God Speaks to My Soul

God Speaks to My Soul

by Kollin L. Taylor


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In 1 Kings 19:10-13, Elijah heard God's voice. A powerful wind, an earthquake, and a fire passed by, but God could not be heard. Then the Lord was heard in a quiet whisper. God Speaks to My Soul is a reminder that we all have to be quiet and still so that we can receive what God is relaying to us. There are times when we go through life and say that we are busy, but we are merely being busybodies. We seldom take time to get in tune with ourselves and listen to what our inner voice is telling us. Sometimes, we make mistakes, knowing that we ignored our intuition. Sometimes, people go to places of worship in an effort to get closer to God. Yet, they fail miserably. Elijah was not in a place of worship when he heard God's voice. God is everywhere. We can find Him anywhere at any time. Connect with the author on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KollinLTaylor

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ISBN-13: 9781491874158
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/18/2014
Pages: 56
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.12(d)

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AuthorHouse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Kollin L. Taylor
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-7415-8


    Surgical Exploration

    A beautiful package makes for a great start.
    Eventually, I'll open it so that I can see your heart.
    Love is most certainly not a game.
    The Lord examines the heart; I need to do the same.
    While He has a different kind of surgical agility,
    I perform my own examination to the best of my ability.
    But before I examine your heart,
    I offer you mine so that you can start.

    Chances Are

    What are the chances that you'll find
    Blessings so great that they blow your mind?
    What are the chances that you'll be
    Far greater than what I can see?

    Sometimes, it's hard to see or say
    When obstacles seemingly block our way.
    Sometimes, you've been told
    That a bright future is yours to hold,
    But, despite your prophesied fate,
    You must submit to a long, and possibly painful, wait.
    Most days, I look down and stare at fries.
    But dreams of being a CEO fill my eyes.

    The thing about life and how it will be:
    It's not dictated by what you can see.

    He Speaks

    In times of old,
    Mostly prophets were told
    Of the things that would be
    Via a prophecy.
    Now, the power to see
    Is in you and me.
    We may not always know what it means
    When our dreams paint these scenes.
    Then comes that special date
    When we say, "Oh, wait!
    Is this déjà vu?
    Or did my dream just come true?"

    Sometimes, we experience fear
    Based on the things we hear.
    But there's no sound.
    No one else hears it who's around.
    That's because it is God's choice
    To speak to us via our inner voice.
    To you, it's real clear
    As it hits your inner ear.
    What sets this apart

    Is how He speaks to your heart.
    Sometimes, things are hard to see and hear
    Because there are too many distractions near.
    But you don't have to be quiet or still
    To hear God's will.
    Learn to go with the flow,
    And follow His directions when He lets you know.
    If you try to resist,
    He'll eventually insist.
    Enjoy life's ride,
    And let God be your guide.


    Hot mess.

    Having a mistress
    May initially bring eustress,
    But when your wife finds out, you'll experience distress
    Because you'll be in a hot mess.

    The Sound of Silence

    I look forward to the sound of silence every day.
    It's the best environment for me to hear what the Lord has
      to say.
    The sound of silence is real.
    And it allows me to hear and feel.
    When it is silent it's the best time for me to hear
    His messages, which come to me loud and clear.
    His messages don't have to come in the form of speech.
    The depth of my soul is usually where they reach.
    His messages make me happy to be alive.
    For example, these words came to me on a long drive.
    My radio didn't play a word of a song,
    But His messages inspired me all drive long.
    I embrace the sound of silence every day
    Because it's the best way to hear what the Lord has to

    Birds of a Feather

    Birds of a feather really do flock together
    Because they are joined by the purpose of their feather.
    Some birds stay grounded until the day they die.
    Other birds, like eagles, are meant to fly high.
    A bird like a crow will almost start roaring
    As it tries to stop an eagle from soaring.
    But an eagle doesn't have to do too much, and here's
    A crow cannot interfere with an eagle's destiny to fly

    Some birds will never end up on a person's dish.
    In fact, they don't even fly; they swim and catch fish.
    During your life, you'll find people who wish to incite
    But they can't stop you from fulfilling your destiny.

    Say No to Pot

    Majestic trees do not grow in pots.
    They grow in decently sized lots.
    They need lots of room to grow
    And for their roots to flow.
    Their roots need room to creep
    Far, wide, and deep.

    It's not the depth of the planted seed,
    But whether the roots provide everything the tree will
    A tree won't last long
    If the roots don't stay strong.

    So, before you decide to sow,
    Ensure the roots have room to grow.

