God at Work: The Poetic Journal of a Young American Soldier and New Christ Follower.

God at Work: The Poetic Journal of a Young American Soldier and New Christ Follower.

by MR J. Loren Norris


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God at Work: The Poetic Journal of a Young American Soldier and New Christ Follower. by MR J. Loren Norris

A collection of poetry and short stories that journal the walk and journey of a new Christ follower. While most of the stories contain fictional characters, the lessons learned and ideas generated were as real as the warmth of the sunshine.

About this book
For a list of poems sorted by topic turn to page 441

This book is arranged a bit differently than most books.

Every poem, short story and reflection is annotated with the actual date it was written and presented in date order. It is a chronological journal of one young man's struggle to find his own identity in Christ in the midst of a troubled and confused life. This journal is like a book of psalms. Most are raw and real expressions of my inner most thoughts, even the more colorful and less Godly thoughts. You will see the deepest darkest moments in my life right along side the brightest glimmers of hope that faith has given me. You will also see completely fictional stories and poems of things I have never experienced personally, but witnessed in different ways such as being drunk, spousal abuse and marital infidelity. Although they are written in first person, they are totally fictional. You can identify fiction pieces by checking the page number against the topical guide on page 441.

In the earliest pages you will find poetry from my teen years, before the days when I became a committed believer. As time goes on, you will read of changes in attitude, positions of faith, painful relationships, my 20 year struggle with sexual addiction and the beginning of the light that Christ brings to every life.

In the later pages, you will journey with me through the human gristmill that is the sanctification process. As Jesus began re-making me into His image, there were some deep struggles to be sure. But there are just as many great revelations, prayers, new thoughts, theological inspirations and stories of life going on in me and around me.

This book is really for three types of people.

First: Those who struggle in life to find their identity in Christ, but find long reads a daunting task. This book is a new story on every other page, an easy read and filled with imagery and analogies that young and old, believer and not will understand and relate to. Even young men who are torn between their girlfriends and their faith will find challenge, hope and inspiration.

Second: Those who are inspired by the work of the Heavenly Father in the life of one who was on the edge. When you get to the poem "Forgiven" (Sept 93), know that you are reading the answer to the question that drove me to consider suicide, then Jesus met me there and brought me back alive.

Finally: Lovers of rhythmic poetry. For whatever reason God has chosen to entrust me with a gift for communication, for many years His voice to me as been in almost perfect meter. When I write poetry on special request it is almost always something I have never thought, read, written or even heard, until the need is explained, but when the words come to me, they are in the form of a poem.

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Publication date: 10/28/2011
Pages: 446
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