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God Don't Like Fake People

God Don't Like Fake People

by The Seed of Solomon


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Are you tired of dealing with fake people? Does it seem like every time you put trust in your family and friends they come up short and backstab you? Does it seem like every time you try to get in a relationship you later find out that they are the opposite of what you thought they were when you first met them? Does it seems like you are walking in place and everybody that is in your circle doesn't have you in their best interest and is selfishly trying to milk and drain you. If you can relate to all or some of those situations then you are dealing with fake people.

This book entitled "God don't like fake people" is a spiritual Guide to better relationships with people and God. This is a Bible based book that shines the light on many blind spots in your soul that may be causing you to keep experiencing regretful and disappointing situations in life. This small book is like a heavenly vitamin that will help replenish your mental and spiritual cells. This book is the rebirth of an ancient style of writing. Therefore after reading this nontraditional book you will no longer look at the world the same. This book is not like any other book that you have read in you life. Therefore you must read this legendary book with an open heart and mind as if you were a child. "The seed of Solomon A.K.A Allan Williams is an anointed student of God that has dedicated his life to inspire people to seek God and the truth.

It's better to be criticized by a wise person than to be praised by a fool.

- Ecclesiastes 7:5

We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are.

- Anis Nin

If you want what you can't have, you will never have what you want

- Allan Williams

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