God Is Not Enough, Messiah Needed: Messiah Ascends to Heaven

God Is Not Enough, Messiah Needed: Messiah Ascends to Heaven

by Sam Oputa


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Your assignment was to write what you were observing for future generations. Think for a moment what a daunting job that is. First, your ability to describe what you are seeing is difficult and on a verge of near impossible. It is so difficult that your descriptions even if it appears well phrased and okay to you, what are the chances that the future generations could make sense of your descriptions? This is the dilemma of all the messengers of that time. The Gods were wowing them with technologies never been seen or understood. The people saw what they saw and wrote what they saw. The constraints are that we are assigning interpretations to these recorded events not applying logic, science, texts etc. You know that a star will not move and stop and resume movement again like the Bible described. Science made that perfectly clear. To ignore science here to help you think logically is the problem why many people pretend to believe by faith. There was something in the sky moving quite alright but it was not a star. It was the best way the writers could describe it. What was moving up in the sky was a???

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ISBN-13: 9781478703648
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Publication date: 09/27/2013
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About the Author

About the Author: Raised in an environment where religion was never forced, Sam Oputa became a Protestant, then later a practicing Catholic with an interest in religious studies. He attended Bronx Community College, Baruch College of the City University of New York, and received an MBA in 2005. Sam Oputa is also the author of Why Was Man Created?

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