Goddesses Can Wait

Goddesses Can Wait

by Kim Baccellia


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ISBN-13: 9781612712970
Publisher: Zumaya Publications
Publication date: 04/24/2017
Series: Myths and Mayhem , #2
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)
Age Range: 13 - 16 Years

About the Author

When writing Goddesses Can Wait, Kim Baccellia watched almost all of Audrey Hepburn's movies and learned to love this famous icon after watching and reading all she could about her. Two of her all-time favorite movies, Roman Holiday and Funny Face, are the inspiration for Jordan's trip to Paris. What teen girl wouldn't love to have a romantic moment on the Eiffel Tower?

A member of RWA, Kim is currently putting the finishing touches on a YA multicultural thriller. She lives in Southern California with her husband and son.

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Goddesses Can Wait 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
Do you consider yourself “normal” or do you have exciting adventures, say with goddesses, for example? Even if you aren’t acquainted with gods or goddesses you can still have an adventure by reading Author Kim Baccellia’s latest novel GODDESSES CAN WAIT. And let me tell you, this author will take you on a wild adventure that you won’t soon forget. Jordan Lake’s evening starts out dining with her family and best friend, Selena Garza, a simple family affair. Jordan is remembering her recent encounter with two Egyptian goddesses that thankfully had a happy ending. Now, she just wants to be normal, if that was possible. When Jordan’s grandmother joins them for dinner with a gift for Jordan her life changes, however, and she soon finds herself on a flight to Paris, along with Selena and Jordan’s grandmother. Jordan is ecstatic. Images of Audrey Hepburn (her heroine), the River Seine, and macaroons dance in her head. But she also has an uneasy feeling. She can’t forget her encounter with the Goddess Hathorn, not so long ago. She doesn’t want a repeat. As the girls explore Paris, while Grams takes care of some business, Jordan and Selena meet rude guys, eat yummy food, and discover surprises about Grams life. No doubt about it, they’re in a different world, which soon proves to be more than just the city of Paris. I won’t tell what happens to them, but it’s not quite what they expected. Kim Baccellia has done a beautiful job with her characters, bringing them to life so that I worried when they kept getting into trouble. Would they get out of the situations they found themselves in? The author kept me guessing, which added to the suspense and enjoyment of the story. I know very little about mythology, but by reading GODDESSES CAN WAIT and NO MORE GODDESSES, the first book in the series, I’ve learned a lot and find mythology interesting. Who doesn’t like gods and goddesses, whether good ones or bad ones? Ms. Baccellia writes with such detail that the characters, both goddesses and humans, came to life for me. I always like to have a good villain in a story, and we have them here. Now I’m wondering what Jordan’s next adventure will be. And what would Audrey Hepburn think about the girls and their visit to Paris? In my mind, I picture Ms. Hepburn smiling. What do you think? The author has written a story that not only teens but older readers, as well, will enjoy. GODDESSES CAN WAIT will make a nice addition to your personal library. I give it 4 and ½ stars, which doesn’t show up on the stars. I think it should. Happy Reading.
LitPick More than 1 year ago
Things have finally settled down since Jordan’s last adventure – battling the Greek goddess Hathor. Jordan and her best friend, Selena, are thankful they no longer have to deal with the tricks of gods and goddesses. However, Jordan’s suspicions arise when she is given a box from her grandmother, containing tickets for Grams, Jordan, and Selena to travel to Paris. Jordan ignores the warning signs and her instinct as her and Selena prepare to travel to the city they have always dreamed of, fulfilling all of their Audrey Hepburn fantasies. After arrival, Jordan and Selena take on the city while Grams takes care of personal business. It quickly becomes apparent that this trip will be everything but normal. Once again, Jordan finds herself in a battle with a Greek goddess—this time, it’s Aphrodite. The trip takes a wrong turn when Aphrodite takes over her body, and Jordan becomes stuck in Hades, the underworld. Now she is faced with an entirely different challenge and has to team up with Ares to ensure she isn’t stuck in Hades forever. Read Goddesses Can Wait by Kim Baccellia to follow Jordan as she navigates this adventure and works to return to her normal life. Opinion: Overall, I thought this was an interesting and captivating novel. It was a perfect mix of Greek mythology and realistic fiction. I thought the protagonist, Jordan, was relatable, and I found myself laughing at her embarrassing moments. I loved the imagery the author used when describing Paris, and it felt like you were actually there. I thought that some parts of the novel needed to be further explained, especially when Jordan first enters Hades and what exactly had happened. At the beginning of the novel there was foreshadowing that pointed to an obvious outcome. This novel is fast-paced and easy to read, which I enjoyed. I never found myself bored while reading. I also enjoyed the tidbits of Greek mythology information the author gave, and you can tell she had done plenty of research on the topic. This novel is a sequel to No More Goddesses by Kim Baccellia. However, you do not necessarily have to read the first novel to understand this one. It would give you a better idea of the characters, their relationships, and their backstory. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to anyone looking for an action-packed story. Reviewed by a LitPick student book reviewer Age: 17