The Goddess and the Bull: A Study in Minoan-Mycenaean Mythology

The Goddess and the Bull: A Study in Minoan-Mycenaean Mythology


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ISBN-13: 9780761838340
Publisher: UPA
Publication date: 10/29/2007
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 9.04(h) x 0.37(d)

About the Author

Helen Benigni graduated with a Ph.D. in American Literature from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1989. She is Professor at Davis and Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia where she teaches composition, literature, and comparative mythology. The first book she wrote is entitled The Myth of the Year: Returning to the Origin of the Druid Calendar (2003). She is the author of The Goddess and the Bull. Barbara Carter graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Colorado in 1967 where she also did extensive graduate work. She is responsible for the astronomy, the calculations and contributing ideas for both The Myth of the Year and The Goddess and the Bull. Currently, she is a professional astrologer and owner of Grouse Haven Astrology in Elkins, West Virginia.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Foreword Part 2 Preface Chapter 3 The Doors of Precession Chapter 4 The Astronomer Priestesses of the Bronze Age Chapter 5 The Goddess and the Bull Chapter 6 Time-Keepers Part 7 Appendices Part 8 Bibliography Part 9 Index Part 10 About the Author

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