GOD Speaks in Letters of Eternity

GOD Speaks in Letters of Eternity

by Anthony A Eddy


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The future of man is unveiling within the will of God, within the close attention of his God, within the future edicts of The Lord— awaiting their time on Earth, within the panorama before the eyes and ears of man, within the future scope of man able and willing to consent. The future of man is dependent on his knowledge, is a measure of his wisdom, is the status of his freewill history, is his willingness to change when a journey is partially completed. The future of man is to receive a letter from God, is to receive the fare as set upon the table of The Lord, is to receive the love and honour due a compliant child of God, is to receive the welcome home extended to the prodigal sons of man. The future of man is within his destiny of choice, is within the family of God, is within the Garden of God, is within the creation of God. The coming letters to man are as in My fifth book of the End-time Psalms of God, are as in the time frame of disclosures, are as in the acceptance of the multitudes, are as in the preparedness of My people awaiting My return. The coming letters are about to hit the bookstalls of man, are about to become the centres of attention, are about to preside over discussions of a destiny, are about to resolve the significance of lightness from the darkness.

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