GOD Speaks to Man in the End-Time

GOD Speaks to Man in the End-Time

by Eddy A Anthony


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"Behold the arrival of the carefully prepared.

Behold the introduction of the end-time works of God.

Behold the commitment to the end-time Word of God.

Behold the alteration to a lifestyle with a change of destiny.

Behold the imprisoned in the drugdoms without bars.

Behold the lonely and the suffering where love is very rare,

Behold the sequences which everyone can master ...

The God of love, with knowledge intertwined with wisdom,

issues His End-time word for the graduation of man,

for the advancement of man, for the lettering of man,

for the wisdom of man, for the gifts of man,

for grace within the time of man,

for the magnificence of eternity with the divine promises:

all marked as reasons for embarking on a journey manned by God."

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ISBN-13: 9781951469146
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Publication date: 08/26/2019
Pages: 248
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