God Formed Us for His Glory: The 1978 Letters

God Formed Us for His Glory: The 1978 Letters

by Joel S Goldsmith


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God Formed Us for His Glory is a beautiful portrayal of our true identity. Goldsmith asks “Do we know our true identity? Do we know who we are, for therein lies the secret. Are we human beings? Are we sinners? Are we mortal? Is that our identity or is that a mistaken concept of ourselves which we must outgrow, outlive, and outlearn?”

Goldsmith says that realizing our true identity and rightful heritage will set us free to live joyous and fulfilling lives, and he reveals ways to uncover and express the beauty and splendor that is our true Being. The main way to release this true “I” within us, Goldsmith says, is through meditation. “The experience of meditation ultimately becomes an individual one. You, yourself have to come to a place within you where a release comes, where there is an awareness of an inner contact. Then there are signs following: harmony, healing and all good.” This is grace, but without that contact with our true Self, grace cannot flow to us.

“Have you ever stopped to realize that God formed us for His Glory?” Goldsmith asks. “You would think we made ourselves, the way we worry about ourselves. God formed us for His purpose and His plan.” God Formed Us for His Glory brings the spiritual seeker home to that truth.

[Note: God Formed Us for His Glory is the collection of the 1978 Infinite Way Letters.]

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ISBN-13: 9781889051673
Publisher: Acropolis Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/01/2018
Series: 1971-1981 Series of Letters
Pages: 226
Sales rank: 817,217
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Table of Contents

Introduction to the Spiritual Plane1
The Meaning of Living Spiritually19
The Nature of the Messiah37
God Formed Man for His Glory55
Contemplative Meditation and Healing Work73
Spiritual Fulfillment Through Consciousness93
The Cornerstone of Spiritual Healing and Living111
Illumined Prayer129
The Inner Meaning of Living the Spiritual Life147
The Invisible Meat Unknown to the World165
Infinite Uncircumscribed Being183
Preparation for the Advent199
About the Series217
Scriptural References and Notes219
Tape Recording References225

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