God of Dreams: Understanding the Meaning and Significance of Dreaming

God of Dreams: Understanding the Meaning and Significance of Dreaming

by Archie W.N. Roy
God of Dreams: Understanding the Meaning and Significance of Dreaming

God of Dreams: Understanding the Meaning and Significance of Dreaming

by Archie W.N. Roy




God gives dreams during critical and dangerous times, often arriving at pivotal moments in the flow of human history. If we can understand God’s dealings with humanity through dreams, we are better positioned to understand His will for us today. God of Dreams offers in-depth treatment of all types of dreamers and dreams, particularly the dreamers in scripture and their unique purpose in God’s plan.

Author and doctor of psychology Archie W.N. Roy, PhD investigates dream interpreting and its biblical context. In God of Dreams, Roy focuses on dream language and symbol— their relationship to various kinds of dreams—and why we have dreams. He considers the insights we can gain from the modern day psychoanalysts, as well as from famous Christian dreamers such as John Newton, John Paul Jackson and Jackie Pullinger. He also critiques recent Christian writing which he feels has gone too far in its uncritical embrace of analytical psychology.

We live in a different time from the days recorded in the Old Testament. We have received more revelation, especially regarding God’s grace and the way of salvation by means of the new covenant. But are we also not living in a time of critical junctures and pivotal moments? There is a place for listening to God’s dreams in these present times of turbulent change. We should listen to what He says through all His means, including dreams, and take action.

The intended readership includes: the general Christian public interested in dreams, visions and the prophetic; Christian academics and theologians; bible college students; Christian students interested in dreams and Depth Psychology.

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ISBN-13: 9781632694393
Publisher: Deep River Books Llc
Publication date: 04/20/2017
Pages: 216
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About the Author

Dr. Archie W. N. Roy earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Evangelical Bible College and Seminary in Greenacres, Florida, and a License in Theology from Victory Bible College in Scotland. He holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Strathclyde and has worked in social science research, publishing, disability support and social inclusion. A qualified guidance practitioner, he has worked as a careers advisor for the past fourteen years, supporting students studying life sciences, psychology, and education at the University of Glasgow. He has had a lifelong interest in dreams and also enjoys hillwalking in the Scottish countryside. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with his wife, Margaret, and their Burmese cat, Salome.

Table of Contents

Introduction 15

Part I The God of Dreams 19

1 The Dream of Imminent Death 21

2 "What Are Dreams? 27

3 The Struggle and the Staircase 35

4 Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Dreams 47

5 A Prince Among Brothers 61

6 God's Purposes in Using Dreams 81

7 'The Soldier's Dream 89

8 False and Ungodly Dreams 99

Part II Symbolism and Types of Dreams 115

9 The Intuitive and Symbolic Language of Dreams 117

10 Wisdom and Warning Dreams 125

11 Dream Symbolism and Types of Dreams 135

12 A Babylonian Kings Dreams 157

13 Cautionary Notes 175

14 Apocalyptic Dreams: Visions of the End Times 181

15 Angelic Commands and Warnings 197

Part III Modern Case Studies and Testimonies 209

16 Five Dreamers and Visionaries 211

17 Conclusion 231

Endnotes 233

Bibliography 247

About the Author 255

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