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Go & Tell: This Is Your Moment to Run

Go & Tell: This Is Your Moment to Run

by Shawn Brann
Go & Tell: This Is Your Moment to Run

Go & Tell: This Is Your Moment to Run

by Shawn Brann




Before Jesus ascended, He commanded the disciples and every believer who would follow to Go & Tell others the Good News. He handed the Gospel Baton to his disciples, and it's been handed down ever since, century by century, to this very day. It's a simple message with a simple command. So, why do we struggle with excuses for not sharing? … I can't do that, I'm nota pastor! … I don't want to offend anyone. … It makes me uncomfortable. … I don't know what to say. … What if they laugh at me? … What if I get it wrong? And the list goes on and on and on. In Go & Tell, This is Your Moment to Run, you'll read inspiring stories of believers throughout the centuries who ran the race set before them, made massive strides for the advancement of the gospel, and handed the Gospel Baton to the next generation even stronger than when they received it. Each chapter presents stones from history, practical applications for overcoming our excuses, real-life examples of how to Go & Tell in our own cosmoses, and encouragement to reach as many people as we can before Jesus returns. The Gospel Baton has been faithfully passed down through the centuries. Now it is in your hands. This is your moment to run!

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ISBN-13: 9780982287606
Publication date: 03/14/2022
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Shawn has been in full-time ministry for more than twenty years serving in many areas such as youth pastor, college pastor, evangelist, missionary, professional sports chaplain, and a church growth consultant. He has earned several degrees, including an Associates of Practical Ministry. Bachelors in Biblical Studies, Master in Business Administration (MBS) Master in Practical Theology (MPT), and a Master Degree in Divinity (MDN). He is also an author and entrepreneur. Shawn, his wife, Tanja, and two daughters. Bailey and Zoé, live in Zürich, Switzerland.

Table of Contents

Preface 1

Chapter 1 B.C. to A.D.-The Gospel Baton 3

But … I Don't Know What the Gospel Is

Chapter 2 The First Century-The Holy Spirit 17

But … I Don't Feel Comfortable Sharing the Gospel

Chapter 3 The 100s-Prayer 31

But … I Can't Preach

Chapter 4 The 200s-Cosmos 43

But … Not a Preacher

Chapter 5 The 300s-Supernatural 51

But … My Faith Isn't Big Enough

Chapter 6 The 400s-Victors, Not Victims 65

But … I Was Wronged

Chapter 7 The 500s-Created to Create 75

But … I'm Not Creative

Chapter 8 The 600s-The Power of Your Testimony 87

But … My Story is Boring

Chapter 9 The 700s-A Time for Action 95

But … I Will Just Pray

Chapter 10 The 800s-Love 101

But … You Don't Know My Family and Friends

Chapter 11 The 900s-Seeds 111

But … I'm a Nobody

Chapter 12 The 1000s-Location 123

But … You Don't Know Where I Live

Chapter 13 The 1100s-Do Good 135

But … I Don't Know Where to Begin

Chapter 14 The 1200s-Simplicity 143

But … I Don't Know What to Say

Chapter 15 The 1300s-Not-So Politically Correct 153

But … I Don't Want to Offend Anyone

Chapter 16 The 1400s-Theological Differences 163

But … I'm Not Good at Debating

Chapter 17 The 1500s-Courage 173

But … It's Not Normal in My Circles of Life

Chapter 18 The 1600s-Holiness 183

But … I've Made Too Many Mistakes

Chapter 19 The 1700s-Passion 195

But … I Don't Have the Right Personality

Chapter 20 The 1800s-Mentors 205

But … I Am Socially Disadvantaged

Chapter 21 The 1900s-Globally Minded 215

But … I Don't Know Where to Go

Chapter 22 The 2000s-Availability 223

But … I'm Not Able

Chapter 23 Today-No Excuses 233

Now It's Your Turn

Afterword 239

Notes 243

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