God Is My Magician: A Magical Prayer Book

God Is My Magician: A Magical Prayer Book

by Soniya Kalani


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Are you ready to move forward in your life?

Are you completely fed up of being stagnant and stuck in a rut, want to move forward with a certain area in your life or are you simply just ready to start manifesting your life?

Well if you answered yes to any of these then maybe its time you came to learn and work with the most powerful Magician in the Universe - GOD.

This book is about big change and a big desire to have magic happen now. When you recite the magical prayer, change will take place right away.


• Rapid life changes for your higher good

• Transitions are safe & protected

• This prayer is the key to manifestation & transformation

• This prayer is definitely not for faintneartedness it brings big changes

• Delete what does not serve you anymore

• Cleanse & purify the ties that are in your life

• You have nothing to be afraid of

• Use this prayer for relationships, career finances or your health

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781452573984
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/11/2013
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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God Is My Magician

A Magical Prayer Book

By Soniya Kalani

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Soniya Kalani
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-7398-4


God is My Magician

What can this Magician really do for you? How powerful is HE?

A Beautiful Poem by Emmett Fox says it all -

There is no difficulty that God my
magician will not conquer
There is no disease that God my magician will not heal
No door that God my magician will not open
No gulf God my magician will not bridge
No wall that God my magician will not throw down.
And no sin that god my magician will not redeem
It makes no difference how deeply
seated may be the trouble
How hopeless the outlook
How muddled the tangle
How great the mistake
God; My Magician will dissolve it all
With God; My Magician by my side, I am the
happiest & most powerful person in the world

So you get the picture!

God is a serious butt kicker

God can get rid of the negative energy faster than you can say "boo!"

HE means business.

With him as your magician you could do anything

You will be supported unconditionally

Whenever you get caught in problems, magician will always have your back.

If you ever go off track, your magician with bring you back to love.

Your magician is your constant companion

Tune into your magician through prayer & you will never feel alone.

Fall in love with your magician, HE will float your boat.

Magic has rushed to meet you since you called upon it.

If only you know who walks with you on the way you have chosen, fear would be impossible.

Your magician is the answer to all your life's problems.

Your magician will Lift all your cares, worries and anxieties and in turn put you in a state of love.

Inviting your magician through this prayer will give you a sense of power.

You no longer need to know the how, why & when.

Just chillax knowing that your magician is spinning some awesome magic.

Why reach HIM through prayers?

Simple—Your Magician will help you to up your game!

To get the ball rolling, pray it up!

Get on your knees, bare your soul & then let the magic unfold.

A prayer cannot make bad things happen.

Asking over & over again is not having much faith in the power of the spoken word.

Worry = lack of faith in god.

When you can wish without worrying every desire will be instantly fulfilled.

When you are ready for Divine Magic, this prayer comes to YOU.

Prayer is a medium for magic.

When you pray, you welcome new perception.

Prayer helps you release control & stop trying to manage every detail of your life.

When you pray, you allow the Power greater than yourself to take control.

No matter what's going on in your life; whether you want to attract or create something or release and let go of a situation, you can do easily & effortlessly with these prayers.

This prayer helps you change an undesirable circumstance to a desirable circumstance!!

Follow this simple three step process

Think of a dream you would like to come true.

Ask clearly and specifically.

Like you enter into a restaurant you specifically ask for a glass of wine as opposed to saying, "Get me a drink.!"

Express a Clear need.

Clarity is the key!!

Use positive words

Focus on what you want, as opposed to What you don't want.

If you don't have clarity, simply shoot an intention—Endless good comes to me in endless ways.

Read the prayer once daily

This prayer sets into motion the forces that enable us to manifest what you pray for.

Prayer is ineffective when it is accompanied or followed by negative thinking, or the endless repeating of affirmations.

We have to put power and intensity into our thought, change our thought, and believe in the guidance we are receiving. If we spend energy on negative beliefs and feelings, we will get negative results, even if we and others pray daily for us.

For example, if you pray for a job and then complain to others that you don't have a job or can't find one, you are undermining your prayer.

Just the way you have to eat food with your own hands, you have to do the prayers by yourself—so you can enjoy the benefits of the same.

Allow the divine magic to unfold

This prayer has a magical flow of divine sync & it works in the most mysterious ways.

All you gotta do is get out of your own way!

Pray it up & Surrender.