    Your Edges

    Take the time to sharpen your edge.
    Regardless of your position, make that your pledge.
    When you think you have nowhere to go,
    The Lord is giving you room to grow.
    When life seems dire,
    It's fuel for your fire.
    Take breaks, and go nice and slow.
    Let your creative juices flow.
    An engine that continuously churns
    Eventually crashes and burns.
    It may take a thousand pledges
    Before you sharpen all of your edges.

    Wouldn't It Be Great?

    If only we could see
    What we'll grow to be.
    If we only had a peek
    At what we need to seek.
    If only we knew
    What God has in store for me and you.

    Do you think that life would be great
    If you knew your fate?
    You probably wouldn't learn the date,
    Which would cause a painful wait.
    Plus, the paths to our fate
    Are rarely ever straight.
    And, sometimes, our route to the top
    Will include a painful drop.
    Sometimes, the path He has for you
    Will require a struggle or two.
    Sometimes, we lose it all
    In order to learn how to recover from a fall.
    Or we'll fall so that He'll have to give us a lift,
    Reminding us that life is a precious gift.

    Special Delivery

    The beans have been spilled.
    My heart was wonderfully filled.
    My birth may have seemed ill-fated,
    But I'm someone special whom He created.

    Inner Flow

    It's almost as if my brain has some clutter,
    Which is why, at times, I tend to stutter.
    While others speak with ease,
    I struggle with my S's and P's.
    Scientists haven't found the cause.
    When I begin to stutter, it gives me pause.

    My life is not the same,
    So a human thesaurus is what I became.
    Because of this fate,
    I have used other words to compensate.
    But when I silently pray at night,
    All of the words come out right.

    Oh, and another way I deal with my plight
    Is by taking the time to write.
    When people say that my writings make their heart
    My tears invisibly flow.

    Moses felt that his speech was weak.
    Aaron would help him speak.
    But a stutter's suffering continues today.
    Just listen to what the kids have to say.
    So many children are left in the cold
    Because of something that afflicts the young and old.
    Intelligence isn't based only on what is said.
    Writing helps me communicate what's in my head.

    Succulent succotash may take a long time to say,
    But my pen's pressing against paper takes the pain away.
    Now, those kids and adults who once gave me looks
    Get to know me via my books.

    The Lord is full of surprises,
    Presenting blessings in disguises.

    The Thief

    One person who is worse than a drug dealer
    Is a dream stealer.
    Sometimes, dream stealers claim to save
    You by sending your dreams to the grave.
    Before your words escape your breath,
    These people sentence your dreams to death.
    While happiness is coming down the way,
    In misery is where they want you to stay.
    They don't want you to prevail
    Because they think you're bound to fail.
    Sometimes, what they don't want to say and see
    Is, "So-and-so is now doing better than me."

    Sometimes, you have to flee.
    Don't let that misery have company.
    When the Lord lights your fire,
    Only share the news with those who inspire.
    Sure, even your supporters may cast a dissenting vote,
    So ensure you listen and take note.
    But the targets of this appeal
    Are those who tell you that a real opportunity is bad

    Sometimes, only two will know:
    That's you and the Lord, who'll make that seed grow.
    Some people, you may have to trade,
    Because they'll always rain on your parade.
    It might be someone whom you love with all of your
    Like your parents who gave you your start.
    Or, it could be your best friend
    Who said that he or she would love and support you until
      the end.

    So, whether your dream comes during the day or night,
    Prepare to work hard as you fight.
    Sometimes, you may have to choose
    Between a brighter future and someone to lose.
    And if that person disappears without a trace,
    The Lord will fill the empty place.
    You get to choose the deal:
    Either being supported, or leaving your dream for
      someone to steal.

    Our Purse

    The tongue is like a purse.
    Open it up to bless or curse.
    I don't mean the four-letter words we say;
    I'm talking about the power to shape a person's life or
    (Just in case you can't tell,
    I'm not talking about being able to cast a spell.)

    Just imagine if every day
    These were the words your parents had to say:
    "You're the best you're ever going to be.
    When I look at you, nothing is what I see."
    One thing would almost be for sure:
    You'd grow up feeling very insecure.
    If someone later in life tells you that you are great,
    Those may be difficult words for you to appreciate.

    Don't curse someone with the words you sow,
    Because they may define how that person will grow.
    I'm happy the Lord can ensure that seeds
    Thrive even among the weeds.

    Now that you know,
    Add water to the seeds you sow.
    Every day, you have a chance to share
    Words of love and care.

