We Support?66
6.Water, Ice, and Fragrance68
7.Possessing No Thing, Lacking Nothing70
1.Finding the Kingdom Within78
2.Living Your Truth80
3.Body, Soul, and Spirit82
4.Discerning What Is Before You84
5.The Elusive Kingdom87
6.What Will You Wear?89
7.The Mystery at Hand91
1.The Holy Prostitute98
2.The Repentant Widow100
3.Turning the Womb Inward102
4.Waiting for the Bridegroom104
5.The Sacred Marriage106
6.Recognizing the Beloved108
7.The Way of Ascent110
1.The Prince Departs116
2.In an Alien Country118
3.The Sleep of Forgetfulness120
4.The Call to Awaken122
5.Charming the Serpent124
6.Filthy Garments126
7.The Robe of Glory128
1.Worldly Names Deceive134
2.The Virtue of Silence136
3.The Hidden and the Revealed138
4.The Opposites Within140
5.Seeing and Becoming142
6.Resurrection Before Death144
7.Purification by Fire and Water146
Historical Note149
A Note on the Illustrations159
Suggested Readings160

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