A Magical Prayer for manifesting your dreams

God; My Magician
Oh! Lovable
I don't know any kind of service, mediation or adoration.
I live by your grace.
Oh! My Unfathomable Magician
All the sorrows & miseries are gone
when you became kind to me.
Oh God; My Magician in a second's span
you turn dry into lush green.
God;—My Magician you have removed all my sufferings.
My anxiety is gone & wishes fulfilled.
Sorrows have disappeared, leaving room for joys.
The hot wave is over & God has given me a cool presence.
The spell of sorrow, pain & death will not touch
me; For God; My Magician is by my side.
Oh! My mind recalls God's magic.
My Magician is present everywhere.
Billion hurdles disappear in a second's
span by God's Magic.
Useless are medicines & charms, rather
keep God's Magic in my mind.
Leave aside all doubts & enjoy the divine magic.
All the malice & sins are over when
God; My Magician is with Me.
Evil & Wicked ones are now no more
by my Magician's favour.
Oh God; My Magician
I am staking all my hopes on YOU
Oh God, help me
Evils do wrong with me, afflict pain & torture me.
I have tried several ways to get rid of
these but in no way they spare me.
Evil forces are now conquered with your divine magic.
With Your Divine Magic, no anguish is
left & I have received all pleasures.
My Magician, My Protector, look after me all the time.
My birth is now worth & lifetime is recognised at Heaven.
Thank you My Magician, all my sorrows,
sins & sufferings have disappeared.
My whole world is blooming.
God, shatter all enslaving bonds
Keeping aside other options I have now
tried the medicine named GOD.

God; My Magician gripped my arm, saved
me & conferred upon me HIS magic.
With God; My magician, no hot wind can touch me.
HIS protection line is around me,
no problem can reach me.
The ultimate magician has rescued
me by shattering all hurdles.
Ignoring all my faults & flaws, God bestows HIS mercy.
Sorrows disappeared & ecstatic joys came,
Lust died & mind, soul & body saw the light of Truth.
Thanks to My Magician GOD
A billion obstacles disappear & good fortune
paves for many auspicious possibilities.
My Magician's glory is beyond scale.
Oh God, you are my capital of wealth & joy. Whatever I demand, the same is granted
to Me. I have faith in my Magician.
My Magician God is the zenith of benevolance.
I earn respect & fame in this World by God's Magic.
It's the surge of joy, ecstasy & bliss
everywhere thanks to my God.
My Magician listens to everyone's prayers.
All the treasures, joy, physical qualities, gold & silver exist by virtue of God's Magic.
Let me not ever forget YOU my magician
in the ocean of comforts.
Oh God thank you for YOUR words written
as good luck on my forehead.
God, I speak what YOU cause me to speak.
Extending your helping hand, protect me.
Please fulfill my heart's desire.
May my heart & Soul lie ever on your feet.
Give me your divine magic & protect
me as your special one,
Terminate all my enemies today
May my wish be granted
May your divine magic remain intact in my life.
Oh God, may I not discard YOU & look for anyone else.
May I get whatever boon I wish from YOU.
Oh God, My Magician YOU know the
state of each & everything.
You know the state of good & bad.
From an ant to a huge elephant.
My Magician knows the hidden secrets of
everything, every part & every particle.
I am ignorant
I don't know the secrets of YOUR magic.
I know nothing of YOUR mysteries.
Oh! God now give me your divine magic.
Protect me from inner as well as external enemies.
On reading this magical prayer, one
gets hearts willing fruits.
Oh God, I don't practise any religious rituals
OhGod, I don't express faith in anything
I have just approached to YOUR door, my magician
Please hold my arm & keep my honor.
As I call upon YOU, all the channels of worldly
& spiritual wealth approach me.
Oh God; My Magician
Set me free from the chains that bind me.
Set me free from the negative thoughts in my mind
I surrender my mind to YOU
May I used by YOU & for YOU
Lead me ahead in this game of life,
Show me where I fit in this puzzle.
Draw to me all that is good,
All that is pure,
All that is YOU.
Let your divine magic shine through Me.
Make my trust in YOU unshakeable.
Show me your divine magic!
Help me
Help me now
Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

Magical Prayers for healing Relationships with your parents

Your true creator is God but your parents gave birth to you, And so it is very important to heal your relationship with your parents as most of our inner programming is done through them. Consciously & subconsciously we learn a lot from our parents. All your relationships are based upon the relationships you had with your parents.

The following are two magical prayers for healing the relationship with your parents

The Healing of issues with birth mother, birth father will heal our faith issues with God & allow his divine magic to naturally unfold.

Once you clean up all your issues connected to your parents, whooooop whoooop you will begin attracting new people based on your relationship with self & GOD.