    Jonah on the Run

    Jonah tried things his way,
    So the Lord let him play.
    Jonah went on the run
    Until the Lord needed His work done.

    When God gives you a call,
    There's no escaping it at all.
    He'll keep you on a reel.
    His will is a command, not a deal.
    You can take off like it's a race,
    But the Lord doesn't have to give chase.
    Sometimes, He simply stands still
    While you run laps before returning to do His will.

    There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
    When He plants a seed inside.
    It's funny when you take off in an exit race
    And then return with that look on your face.

    You may not know when the Lord has planted a seed
    Until it germinates and creates a need.
    So, where once you desired to roam,
    His seed makes you return and stay home.

    Fire and Brimstone

    Fire and brimstone bring the heat
    To cook the bones and the meat.
    Every day, you'll toil
    While feeling that you're burning in oil.

    Just in case you can't tell,
    I'm talking about John's revelation of hell.
    That's where the devil will get sent
    And where his one thousand years will be spent.
    Even the most lustful desire
    Will be consumed in a lake of brimstone and fire.


    He has stiffened necks and hardened hearts.
    Just ask the pharaoh and his six hundred carts.
    The Lord does everything with ease.
    He has a reason for delaying in answering your pleas.
    For Lazarus, Jesus showed up four days "late,"
    But it was all to show that God is great.

    So many days that made me cry!
    Only God knows why.
    All that hard work without getting paid.
    My reward was simply "delayed".
    But now, I don't have to invest
    Because the Lord paid me with interest.


    It's not so much that justice was served.
    It was all because of a gift that God had reserved.
    That is what's meant by "when something is meant to be."
    No one else can keep what God reserved for me.

    Let There Be

    The most incredible thing I'll ever see
    Is what happens after the Lord commands, "Let there
      be ..."
    This morning, I couldn't believe the sight
    When I looked to my right.
    I tried not to stare.
    The Lord had sent me a gift to prepare.
    His message was strong,
    Indicating that the real thing wouldn't take long.

    So, until He says, "Let there be ...,"
    I'll gladly wait and see.

    The Miracle of Birth

    I never thought I could see pain,
    But after witnessing childbirth, I don't feel the same.
    It was a beautiful feat,
    But I wondered why anyone would go in for a repeat.
    A child is a special gift to share
    With the one for whom you care.
    Despite being burned by labor's painful fire,
    It's worth it--and that's what reignites the desire.
    But there's a miracle here on earth:
    Men and women can give birth.

    You may be wondering, "How can that be?"
    Sit back, please, and allow me.
    We both get pregnant with hopes and dreams
    That stretch our souls at the seams.
    The level of pain isn't always the same,
    But waiting for years to deliver causes emotional pain.
    Given our dreams' expanding girth,
    The delivery adds to the pain's worth.
    Once your hopes and dreams come true,
    You'll soon wonder what the Lord has next for you.
    There's no need for six weeks of recovery
    Before we can have another delivery,
    Because things planted in the heart
    May be delivered minutes apart.

    His Platter

    When the Lord serves you something on a platter,
    What it is shouldn't matter.
    You don't know what He had to do
    To deliver it just to you.
    You may see something from afar,
    Like an exotic dream car.
    So, each and every day,
    You plead with Him when you pray.
    Even if the delivery
    Comes with some unforeseen misery,
    Remember that what you seek is what you get.
    Asking the Lord is always your best bet.
    A key to help you succeed
    Is never to slap the hand that fed your need.


Excerpted from GOD SPEAKS TO MY SOUL by KOLLIN L. TAYLOR. Copyright © 2014 Kollin L. Taylor. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments, vii,
Introduction, ix,
Surgical Exploration, 1,
Chances Are, 2,
He Speaks, 3,
Stress, 5,
The Sound of Silence, 6,
Birds of a Feather, 7,
Say No to Pot, 8,
Your Edges, 9,
Wouldn't It Be Great?, 10,
Special Delivery, 11,
Inner Flow, 12,
The Thief, 14,
Our Purse, 16,
Jonah on the Run, 18,
Fire and Brimstone, 19,
Delayed, 20,
Reserved, 21,
Let There Be, 22,
The Miracle of Birth, 23,
His Platter, 24,
I Do, 25,
Finally, Today Is the Day!, 26,
Lowest Height, 29,
The Gift, 33,
Set My Feet, 34,
The Menagerie, 35,
Visceral Blow, 36,
Coexist, 37,
For You, 38,
Amazing Things, 39,
Inspired to Write, 40,
Inundated and Isolated, 42,
About the Author, 43,

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