Mother Healing Prayer
Oh God; My magician I have been in the womb of so
many mothers in so many lives but my true creator is you
My true nurturer is you,
While these souls I took birth through my
human incarnations have brought immense
blessings but there are parts that need love.
Oh God; My magician spread your divine magic &
cut energy attachments to all the souls who have
served me as a mother in all my lifetimes.
Bless them with your divine magic & propel
them in the direction of their highest good.
Oh God; My magician every time my mother made
me feel anything that was not love be now released.
May my mother's blessings & love
forever be in my heart & soul.
May I serve her as you would have me to
May my words, actions & feelings be filled with
love towards her now & forever more
Let the magical light of mother moon fill my heart
space & bring healing towards my birth mother.
Every time I look at mother moon, I know for
sure that all my mother related issues across
all time are healed with your divine magic.
Mother moon opens the floodgates of abundance,
peace, love & her shining magical glow into my life
All my cellullar memories are healed & my cells are
now filled with divine magic of mother moon.
Thank you my magician

Father Healing Prayer

Oh God; My Magician
I have been truly blessed to be on planet earth
It brings me immense joy to see your beautiful
creation, for that I thank the souls across all
lifetimes that have played the role of my father.
They did the best they could with the awareness they had;
I am so grateful they served me in every way they could.
For all the limitations & negative beliefs that they passed
onto me are now released by your divine magic.
With God my magician, I stand in my power.
God, you are my mother, my father,
my creator, my everything
How can I depend upon any one else?
Use me to serve my birth father
Let there be only love, light, harmony between us.
Use me, my birth father & my birth mother to serve you
With your divine magic, we now
experience deep profound joy.
O god my magician I have no one else
to go to, no place else I can hide
Only you have my back
Sail me joyfully through all my relationships
Use me to be your angel to everyone I meet, everyone
who thinks about me, everyone who talks about me
Sprinkle your abundant blessings
Shower your infinite divine magic upon me.
Hold my hand
Guide my path
Bring me to You
I love you, My Magician.


In order to be aligned with the positive forces, this protection prayer is necessary to ward off the negative forces which could serve as an obstacle

Like everything else, your magician takes excellent care of you & protects you from any negative force.

You don't even have to identify it, your magician will do the needful & will ensure positive people, situations come your way & your life path is blessed with love & happiness.

Your magician will ensure your safety & security.

And you will always be taken care of like an infant baby.

Prayer for Protection
Oh God; My magician conjure your divine magic upon me
Take me away from the negative forces that harm me
Hold me in your arms, my magician
Soothe me with your love
Sprinkle divine magic upon me as protective shield
Let no harm touch me
Where ever I walk today, this shield walks with me
In my sleep, I am gently guided to the school of heaven
where my mind is cleansed & soul purified in divine light.
Serenity wakes me up in the morning
singing sweet songs of love
With every breath, more love is unfolding
into my life with your divine magic
Powerful pillars of light surround me all day all night
Your divine magic shines through my body my soul
Your light falls off me to everyone I
meet & every place I enter
I am humbled at your magical grace
that radiates through me
Everything in my life is magically turning into light
Thank you god my magician for activating
your protection seal within me

Your Relationship to Your Magician

Magic is present in every moment of our life, we cannot see HIS magic because of negative emotions in us.

There are a few negative emotions that are inherent in all, namely Fear, Anger, Guilt & Resentment.

The fear of god, anger against god, blaming god, resenting what God did or didn't do for you, guilty of what you did against God.

Unless we don't release these negative emotions towards God, how can we possibly see his magic.

How the hell do you do that?

Throw a "F" bomb—FORGIVENESS

Forgiveness is a magic pill that God has blessed us with, that turns your life around!!

In past you may have felt that some of your prayers may not have been answered, perhaps some of your most important prayers seem to have been ignored. Its time to release on deep cellular level any old anger, disappointment, distrust or frustation or unforgiveness towards GOD through this prayer.

Forgiveness Prayer

O God my Magician

Please bless me with your mercy

Pour your name into my mouth

Like an addict who dies without his drug, I can't live without my Magician.

O God my Magician I cannot see any other place of shelter, I have grown weary & collapsed at Your door

My foolish heart is in the grip of Pride.

Pour your light of forgiveness into my heart, so I can see all my mirrors with love.

O God my Magician activate the destiny written on my forehead & adorn me with true forgiveness.

All pains are dispelled, My Magician has pulled me up & out.

Grant me with a discerning intellect, O my Magician,

Fill me with overflowing true love.

Kick the butt of Negativity, Welcome Divine Magic!

Release all the negative thoughts towards your Magician.

1) Fear of God—HE will not give you what you want. He will punish you for what you did in your past

2) Anger towards God—why did HE did this to you? You were innocent!!

3) Blame—blaming God for everything that went wrong in your life

4) Release your anger towards God.

Excerpted from God Is My Magician by Soniya Kalani. Copyright © 2013 Soniya Kalani. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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